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Wisconsin Democrats pass pro-Palestinian resolution ignoring Hamas attack hours after Israeli hostage rescue

The resolution didn’t even mention the Israelis killed or taken hostage in Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack.

Pray Biden will freeze, slur and stumble his way to defeat in 2024 — US and he can't take four more years

Joe Biden's going senile in public. And guess what? America's noticed!

Trump leads Biden in Ohio as former president gains support from black, young voters: poll

Forty-eight percent of voters in the Buckeye State said they plan on voting for Trump in November, compared to 41% who said they'd cast a vote for Biden, the Marist...

Rachel Maddow 'worried' Trump will send her to 'camps' if he's elected president

MSNBC prime time host warned that Trump's detention camps for migrants could be used to house his political enemies, including media personalities.

Top pollster suggests it may be time for Biden to drop out of 2024 presidential race as approval rating hits ‘all-time low’

“Biden just hit a new all-time low in approval (37.4%),” the data analyst and founder of FiveThirtyEight wrote on X.

‘All-in-the-Family’ Biden biz, Gaza’s phony ‘facts’ and other commentary

President Biden “has repeatedly distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, saying that he has never so much as discussed them with his relatives or with anyone else,” notes Politico’s...

Biden leads Trump by four percent in Minnesota – but lacks voters' enthusiasm in Gopher State: poll

Thirty-one percent said they were "very" excited about voting for Biden, and another 36% said they were "somewhat" excited.

We're libertarians who refuse to vote for the party's ridiculous presidential candidate

Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver has advocated for open borders and defunding the police and defended gender-affirming care for transgender kids as “the status quo.”

Kamala Harris schools anti-Israel heckler in Michigan: ‘I’m speaking right now’

Kamala Harris had no patience with a screaming protester at a Detroit Democratic fundraiser Saturday night, sternly telling her it was the vice president’s moment to speak.

Trump tells hospitality workers to bet on tip tax break at first post-conviction rally in Vegas

Donald Trump promised a massive break to hospitality workers at his first post-conviction rally in Nevada on Sunday — vowing to nix taxes on employee tips if re-elected.

BS Biden border 'crackdown' has already failed as illegals flood across

Joe Biden’s BS border move has already failed. 

JD Vance, Doug Burgum, and Tom Cotton respond to being on Trump's reported VP shortlist

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Sens. Tom Cotton and JD Vance have all downplayed rumors that they've made it onto former President Donald Trump's vice presidential shortlist.

Jim Clyburn tries to quash worries over black voter support for Biden after polls show slippage

Black House leader Jim Clyburn (D-SC) on Sunday downplayed recent polling showing slippage among black male voters for President Biden.

Arizona voters — and Sen. J.D. Vance — weigh in on potential Trump VP picks

At Trump’s Thursday town hall in Phoenix, attendees offered a wide range of thoughts on who they would like to see as his second in command.

Kristi Noem claims she 'doesn't care' about not being on Trump's VP shortlist — but says he should pick a woman

The only woman on Trump's reported shortlist is Rep. Elise Stefanik — suggesting that Noem may think he should pick her.

RFK Jr. on Florida presidential ballot as Reform Party candidate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear on Florida ballots as the Reform Party candidate after the Florida Division of Elections recertified its party status on Friday.

Dems 'fear' this possible Trump VP pick who 'could spell the end for Biden'

"Rubio is a familiar face who has become one of the strongest voices in the Senate for the America First agenda, is excellent on TV, and can blast Biden effectively...

Joe Biden's D-Day speech was a bitter mockery of Ronald Reagan

Joe Biden’s trip to France proved two big things: He’s no Ronald Reagan, and he forgot to pack his patriotism.