April 1, 2024

Kate Middleton's cancer revelation rushed out by Kensington Palace to get ahead of possible leak: report

Middleton is not expected to return to official palace duties until she is cleared by a doctor.

`The Biggest Loser' trainer sues NY GOP in bid for Senate

Cara Castronuova, a former Golden Gloves boxing champ and celebrity fitness trainer on TV’s “The Biggest Loser”, filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing the New York State Republican Party of...

Nets crushed by Pacers in ugly loss that puts them on brink of elimination

Monday in Indiana, the Nets played like a team that’s already been eliminated. It can become official Wednesday.

Don’t betray NY workers who braved pandemic

The state faced a crisis four years ago as the COVID pandemic wreaked havoc.

Astros starter throws MLB's first no-hitter of 2024 in eighth career start

The Astros were swept by the Yankees to start their 2024 season, but Ronel Blanco earned them their first win with a no-hitter against the Blue Jays.

Suspect in Bronx shooting of 2-year-old boy nabbed by US Marshals: sources

The arrest comes two days after a toddler, who was an innocent bystander, was shot in the hip in broad daylight Saturday in the Bronx. The boy was taken to...

Winless Mets get shut out to waste pitcher's strong debut in 10-inning loss

A brutal stretch by this Mets lineup to start the season continued in a 5-0 loss to the Tigers in 10 innings at Citi Field.

Post Reporter attempts to beat the W train on foot in subway showdown — here are the results

They're going your way — even running local!

Rangers' five-game winning streak snapped with loss to Penguins

The Rangers couldn’t be full steam ahead for the entire final stretch of the season. 

Last survivor of Japanese attack on USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Lou Conter, dies at 102

"They call a lot of us heroes, and I've always said we are not the heroes,” Conter said last year. “Heroes are the ones right there that day that lost...

Islanders keep playoff hopes alive with OT win over Flyers in 'do-or-die' game

With two games in hand on the Flyers, the Islanders still need to play an excellent eight games to make the playoffs.

Trump rages against Louisiana Republican: ‘One of the worst senators in the United States’ 

Former President Donald Trump raged against Sen. Bill Cassidy on Monday, calling the Louisiana Republican “one of the worst senators in the United States Senate.” 

Caitlin Clark leads Iowa to Final Four with epic win over Angel Reese, LSU

Clark and Iowa secured their latest trip to the Final Four, knocking out the reigning champions in the process.

Judge rejects Hunter Biden's bid to dismiss federal tax charges: court docs

A federal judge in California on Monday rejected all eight motions filed by Hunter Biden that sought to get the felony tax charges against him dismissed.

Yankees shortstop's fix to swing issue that 'league exposed' already paying off

Anthony Volpe spent the offseason flattening his bat path and saw immediate dividends in the season-opening series for the Yankees.

Gov. Hochul, answer widow Stephanie Diller's question: When will you protect New Yorkers?

No, governor. Your job, first and foremost, is to keep New Yorkers safe — and it’s a job you’re failing at miserably.

Caitlin Clark makes even more 3-point history against LSU

Caitlin Clark continues to etch her name into the history books.

The Alex Rodriguez red flag in Timberwolves sale saga: source

There is a concern that if Marc Lore and A-Rod can barely afford to buy the team they won’t be able to pay the luxury taxes to keep its young...

Ashton Kutcher reportedly fears being drawn into investigation of longtime friend Diddy

The pair were both on “The Late Late Show James Corden” in 2018 and gushed over how they met each other and became friends.

New Mets starter begins tenure with five-plus no-hit innings, but not win

The left-hander retired the first 12 batters he faced and had a no-hitter into the fifth in his first start with the Mets against the Tigers Monday night.

Knicks in danger of wasting all-time greatness with stars' return status murky

Jalen Brunson is putting together the greatest season in a Knicks uniform since at least Carmelo Anthony in 2012-13, probably longer.

Trump posts massive $175M bond in civil fraud case, freeing up ex-president to start appeal and avoid seizing of assets

Donald Trump has posted a $175 million bond in civil fraud case, freeing him up to start appealing the massive judgment.

James Carville warns of Democratic Party’s ‘horrifying’ numbers among young minority voters: ‘They’re leaving in droves’ 

Democratic strategist James Carville warned Sunday that the Democratic Party’s eroding numbers among young minority voters are “horrifying” heading into the presidential election. 

Angel Reese limps off in LSU injury scare

LSU’s quest to reach another Final Four encountered a brief first-half injury scare with star forward Angel Reese.

Don't knock Trump's Bible marketing — the King James Version is a very American book

Of all the objectionable things Donald Trump has ever done, selling a Bible would seem to rank pretty far down the list. 

The best cities for Gen Z workers revealed — did yours make the cut?

They should be quiet quitting major cities.

King Charles has this one regret on how he raised Prince Harry: expert

Both William and Harry rushed to be by their ailing father's side in February when it was announced that Charles was battling cancer.

Group of gun-toting migrant squatters busted in Bronx basement apartment on weapons, drug charges

Police collared the seven suspects after they were called to the Hull Avenue apartment at about 10 p.m. last Wednesday on a report of a man with a gun, police...

Kaylee Gain showing signs of 'significant cognitive impairment' following high school beatdown: family

Kaylee Gain, 16, seems to realize she's in the hospital but has no clue why she's there and doesn't remember the brawl with another teenage girl, a lawyer for the...

Cops investigating 'suspicious disappearance' of 2 women who went missing in Oklahoma while picking up kids

Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39, disappeared after heading out to pickup their children -- and are now the subject of a massive search after their car was found...

Islanders veteran focused on playoff hopes, not his uncertain future

Matt Martin, whose Islanders contract expires following this year, might be a part of that change regardless, depending whether he decides to return.

Women are sharing the reasons they decided not to have children

Last year an Australian model went viral for revealing why she didn’t want kids, now everyday women are revealing their own reasons.

Trump barred from bashing relatives of DA, judge in 'hush money' case after ripping judge's daughter

Donald Trump should be barred from slamming family members of people involved in his "hush money" criminal case, Manhattan prosecutors said Monday.

Why WFP is saying vote 'blank' — not Biden — ahead of New York primary

The left-leaning leaders of the Working Families Party are urging Democrats to vote "blank" in New York's Tuesday primary to protest President Biden's pro-Israel policy in Gaza.

Rays ball boy goes all out to snare foul ball in viral video

If the Rays are ever in need for an infielder, an unsuspected option showed itself on Saturday.

Carl Heastie's beyond-absurd declaration of faith that punishment is pointless

“I just don’t believe raising penalties is ever a deterrent on crime,” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters last week.

I watched a video about solo travel safety — and it saved me

Solo travelers — don’t let this happen to you.

Making MTA buses free is just another surrender to crime

Deputy Senate Majority Leader Michael Gianaris is leading the push in Albany for a permanent $45 million fare-free MTA bus program — the latest cave-in to lawlessness.

State Department 'did not send their best' to Afghanistan for botched evacuation, ex-official says in scathing testimony

Two ex-State Department officials who assisted with the US' deadly and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan more than 2.5 years ago revealed glaring problems behind-the-scenes of the rushed August 2021 evacuation...

Meet the underrated 'glue' behind Iowa's latest Caitlin Clark-led March Madness run

If Iowa's Caitlin Clark is the best-selling hit single, Kate Martin is the deep track, most appreciated by the most ardent Iowa supporters.

Netanyahu vows to shut Israeli office of Qatar's Al Jazeera TV

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Monday to shutter the local office of Qatari satellite television station Al Jazeera while the war in Gaza continues.

Chiefs receiver 'cooperating with authorities' after link six-car crash: lawyer

Rashee Rice is cooperating with law enforcement following the multicar crash over the weekend that involved a car leased or registered in his name.

Fellow NYPD widows praise Stephanie Diller after eulogy where she called out pols for inaction on crime

The widows would know — as members of the same star-crossed club, they've all been where she is now, trying to hold everything together while enduring the unendurable.

Trump reveals his top priority if he takes back White House: 'It’s No. 1 on my mind'

Former President Donald Trump told The Post's Cindy Adams what the very first thing he would do if he wins the election.

J.K. Rowling, transgenderism, hate speech and a dark day for Scottish enlightenment

Scotland's “hate speech” ban came into force Monday, creating a new offense of “stirring up hatred” against protected categories — including based on transgender identity and sexual orientation.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is more ready for the solar eclipse than you with this insane photo shoot

One fan compared the beloved scientist's looks to Billie Eilish's signature fashion.

Hooray for Speaker Mike Johnson and his bid to get Ukraine aid at last

Three hearty cheers for Speaker Mike Johnson for vowing to bring a vote on military assistance for Ukraine when the House returns on April 9, despite resistance from misguided Republicans....

Outraged NYC biz owners rip pol's refusal to crack down on violent shoplifters

Heastie (D-Bronx) sparked widespread outrage last week when he shut down Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to toughen sentences for the criminals, bizarrely declaring, "I just don’t believe raising penalties is ever...

Magnitude of Mets jersey retirement starting to set in for Doc Gooden

The Mets announced in January that Gooden finally will have his No. 16 retired on April 14 at Citi Field, followed by a similar ceremony in June for Darryl Strawberry.

NYC biz owner victimized by violent thieves dares 'out of touch' Assembly Speaker Heastie to talk to him

Rothman's New York owner Kenneth Giddon, whose Manhattan store was ransacked twice in three weeks, says state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is "completely out of touch" on retail thefts.

4 NYC boroughs lost more people since COVID than 40 of the largest US counties — with the Bronx topping list: study

Four of New York City’s five boroughs have lost a higher percentage of residents since COVID than any of the 40 largest counties in the country, a startling new review of...

It never ends: Now Knicks' OG Anunoby is dealing with tennis elbow

OG Anunoby's recovery has taken a twist.

Rioting charges for 222 migrants who broke through razor wire, knocked down guards on Texas border in shocking video

"All individuals allegedly involved in the March 21 border breach had federal detainers filed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to have them returned to its custody once released from...

Felicity Huffman finally lands a TV job after spending 11 days in jail over college admissions scandal

“I walk into the room with it. I did it. It’s black and white. How I am is kind of a loaded question.” -- Felicity Huffman to the Guardian in...

White House, Israelis hold call on Rafah offensive after delegation trip axed over UN cease-fire vote

WASHINGTON — Biden administration officials held a video call Monday with their Israeli counterparts about a planned military offensive in the Gazan city of Rafah — after Israeli Prime Minister...

Driver, 30, rams into 66-year-old man, drags woman he'd already been arguing with in NYC: cops

The motorist was involved in a clash with a 30-year-old woman who had been standing outside his car on East Tremont Avenue near Third Avenue around 2:20 a.m., cops said. 

Mercury retrograde tips and tricks for avoiding dating disasters

'Tis the most maligned time of the year, when the planet of communication slows its proverbial roll and wreaks havoc on our travel plans and best efforts at clear communication.

Former RNC chair Reince Priebus criticizes NBC for 'huge failure' on Ronna McDaniel debacle

McDaniel stepped down as head of the RNC on March 8, only to become the center of a media world controversy after she joined NBC News as a contributor.

NYers dishing out as much as $3,750 on private jets to see solar eclipse above the clouds — then come back home

'I’m splurging on myself for this one,' said one New Yorker who is spending large to guarantee seeing a solar eclipse with a view from above the clouds.

Jets' new defensive star ready to get started: 'Going to be entertaining'

Haason Reddick wound up playing in the Super Bowl the last time that he was part of an offseason influx of new talent to a team.

Farmers fight back, don’t give up on Ukraine and other commentary

“Europe’s farmers are rising up” from France to Germany to Poland to the Netherlands, and “the elites are terrified,” cheers Spiked’s Fraser Myers.

Inside J. Lo and Ben Affleck's NYC house hunt eyeing tony townhouses on the Upper East Side

The A-list couple, with Lopez being a seasoned property investor, eyed two grand townhouses on Manhattan's Upper East Side over the weekend.

Mitch McConnell says he'll serve out Senate term, warns US in 'most dangerous time' since Cold War

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell struck an ominous tone about the state of world affairs and said he will serve out the remainder of his term in the upper chamber.

NCAA reveals what led to the women's Elite Eight 3-point line fiasco

The 3-point lines were roughly nine inches “short at the apex of the arc,” Lynn Holzman, NCAA vice president for women’s basketball, explained in a detailed letter released on Monday.

Knicks return to site of playoff failure on shaky ground to face Heat

There’s less on the line than a Game 6 of the conference semis, but the Knicks aren’t in position to concede nights or get pounded by the Heat again.

Peter Laviolette's structure, positivity a 'perfect match' for Rangers

Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette presents a stern visage, but there is a touchy-feely side to the 59-year-old that seems contradictory in nature.

State blows deadline to hand over critical study on mayoral control of NYC public schools

Lawmakers have effectively declared Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ ask for a two-year extension of mayoral control within the state budget dead, with the delayed report putting...

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How we are betting the Yanks on the West Coast tonight

Monday’s series opener between the Yankees and Diamondbacks will feature a duel of young right-handers looking to make impressions on teams with high expectations for 2024.

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Fast food titans Taco Bell, Pizza Hut going 'AI-first' with new innovations

KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell are a few fast food players that plan to utilize AI powered technology in the coming year.

Florida Supreme Court upholds DeSantis' 15-week abortion ban, allows voters to take up reproductive rights ballot measure

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday upheld the state’s ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, which means a subsequently passed six-week ban can soon take effect.

Hope Hicks expected to testify in Trump 'hush money' trial: report

Hope Hicks, a former counselor to former President Donald Trump, is reportedly expected to testify in the Manhattan hush money case pending against her old boss.

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Actor robbed by panhandler in NYC shop, second Broadway star to become crime victim in a day

Broadway actor John Cardoza was robbed by a panhandler inside a Manhattan Dunkin Donuts on Easter – the second theater star to become a city crime victim in just one...

Ronna McDaniel is fired from NBC news: Letters to the Editor — April 2, 2024

The Issue: The firing of NBC’s recent hire Ronna McDaniel over pressure from the network’s stars. Since NBC News hired and fired GOP ex-chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the NBC Peacock must...

Hollywood is skeptical that Disney CEO Bob Iger will step down in 2026 as successor search continues

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he stays,” the Disney source said of Iger. “He is ageless and there aren’t many internal successors who are ready.”

Powerball jackpot reaches $1 billion for Monday night drawing

Tonight's Powerball drawing is one for the record books: the jackpot climbing to the $1 billion mark for just the fifth time in its history

Best bet for the late Elite Eight matchup between UConn and USC

While the main event on Monday night in the Women's NCAA Tournament is a spectacular Elite Eight matchup between LSU and Iowa, the undercard would be worthy of top billing...

Iowa vs. LSU live updates: Caitlin Clark, Hawkeyes advance to Final Four

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. No. 1 seed Iowa and No. 3 seed LSU are playing in the Elite Eight, a rematch from last year's March...

Mercury retrograde is here — why some people stop dating during these trying times

It's the most maligned time of the year — when Mercury, our smooth-talking, fleet-footed planet of communication, currency, tech, and exchange, slows its proverbial roll.

Mets reliever's ban for throwing behind Rhys Hoskins reduced

Yohan Ramirez began serving a two-game suspension Monday, after his initial penalty was reduced by MLB.

Bestselling Breville Air Fryers, Pizza ovens are still marked down 20% on Amazon

Let Breville help with dinner tonight

Moped-riding maniac bashes woman with hammer in unprovoked Central Park attack: 'Nobody’s gonna find you here'

The menace approached the 39-year-old victim at 64th Street and Center Drive inside the iconic greenspace around 12:15 a.m. and seethed "Nobody's gonna find you here," police said. 

Driver in shooting death of NYPD hero admits 'I shoot people' as more than 200 cops pack courtroom for ex-cons' indictment

The pair of career criminals busted in the shooting death of NYPD hero cop Jonathan Diller were hit with a Queens grand jury indictment Monday on murder and gun charges...

An Acer in the hole: This Acer Aspire 3 is over $200 off, and it's selling fast at Walmart

We all aspire to own a laptop this nice...

Iran ramping up nuclear work, executing more people during Biden presidency, NGO says

President Biden's indulgent stance toward Iran has led to the theocratic regime exporting more oil, spending more on its military, and moving faster toward acquiring a nuclear bomb -- while...

NYC Council outlines budget response to fund library services, free 3K programs

The New York City Council unveiled its budget proposal on Monday — with calls for the Big Apple to keep libraries open on weekends and fully fund free 3K programs.

This is how much a family of four in New York needs to earn to be considered middle class

New York, which tied for second with the District of Columbia behind Hawaii, is only slightly more expensive than its neighbors New Jersey and Connecticut.

Alleged squatters serve up $25 Shake Shack receipt to claim $930K NYC home is legally theirs

The two men are suing the owners of the Jamaica, Queens duplex -- and claim the delivery receipt shows they've been living there since January, and thus should be allowed...

What does Phil Rosenthal have planned for his 2024 tour?

The "Everybody Loves Raymond" creator swings into NYC's Beacon Theatre on April 13.

Deed fraud is on the rise — here’s how to protect your home

A pernicious form of real estate fraud appears to be on the rise, with consequences that can be devastating for homeowners. Known as deed fraud or home title theft, the...

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 update — touted as its 'biggest' — will only be compatible with these iPhone models

Apple's "biggest" update to its operating system will leave those will older iPhones out in the cold. The iOS 18 update, slated for June, is expected to include four new...

Why we're still fading the Mets on Monday night

The New York Mets will look to wash their hands of the three-game sweep they just endured against the Milwaukee Brewers when the Detroit Tigers travel to Queens on Monday...

New York failed NYPD Det. Diller: Letters to the Editor — April 1, 2024

NY Post readers discuss the role progressive politicians played in causing the killing of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller.

Car rams into gate at FBI office in Atlanta, driver arrested after attempting to enter facility

DeKalb County Police arrested the driver and he is currently in custody.

Ex-MMA coach $5 million in debt after alleged fight-fixing scandal

In the other sports betting scandal that has fallen under the radar, MMA coach James Krause resurfaced over the weekend to announce he is $5 million in debt and now...

Vagrant who attacked 'Boardwalk Empire' actor once pummeled good Samaritan who tried to give him a coat

The homeless man who allegedly attacked "Boardwalk Empire" actor Michael Stuhlbarg with a rock on Sunday was at the center of a shocking caught-on-camera assault of a good Samaritan who...

Citi to lay off 430 employees in New York across different divisions

Citigroup will lay off 430 employees across different divisions in New York, the bank disclosed in filings with the State Department of Labor on Monday.

Trump says he'd 'love' to see family of Ruby Garcia, 25-year-old allegedly killed by illegal migrant, at Michigan rally

Garcia, of Grand Rapids, was found dead along a highway with multiple gunshot wounds to her head on March 22. Brandon Ortiz-Vite, 25, later confessed to shooting Garcia in her...

What is Havana syndrome, the mysterious illness linked to Russia creating havoc on intel community

It was late 2016 and over a dozen American and Canadian officials working out of Havana, Cuba began hearing bizarre grating noises and feeling odd sensations of pressure out of...

How to bet LSU vs. Iowa: Sports betting basics, sportsbook promos, odds & more

Looking to bet LSU vs. Iowa in the NCAA Tournament tonight, but don't know where to start?

TikTokker races against NYC subway in viral video to try and prove commuters are faster than trains

For all the frustrated straphangers who have wondered if legging it is faster than catching the subway -- Tyler Swartz has the answer.

‘Heartbroken’ Andy Cohen says he should have kept his 'mouth shut' over Kate Middleton conspiracies

“I just want to say, I am heartbroken by the news about Princess Kate, and I think someone on Sky News called me a numpty during that whole conversation and...

We've got everything you need to know about Bachman-Turner Overdrive's 2024 tour

The Canadian classic rockers will roll on down the highway into Staten Island's St. George Theatre on Sept. 20.

Why this NC State team is a bigger March Madness Cinderella than the legendary 1983 champions

What the 2024 Wolfpack is doing, to date, is even more remarkable than what happened in 1983. At first glance, that might sound like a shot at the ’83 champs....

Inside Machine Gun Kelly's viral blackout tattoo sessions: 'Most painful s--t I ever experienced'

MGK previously claimed that he "had a breakdown" before getting the controversial new ink.

Self-driving semi-trucks are the future of US transport — and they've already hit the road

The robotics firm plans to have 20 autonomous vehicles operating a 240-mile stretch in Texas and hopes to deploy thousands of these cybernetic semis over the next several years.

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Joe Biden's Rafah plan is meant to save his own skin, not Israel

Joe Biden wants Israel to back off a final assault in Rafah, because it will make his political life at home easier. No: The war must end with a swift...

Indicted first son Hunter Biden gets celebrity treatment working rope line at White House Easter Egg Roll

Hunter, 54, glad-handed and posed for photos with members of a 40,000-person crowd in full view of the press, despite sustained focus by Republicans on his alleged misdeeds.

How to turn swiping on dating apps into a full-time job — and you don't have to be single

One pro swiper called it "a chance to try on new shoes and see myself in another life."

Our pick for a must-win Islanders team against the Flyers on Monday

The Islanders have a true must-win game on Monday night in Philadelphia.

Pat McAfee's somber tribute to dead ex-teammate Vontae Davis: 'Reach out to your people'

Pat McAfee mourned the death of his former Colts teammate Vontae Davis, who died at the age of 35 after he was found unresponsive at a relative's home in Florida...

Google to destroy browsing data to settle consumer privacy lawsuit

Google agreed to destroy billions of data records to settle a lawsuit claiming it secretly tracked the internet use of people who thought they were browsing privately.

Nantucket seaside retreat gets 74% price cut — at only $600K — as shoreline erodes in a matter of weeks

Once asking $2.3 million, a home on the affluent New England island has sold for a fraction -- as erosion put it in jeopardy.

Punches thrown as yet another ugly fan fight breaks out at Padres game

Several men were seen fighting on the concourse at Petco Park during the Padres-Giants series on Saturday and it was caught on video.

FBI arrests murdered Manhattan art dealer's estranged husband, claims he is 'flight risk'

Daniel Garcia Carrera handcuffed by feds. They say he tried to get a passport for his and Sikkema's son and may have been planning to flee.

Conjoined twin Abby Hensel's husband hit with paternity suit — two years after they married

Court records show a "genetic test report" was entered onto the file just weeks ago — on March 7, 2024, but the details and results are not publicly available.

How we are betting the Angel Reese-Caitlin Clark rematch

The women’s NCAA Tournament takes center stage on Monday night with a mouthwatering doubleheader and trips to the Final Four on the line.

Mets pitcher goes on IL in early rotation blow

It’s less than a week into the regular season and the Mets now have two starting pitchers on the injured list.

Patient in Texas diagnosed with bird flu after contact with cows: health officials

Officials in Texas reported that an individual has been diagnosed with bird flu after being in contact with cows, which have been tied to the spread of the virus.

Where is Koe Wetzel going on his massive 2024 tour?

The rising country star has over 40 North American concerts lined up on his world tour this year.

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Larry David's Artemi Panarin fandom makes it onto 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

The Breadman is on Larry David's mind.

'Stranger Things' star Brett Gelman is 'scared' over antisemitism bullying: 'We're not liked'

"I think I'd be insane not to be scared." — Brett Gelman

Video shows unsuspecting shopper falling into massive sinkhole as second floor of shopping center collapses

Shocking surveillance footage shows a female shopper being swallowed by a massive sinkhole as the second floor of a mall in China collapses around her. Emergency crews and firefighters in...

Good Samaritan threatened by drunkard with box cutter on NYC subway bravely told creep ‘you’re leaving the train right now’

An unhinged stranger menaced two women on a Manhattan subway train – then pulled a box cutter on a good Samaritan who stepped in, snarling “I cut you now,” sources...

Steve Mnuchin pitching investors on plan to buy TikTok, rebuild algorithm in US: report

Mnuchin has reportedly asserted that doing so could allow him to buy the app at a discount.

Karine Jean-Pierre's April Fools joke falls flat: 'I thought you would love that!'

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made an April Fool of herself on Monday, opening her daily briefing with a lame attempt at a prank that tricked absolutely no one...

HGTV stars share 'hack' on how to become homeowners as prices surge in inflationary market

While the American dream has become increasingly out of reach for many, HGTV stars Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein share their latest home 'hack' for aspiring home owners.

Former SC college football star rescued after being stranded in Gulf of Mexico

A former star college football quarterback got stranded in a kayak and spent 11 hours in the Gulf of Mexico several miles off the coast of Florida before being rescued...

We took Ozempic thinking we’d lose weight — we didn’t, and here's why

“It did not budge the needle,” one person revealed.

Sports Illustrated owner accuses ex-publisher of behaving 'like a gangster' in $48M licensing feud lawsuit

Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5-Hour Energy drink and Arena's largest shareholder, "behaved more like a gangster than a trusted business partner, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal...

Like Rebel Wilson, I'm a 33-year-old virgin — and I'm proud of it

"People think that if you have not lost your virginity at a certain age, if you have not been in a relationship, if no one's pursued you, then you must...

Former NFL star found dead at 35

Davis played for the Dolphins, Colts and Bills during his NFL career.

Ex-star college football QB stranded in kayak for hours off Florida: 'Threw my hands up and screamed'

"I was just kind of in survival mode. I threw my hands up and screamed," said former University of South Carolina grid star Chris Smelley.

Rebel Wilson claims 'a - - hole' Sacha Baron Cohen 'set out to humiliate and degrade her physical size'

Rebel Wilson’s taking another swat at Borat.