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Residents demand ‘Dolton Dictator’ Tiffany Henyard resign over sex assault, embezzlement scandals: ‘Worst mayor in America’

A mob of furious Illinoisans demanded Monday that self-described “Super Mayor” Tiffany Henyard resign from her post as the “Dolton Dictator” battles simultaneous sexual assault and embezzlement scandals.

The Village of Dolton’s monthly board meeting descended into chaos as the swarm of 100 people banged on doors as dozens of others testified against Henyard, leading the four trustees to walk out.

“You know what you’re doing. You’re violating our rights, and that’s a shame,” one resident testified.

About 100 protesters called for Tiffany Henyard to resign as mayor of the village of Dolton, Illinois. Village of Dolton/YouTube

“This is a disgrace what you have done to this village … They say that you’re the worst mayor in America. I agree.”

Another added: “You’ve done nothing. You don’t care about nobody but yourself.”

The board had been scheduled to address Henyard’s veto of an investigation into her alleged misuse of taxpayer money for lavish trips and her own $1 million police detail — a decision it promised to override at Monday’s meeting.

Last month, she shot down a resolution passed unanimously by the four-person village board to open the probe, calling on her to submit the village’s financial records and invite the FBI to conduct its own investigation.

Henyard is accused of using taxpayer money for personal gain and for firing a former employee who made sexual assault allegations. FOX32

The meeting didn’t run beyond the public speaking portion of the agenda, however, after police emptied the room over what they said were credible threats.

Four trustees, who voted in favor of the investigation into Henyard, said the move was a violation of their constituents’ right to participate in the meeting and walked out in protest, a decision Henyard chastised as only adding to the “chaos.”

“Our job is to make sure we take care of business and not allow the business to handle us,” Henyard said before adjourning.

All four trustees, who voted in favor of a probe into Henyard’s alleged corruption, walked out of the meeting. Village of Dolton/YouTube

Henyard’s three-year tenure has been plagued by corruption accusations, which ramped up in recent weeks after she admitted to a $2 million deficit, with Dolton owing more than $427,000 for street paving and another $400,000 for tree-trimming services.

The board of trustees accused her of fudging the estimate by millions and covering up personal expenses she paid for using village money.

“Why can’t we have transparency with what’s going on with our tax dollars?” one constituent asked during the meeting.

Multiple residents demanded Henyard resign, with one calling her the “worst mayor in America.” Village of Dolton/YouTube

Henyard is also facing a sexual harassment and retaliation complaint by a former employee who accused the mayor of firing her after claiming she was sexually assaulted during a work trip in Las Vegas last year.

“You know what happened in Vegas. You know what happened. And you should be addressing it,” one resident said at the meeting.

The mayor has denied all accusations of wrongdoing, claiming last month that the storm of allegations is nothing more than a smear campaign to oust a female politician.

One vocal community member who initially backed Henyard told The Post in February that “it was a vote I regret deeply.

“When she got into office, she just shut everyone out, and she went into the opposite direction. She became this tyrant and dictator,” said Sherry Britton, 55.

The Village of Dolton did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.