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Moment terrified man rescued by helicopter from cliffside after fall: ‘I got you, brother’

Dramatic video shows the moment a man was rescued by helicopter while desperately clinging to a cliffside after falling some 60 feet from a trail near California’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Marin County firefighters contacted the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office around 7:40 pm on Sunday to request a helicopter to reach a man who had taken a tumble from a cliff.

A screenshot from a thermal imaging camera shows a man clinging to a cliffside in California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area on Sunday. Sonoma Sheriff's Office
The man fell around 60 feet from a trail near the Golden Gate Bridge. Sonoma Sheriff's Office
The man was located using a thermal imaging camera. Sonoma Sheriff's Office

The victim “was approximately 50-60 feet down from the trail and was clinging to the gravel rock face,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The helicopter crew rushed to the scene and spotted the man through a thermal imaging camera, before landing nearby to prepare for a long-line rescue.

A tactical flight officer was flown to the cliffside where the barefoot victim was holding on for dear life.

“Hey, don’t let go, man! Don’t let go, OK?” the rescuer is heard yelling in the video.

He then placed a harness around the stranded man, reassuring him: “I got you, brother.”

The rescuer and the victim were then airlifted to the top of the cliff for a medical evaluation.

It was not immediately known what the victim was doing on the hiking trail after hours. He has not been identified as of Tuesday and there was no word on his condition.