Solar eclipse 2024 wasn’t the end of drama: The biggest astrological event comes this weekend

It ain’t over, folks.

While much fanfare has been made about the emotional effects/havoc of Monday’s total solar eclipse and the communication breakdown of Mercury retrograde in Aries, the best/worst is yet to come.

On April 20, Uranus — the planet of chaos, freedom, change and lightning — will meet up with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth in the stalwart, landlocked sign of Taurus.

The solar eclipse is only the beginning. Here’s what the rest of April has in store for us Earthlings. EPA

During a conjunction like this, the energies of the two planets combine, amplifying the qualities of both. When the wild-out planet of sudden change meets the forces of fortune, the results are bound to be dramatic, and breakthroughs and breakdowns are nigh.

Chaos meets fortune

Uranus, the planet of sudden change and absolute freedom, is joining forces with Jupiter. revers_jr –

According to astrologer Jessica Davidson, “Jupiter Uranus alignments represent periods of growth and disruption in multiple areas, including breakthroughs and innovation in science and technology, new creative ideas and philosophical awakenings, revolutions in politics, social rebellions and protests with a desire for reform and greater freedom and equality. Since this conjunction happens in Taurus, we may also see new beginnings and rapid change in the areas of finance, agriculture, food production, values and our relationship to nature.”

Uranus/Jupiter conjunctions transpire approximately every 14 years.

The last time Uranus and Jupiter danced cheek to cheek was in 2010 in the sign of Aries.

That conjunction coincided with the Arab Spring, the WikiLeaks release of documents that detailed American war crimes and the launch of SpaceX.

What can we expect?

Jupiter is named for the god of luck and rapid growth. zwiebackesser –

The last time this conjunction took place in the sign of Taurus was May 1941; this cycle coincided with the end of the blitzes (not for nothing, blitz is German for lightning, which the god Jupiter wielded and Uranus ruled), the birth of the radical and radically popular Bob Dylan and the cracking of the enigma code.

The effect of this conjunction will be felt for several weeks afterward. As Taurus is a fixed earth sign, on a collective scale, and to second Davidson’s observations, we will likely see change, growth and unrest in areas related to the Earth itself — the earthquake last week, literal unresting earth, was a symbol of what’s to come.

On a personal level, Taurus relates to our sense of self-worth and all zodiac signs but particularly those that fall in a fixed modality; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may experience crisis and catharsis when it comes to defining who they are and what they deserve.

Change is afoot and there’s freedom to be found when everything falls apart.

Under these skies and this conjunction, anything can and will happen.

Keep your head up and your mind open. Change is afoot and there’s freedom to be found when everything falls apart.

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