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I used ChatGPT to score over 5K Tinder matches — now I’m engaged to woman who talked to a bot

There’s something a-bot love. 

Alexander Zhadan realized he didn’t need emotional intelligence to score his dream woman. 

All he needed was artificial intelligence. 

In 2022, Zhadan launched a dating experiment with ChatGPT, using the AI to find the love of his life on Tinder. Alexander Zhadan/ east2west news

“I proposed to a girl with whom ChatGPT had been communicating for me for a year,” announced Zhadan, 23, a software developer from Moscow, on X. 

In 2022, the tech-inclined inamorato enlisted the bot as his virtual wingman, tasking it with scrolling through the Tinder profiles of over 5,239 women to find his match made in algorithmic heaven. 

He used several updated versions of the program to finally land Mrs. Right. 

“GPT communicated without my intervention based on the [prompt], ‘You’re a guy, talking to a girl for the first time’,” tweeted Zhadan, who also gave the AI the OK to ask potential partners for dates. 

“It’s a crutch and not very humane,” he conceded, “but it worked.”

Although Zhadan admits that his high-tech love tactics were a bit odd, he’s grateful for the overall outcome. Alexander Zhadan/ east2west news

Kicking off his handheld hunt, Zhadan force-fed the technology specifics on his ideal lady’s look.  

“To search for relevant girls, I installed photo recognition in the web version of Tinder through torchvision, which was trained on my swipes from another account [on another dating cite],” revealed Zhadan. “The machine was able to select the right girls almost always correctly.”

He then prompted the system to filter out digital damsels with undesirable habits, such as “showing [her] breasts in photos” or “[posting about her] zodiac sign.”

And Zhadan was beyond impressed with his computer-Cupid’s results. 

“ChatGPT found better girls and chatted longer,” he said. “[It] communicated and arranged meetings. ChatGPT swiped right [on] 353 profiles, 278 tags — [it] continued the dialogue with 160 [women], I met with 12.”

Many tech-savvy singles like Zhadan have turned to artificially intelligence for help with romance. Supatman –

But the mechanical matchmaker did make a few mistakes. 

While chatting with would-have-been girlfriends, the system often repeated questions they’d already answered or promised to lavish the women with flowers and candy without Zhadan’s knowledge. It even suggested he take a few gals out for a private walk in the woods on their first day — a proposition that sent spooked sweeties running for the hills. 

Zhadan, ultimately, ironed out the cringy kinks. 

Still, the wannabe lover boy wasn’t making cute connections.  

“[I] continued to communicate [with some of the women] manually without ChatGPT, but then communication stopped,” he admitted, suggesting that the daters weren’t as keen on chatting with him as they were the bot. 

“The girls behaved strangely, ignored me, or something alarmed me through correspondence,” said Zhadan. 

Despite his initial delight with ChatGPT’s wingman work, Zhadan quickly realized that the program was anything but perfect. Alexander Zhadan/ east2west news

To improve his approach, the cyber guru asked the robot for tips on becoming more personable. It advised him to “tell [women] about my childhood, parents, goals and values.” 

The AI’s two-cents worked like a charm, opening a floodgate of hot dates for Zhadan. 

“For several weeks I reduced my communication and meetings to four girls at a time,” he said. “I felt like a candidate for a dream job with several offers. As a result, I remained on good terms with three, and on serious terms with one.”

The lucky lady, Karina Vyalshakaeva, recently became his fiancé — thanks to urging from ChatGPT. 

After going on a series of dates generated by the robot, Zhadan began taking his connection with Karina seriously. Alexander Zhadan/ east2west news
Zhadan praised his AI-found fiancé as “empathic, cheerful, pretty, independent and always on the move.’ Karina/ east2west news
Zhadan ultimately revealed his ChatGPT usage to Karina, who compared the dating strategy to a brothel. Alexander Zhadan/ east2west news

“The most charming girl was found Karina,” Zhadan gushed, describing his soon-to-be bride as “empathic, cheerful, pretty, independent and always on the move.”

“One day, ChatGPT V3 …recommended marrying her,” he tweeted. 

“I thought that V3 was hallucinating (I never specified the goal of getting married), but then I understood his train of thought,” added Zhadan. “Karina said that she wanted to go to someone’s wedding and ChatGPT thought that it would be better at her own.”

The bot assisted him in devising a sweet proposal. He popped the question during a romantic escape to Asia — but not before revealing to Karina that she’d been wooed by advanced code for months.  

The brunette didn’t seem to mind. However, Zhadan said she’d likened his dating experiment to an “open brothel.” 

Zahadan and Karina plans to wed on August 3, per East2West News. 

A number of screen-savvy singles have, too, turned to AI for companionship. Some have unashamedly “fallen for” ChatGPT’s naughty alter ago, DAN, while others have “retired from human relationships” and married a fully digitized dude

With his own wedding bells set to ring in the not-so-distant future, Zahadan salutes the system for fast-forwarding him into his happily ever after. 

“The development of the project took [approximately] 120 hours and $1432 for [the program],” he wrote, adding that sniffing out Karina sans AI would have taken over five years at a cost of more than $140,000. 

“Thanks to ChatGPT for saving money and time.”