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Lovelorn flyer makes mid-flight plea for a ‘rich husband’ on plane in viral video

She wanted to see if love was in the air-bus.

Thought creating a Tinder profile was brave? A proud gold digger took dating advertisements to bold, new heights after expressing her desire for a wealthy husband over an airplane intercom, as seen in a video with more than 1.5 million views on TikTok.

In the ensuing clip, the content creator can be seen at the front of the plane, discussing her “guy in the sky” plan with crew members, who appear to give her the green light.

“So many people were cheering me on and congratulating me on my creativity!” gushed Geits while describing the reaction to her midair matchmaking scheme. Jam Press Vid/Karolina Geits

“Hi, guys, I’m Karolina Geits,” the passenger announces, evoking a scene out of a romantic comedy. “I’m looking for a rich husband. My seat is 2A. Please join me if you’re rich.”

The influencer had reportedly noticed that the seat next to her was empty, which motivated her to see if love was literally in the air.

“The reaction on the plane was amazing,” Karolina Geits told Jam Press of her mile-high matchmaking scheme, which she enacted during a flight from Miami to New York.

The lovelorn social media star was inspired to conduct her mid-flight marriage ad after seeing a QR code on her suitcase and wanting to try it out herself inflight.

Thankfully, “the airplane staff were incredibly supportive of my idea,” said Geits, who said she has “never been a big fan of dating apps” and boasts 628,000 TikTok followers. “To my surprise, they were not only happy to help but even called the captain, who was also on board with the idea! He even commented that it was a brilliant concept.”

Geits frequently films her gold-digging tactics for her over 600,000 followers on TikTok. Jam Press/Karolina Geits
“To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of dating apps,” said Geits, who often shares her diligentdating efforts on social media. “I prefer meeting people in person, as I feel it leads to more genuine connections.” Jam Press/Karolina Geits

During her plea, the heartsick flyer faced passengers and held up a sign with text that read, “Looking for a rich husband — DM me,” and displayed her own social media QR code.

The TikTokker’s mid-air mating call earned her a round of applause from fellow passengers and crewmembers alike. At one point, the pilot pop even popped his head out of the cockpit to see what all the hubbub was.

“So many people were cheering me on and congratulating me on my creativity!” gushed Geits, fawning over the response. “Some even scanned my QR code to subscribe right then and there.

“I’m so grateful for the kindness and encouragement of the entire crew — especially the amazing support from my fellow female passengers.”

The excitement translated to social media with many fans praising the traveler’s unorthodox tactics.

“Trying this out takes a hella effort,” gushed one commenter, while another wrote, “I would loveeee to have this courage that she has.”

Meanwhile, one TikTok wit joked that the on-duty flyboy had heeded the call, quipping: “Pilot wanna put in the first offer.”

“The airplane staff were incredibly supportive of my idea,” Geits declared. Jam Press/Karolina Geits

Unfortunately, Geits revealed she has yet to land her inflight Mr. Right.

“Although I hadn’t found my future husband yet, the experience gave me a huge boost of confidence and motivation,” she told Jam Press.

Naturally, her stunt might seem like an attention-grabbing gimmick — especially in the age of digital dating — but Geits claims that she shuns matchmaking apps.

“I prefer meeting people in person, as I feel it leads to more genuine connections,” declared Geits, who insists she wants real love.

“I won’t deny that a rich husband is something I desire,” she said. “It’s not because I’m materialistic or shallow. I know what I want, and I’m unapologetic about pursuing it.”

The dogged Geits has gone to great lengths to try and bag a minted man.

The beauty influencer’s efforts have included displaying her in-flight posters and walking all over New York City with a “Looking for a husband” sign, as well as asking random guys to shower her with Chanel bags and other luxury items.