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Women’s butt sizes around the world revealed — which countries have the biggest and smallest

Here’s who has big butts — and we cannot lie.

A new batch of data has analyzed which women, by nationality and on average, possess either the widest or most narrow sets of hips — an integral part of the anatomy that can sculpt a Sir Mixalot-worthy behind.

To the dismay of many patriots, the United States’ average female hip size of 40.2 inches did not crack the butt list’s top 10, coming in at 11 instead, according to market researchers at Gitnux.

The cheekiest crowned nation is South Africa where ladies are strutting around with a 41.73-inch circumference of pride and joy.

Argentina followed close behind at 41 inches, then Sweden with 40.94 inches; Greece, 40.74; Germany, 40.6. The United Kingdom — which wears an average pants size of 12 to 14, according to other Gitnux research — did not make the cut.

“We have learned that hip size can vary significantly depending on factors such as age, ethnicity, and geographical location,” researchers wrote in their not-so-asinine analysis of data from various sources.

Curious about which nation has the biggest butts? This is the story for you. dinachi –
These are the biggest and smallest buts in the world by nationality, according to research. Kitreel –
New research looked at women’s hip sizes to determine the biggest butts on the planet. Prostock-studio –

Elsewhere on the globe, Australia’s down-under number was 40.5 inches for seventh place, while Canada took ninth with 40.3.

France rounded out the top 10 with 40.25 inches.

South Korea was the top-ranking Asian nation at 38 inches for 13th place, while India finished at the list’s bare-bottom 16th place with 36.1 inches.

These nations have the biggest butts on Earth. serhiipanin –

Women’s hip sizes by nationality

  1. South Africa, 41.73 inches
  2. Argentina, 41 inches
  3. Sweden, 40.94 inches
  4. Greece, 40.74 inches
  5. Germany, 40.6 inches
  6. Russia and Italy, both 40.55 inches
  7. Australia, 40.5 inches
  8. The Netherlands, 40.35 inches
  9. Canada, 40.3 inches
  10. France, 40.25 inches
  11. USA, 40.2 inches
  12. Nigeria, 38.56 inches
  13. South Korea, 38 inches
  14. Japan, 37.8 inches
  15. China, 37.4 inches
  16. India, 36.1 inches