Super Sammies is taking on Uncrustables — are they better?

It’s 2007. I sit down at the lunch table alongside my classmates and we’re ravenously unpacking our lunchboxes. Everyone is searching for the same thing. The checkered picnic blanket branding. The bubbly blue letters. Look left, look right, across, behind. There it is, at last. A Smuckers Uncrustable.

While I’ll never forget the way that the soft crustless white bread and perfect peanut butter-to-grape jelly ratio delighted my tastebuds — I am still bewildered by the way some sugar-packed brands marketed to children (so much so that they can lead to lunchroom riots.) Now as a new mom, I’ve grown progressively more skeptical of the buzzy brands that appeal to kids and the long list of unidentifiable ingredients in fine print (the preservatives, added sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, citric acid, etc.)

If only we’d had Nurture Life’s Super Sammies back then — the new low-sugar, crust-free sandwiches are pleasing parents just as much as kids. While I wouldn’t consider myself as restrictive as an almond mom by any means, I do love to find a good alternative, which is why I couldn’t pass on testing Super Sammies.

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A woman and a child in a kitchen
Super Sammies

Nurture Life set out to create a nutritious sandwich that tastes good enough to pass the toddler test (I consider this the strongest measure of tastiness.) Super Sammies have 58% less sugar than Uncrustables, and they’re 100% nut-free — which seems like a no-brainer since many schools are cracking down on nuts in lunches due to students’ severe peanut allergies.

Super Sammies are offered in three delicious flavors: Strawberry Smash, Choco-Berry Bliss, and Blueberry Blast. And, my favorite part about them? You can pronounce each of the ingredients. Nurture Life has perfected the recipe with sunflower butter, chia seeds, steel-cut oats, and real fruit spreads to make something that isn’t just delicious, but also provides eight grams of protein. Anyone with a picky eater knows how difficult it can be to maintain their kiddo’s protein intake.

How do they stack up against Smuckers Uncrustables?

Super Sammies
Super Sammies Miska Salemann

These sandwiches have sold out twice within a month, and I can see why they’re flying off the shelves. The texture is phenomenal; it’s chewable, the bread is fluffy, and the peanut butter is creamy. The filling ratio is just right. The flavors aren’t all that complicated, which is ideal for toddlers. And, I don’t feel my blood sugar peaking after the first bite. Where were these sandwiches in 2007?

Super Sammies by Nurture Life:

  • 58% less sugar
  • 100% non-GMO
  • No peanuts or tree nuts — allergy-friendly
  • Eight grams of protein per serving
  • Four flavors: Strawberry Smash, Choco-Berry Bliss, and Blueberry Blast

Smucker’s Uncrustables:

  • More sugar — attractive for the sweet tooths)
  • Four flavors: Peanut butter and grape, strawberry, hazelnut, honey (low-sugar options, too)
  • Preservatives – so they may last longer

Through Nurture Life’s convenient delivery subscription service, you can save the time and hassle of grocery shopping by selecting a plan that works best for your family and adding desired items for weekly delivery. Consider it Hello Fresh for Kids. Super Sammies are available through the subscription service for $4.99 a box (four sandwiches), or $13.99 for a pack of three boxes (12 sandwiches). You can also choose from over 50 other home-cooked meal options and finger foods, with endless snacks being added to the roster every month.

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