Weird But True

My husband’s groomsman gave us the most disgusting wedding gift — everyone’s laughing but I’m in shock

Dude literally nailed it.

A pair of newlyweds received a nauseous-making wedding gift from a revenge-seeking pal they wished they could send back — and now they’re sharing their disgusting plight on social media.

“I wish this was a joke. This is the grossest wedding ‘gift’ I could even fathom and it’s on my kitchen table,” the bride told a popular Facebook bridal planning group, revealing one of her husband’s groomsmen had gifted them a paperweight made of glued toenails.

A bride received a gift she wished she never opened. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“A literal aged yellow nail fell off and onto my floor,” she said.

After their wedding celebration, the bride discovered the foul gift — lurking inside a brown paper bag.

“One of my husband’s groomsmen…has always given me creepy vibes,” she wrote. “I just opened the gift he gave to us and literally am besides myself.”

The grossout giftgiver left a special note in the wrapping, attached to the handmade structure, explaining how hard he worked to craft the present.

“To my favorite couple, [your] husband was such a gross dude in college. He always left his clipped nails all over the dorm,” he revealed, but the letter only got worse.

The groomsmen collected eight years of toe nail clippings and morphed it into a wedding gift for the couple as payback. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Guess who has been collecting them for eight years, almost as long as you two have been dating?” he admitted. “I added in some of my own and formed them into a brick structure. The hardness is because I included concrete glue.”

The puke-inducing prankster was proud of his unique wedding gift that he knew no other bride would have.

“Now [your husband] won’t be able to forget the [school name] days…and [you] will be the only bride in the US that has a fingernail paperweight,” he wrote.

The woman shared her gross encounter on a Facebook wedding group. Getty Images

Leaving her cringing, he concluded his message saying, “Hope you guys enjoy the laugh. Happy for you. Congrats.”

The nail clippings disturbed the bride significantly, asking the wedding group members, “Please comfort me? Someone?”

Meanwhile, someone from the Facebook group spread the news to Reddit.

A saucy user captioned the Apr. 11 post “If I had to see this, you all do too…”

Many said they wish they hadn’t happened upon the revolting retell.

“Honestly, I’d throw it out, send a “thank you for the gift card” thank you note, and leave this disgusting pig to wonder WTF happened to his prank,” wrote a Redditor.

“Just ignore it entirely and if he ever asks about it, act confused,” added another.

“That’s a level of petty…you almost have to admire,” wrote a jokester.

“Lol I’m kinda on [his] side, he had to put up with the husband’s toenail clippings all over the apartment for years,” a reader sided.

“Wife can now use the gift as a reminder for [her] husband not to be such a grub for the rest of his life.”

“I’m disgusted yet want to see more,” one person said. “Am I the only one slightly disappointed there wasn’t a [picture] with this?”