April 18, 2024

Tsunami alert after a volcano in Indonesia has several big eruptions and thousands are told to leave

Indonesian authorities issued a tsunami alert Wednesday after eruptions at Ruang mountain sent ash thousands of feet high. Officials ordered more than 11,000 people to leave the area.

Jimmy Butler puts Kelly Oubre Jr. on blast after crushing MCL injury

Jimmy Butler is going to miss Friday's NBA play-in matchup, and he let the 76ers' Kelly Oubre Jr. that he wasn't happy about it.

Rockies staff member allegedly sat inside cockpit on flight, triggering FAA, United Airlines investigation

The Rockies were en route to Toronto on a charter flight operated by United when the video was taken, according to the report.

Mom, 40, falls 140 feet to her death while hiking Arizona mountain with baby, husband

The husband and the couple’s child were airlifted off the mountain and the body of Joseph was retrieved by first responders.

Islanders forward's murky Game 1 status may force lines to change again

It took Patrick Roy the better part of 10 weeks to find a forward configuration that produced sustained success for the Islanders.

What Jets might do at cornerback in 2024 NFL Draft

The Jets are set at starter here with Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed on the outside and Michael Carter II at nickel corner.

Rangers open as massive series favorite over Capitals

The Rangers are the biggest favorite of the NHL’s eight first round playoff matchups.

Kendrick Perkins refuses to pick Joel Embiid over Jalen Brunson due to injury concerns

Kendrick Perkins, speaking on "NBA Today" on Thursday, said he is concerned that Joel Embiid isn’t fully back to himself following a knee injury. 

Rangers coach set for run of playoff reunions, starting with Capitals

Rangers' Peter Laviolette couldn’t help but chuckle when he was asked about facing the team he coached last season, the Capitals, in the first round.

Angel Reese has new Chicago Sky nickname after WNBA draft

Angel Reese has officially replaced the "Bayou Barbie" moniker. Well, sort of.

Late-season recall to Islanders no small thing for 5-foot-8 prospect

Back in September at rookie camp, Ruslan Iskhakov said his goal was to make the Islanders’ roster. That didn’t quite happen, but the 23-year-old did get his NHL debut on...

Scouts think USC held Bronny James back: NBA insider

Bronny James might not have had the best chance to succeed last season because he wasn't at his best position on the court, according to one insider.

Rangers and Matt Rempe set to push back against hated Capitals enforcer

Matt Rempe, the Rangers' new enforcer, likely will play in Game 1 vs. the Capitals and their enforcer, Tom Wilson, on Sunday at the Garden.

Ukraine in danger of losing war by end of year, CIA director warns: 'running out of ammunition'

CIA Director William Burns warned Thursday that without additional US military aid, Ukraine could lose the war with Russia by the end of the year, a scenario he called "dire."

Israel hits back at Iran in retaliatory strike, targeting nuke facility, major air base: reports

Israeli missiles hit at least one site in Iran, ABC News reported, citing US officials, and Iranian state media alerted citizens to explosions heard in the central part of the...

Timberwolves ownership fight heating up even more

Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez are far from giving up on their goal of owning the Minnesota Timberwolves, sources close to the situation told The Post.

Darryl Strawberry deserves praise for attending Dwight Gooden's special Mets day

A gold star and purple heart go to Mets legend Darryl Strawberry, who ignored doctor’s orders and flew to be at Dwight Gooden’s No. 16 retirement.

Ryan Lindgren and brother agree not to speak until after playoff series

Ryan Lindgren speaks to his older brother Charlie, the Capitals' goalie, a lot. But they won't be talking again until after their first-round series.

Mets have found an unexpected unhittable reliever

Through about three weeks of the season, the Mets predictably own a reliever who has been as unhittable as anyone in baseball.

Colossal ancient snake discovered in India could be longer than school bus, researchers say

“Considering its large size, Vasuki was a slow-moving ambush predator that would subdue its prey through constriction,” said Debajit Datta, who is a co-author on the study.

Homeless man with lengthy rap sheet punches kids selling candy in NYC train station: police

A homeless man with a lengthy rap sheet pummeled and tried to rob two boys selling candy inside a Manhattan train station Wednesday night, officials and police sources said. 

Marlins, Red Sox managers could be top candidates available in offseason

In addition to the Marlins starting 4-15, their great manager Skip Schumaker looks like a short-timer. Alex Cora could leave the Red Sox, too.

Knicks' playoff venture will run into a familiar foe

The Knicks will not have to deal with Jimmy Butler for a second consecutive playoff series, but they will face one of his former Heat teammates.

Pro-Sheetz Sen. John Fetterman teases Biden over Wawa visit

“Wawa is perfectly great if you’re 50 miles or more from a Sheetz,” Fetterman has said in the past. 

Juan Soto and Pete Alonso could trade places in free agency mega-swap scenario

Is it possible slugging superstars Pete Alonso of the Mets and Juan Soto of the Yankees trade places this winter?

Jewish students applaud removal of anti-Israel protesters from Columbia University encampment

“What alarms me most is that antisemitism and anarchy have been allowed to fester at Columbia for so many months now that something like this even happened in the first...

Knicks know what awaits them in Joel Embiid challenge

Joel Embiid might not be fully back to his customary level of dominance following January knee surgery, but the Knicks certainly aren’t entertaining that sort of thinking.

Adam Fox playing better than ever for Rangers after rough start

The Rangers are riding into this first-round matchup against the Capitals with Adam Fox at the top of his game.

Cheers! NY theaters may sell booze to film-goers as part of new state budget deal

Movie theaters can apply for a license to sell booze as well as wine and beer to customers, according to the $237 billion state budget deal crafted by Gov. Kathy...

Sony in talks with Apollo to team up on bid to buy Paramount: sources

Sony Group and Apollo Global Management are in talks to team up on a bid for Paramount Global, sources told The Post on Thursday. Paramount, controlled by media heiress Shari...

Giants still giving star 'space' to make retirement decision with draft looming

The NFL draft is nearing and the Giants have no idea if Darren Waller, their tight end, will be with them for the 2024 season or opt for retirement.

Why Eric Adams might put vegan cheesecake on line over Knicks' and Rangers' playoffs

The mayor’s suggestion didn’t sit well with co-host Evan Roberts, who seemed to groan at the thought of putting a vegan cheesecake on the line.

Utah students protest furries who 'bite' and 'bark' in classrooms -- but district says it's a rumor crafted by the internet

"They have their little tails, they get down on their hands and knees and they bark at us."

Amsterdam bans new hotels with over 42K rooms already available in fight against mass tourism

Amsterdam has banned the construction of new hotels as part of their latest attempt to rein in the number of rowdy tourists visiting the Dutch capital each year.

The 'crazy' thing all ex-girlfriends do to their replacements

Fact: if you’ve dated any of my exes I’ve stalked your Instagram. Probably more than once. In fact, I probably follow it regularly.

Giants taking Daniel Jones' replacement in 2024 NFL Draft an option until proven otherwise

Just because Joe Schoen says he expects Daniel Jones to be his starter when healthy doesn’t mean a rookie franchise quarterback couldn’t be developed.

Francisco Lindor showing some signs of life after Citi Field cheers

The Mets' fans cheering did not have the same effect on Francisco Lindor the Philadelphia ovations did for Trea Turner, but he's starting to hit better.

‘Mind-blowing’ fact may explain truth about 'The Simpsons' characters

Why in 35 years have any of the main characters in The Simpsons not aged? As it turns out - or maybe just a whack theory put forward by the mega...

Drunk vultures found 'actively dying' until wildlife refuge helped 'detox' them

A pair of energetic black vultures celebrated a day early for the solar eclipse on April 8 in Watertown by dumpster diving. They eventually stumbled upon something sufficiently fermented to cause serious inebriation. 

Video shows 2 dads narrowly escaping falling tree in backyard

Two men in Virginia enjoying a spring night and preparing to make s'mores with their families narrowly avoiding being crushed by a massive tree.

Blame shoplifting scourge, blasé lawmakers for worst case of storefront vacancies since COVID

Per the city Department of Finance, more than 11% of Big Apple storefronts now sit empty, discouraging nearby commerce and attracting disorder.

Denver migrants, advocates complain six months of free rent is 'insufficient': 'Slap in the face'

The program will provide six months of free housing, food assistance, workforce training and more to the approximately 1,000 migrants currently in the city's shelter system as they await authorization...

The NBA got exactly what it asked for in Jontay Porter gambling scandal

That didn't take long, did it? So now what? Anyone have a copy of the plan?

Universities like Columbia must end the double standard and stop tolerating campus antisemitism

Columbia University’s president and other college administrators have stated that the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is permissible political speech.

Instead of pushing regime change in Israel, Biden should support it in Iran

The goal must be removal of the ayatollahs ruling and ruining Iran and making sure free and fair elections are held to replace them.

Oregon football player arrested in fatal hit-and-run crash

On Wednesday, he was arraigned on a charge of failure to perform duties of a driver to injured persons.

Iowa has its next Caitlin Clark with star transfer pickup

Iowa has a new star guard following Caitlin Clark’s departure to the WNBA. 

Yankees' 'explosive' late-game comeback narrowly avoids Blue Jays sweep: 'We're never out of it'

Marcus Stroman was not the first Yankees starter to say it this season, but the sentiment rang just as true on Wednesday in Toronto as it did during the season-opening...

With John Sterling's retirement as Yanks radio voice, NYC loses a grand sound of summer

John Sterling, the great voice of the New York Yankees, is calling it quits after 36 seasons.

Full jury seated in Trump’s ‘hush-money’ trial as ex-president flips through news articles while calling proceedings a ‘scam’

A 12-person jury was finalized in the "hush money" case against Donald Trump after a tumultuous day that saw two previously selected panelists dismissed.

I'm a Gen Zer who makes $96K a year from freelance gigs — I'll never work 9 to 5 again

"I find it much more fun being able to work from wherever I want," said Grace Ryu, 23. "But don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a hustle."

Jalen Brunson gets chance to slay Joel Embiid in David vs. Goliath playoff showdown

This will be the most compelling matchup of the Knicks-76ers playoff series, Jalen Brunson versus Joel Embiid, Embiid versus Brunson.

Joe Schoen has plenty of Giants holes to fill at draft

No one knows who the Giants will take with the No. 6 overall pick Thursday night in the first round of the NFL draft. Heck, no one knows if the...

Tennessee man tried to rob gas station with 5-foot-long snake after 2 failed attempts: cops

Reginald Cook, 26, was arrested after trying to rob a gas station three times, with the final attempted stickup involving a 5-foot-long snake, police said.

FBI honcho warns Chinese hackers lying in wait to attack US infrastructure: 'Upon us now'

Chinese-linked hackers have snooped around critical US infrastructure and have put themselves in a position to attack at "the right moment," FBI director Christopher Wray ominously warned.

ADL's bleak report shows antisemitism is exploding in the US

The ADL found that there were 8,873 reported incidents of assault, vandalism and harassment against Jews in 2023.

NY Democrat faked signatures on election petition — including 3 dead people: prosecutors

An suburban New York councilman was charged after he submitted election petitions with fraudulent signatures --- including three dead people, according to prosecutors and a report. Rob Scott, 44, a...

I had a front-row seat to the 'liberated zone' madness at Columbia

These were no righteous freedom fighters — though they are surely self-righteous. These are radicals receiving a $90,000-a-year education and throwing temper tantrums.

Inside the Daily Beast revamp: an ax-waving boss, dog pee on the carpet and Barry Diller 'scurrying around'

Adding to the sense of dread, IAC's billionaire chairman Diller made a rare appearance in the newsroom this week — "scurrying around" in black silk pajamas and house slippers, according to...

Hotseat heats up for NPR CEO — and her life is the ultimate woke-elite bingo card

The controversial new CEO of NPR has only been on the job since March 25, but is already at the center of a firestorm.

Hochul wins fight to create mob-busting waterfront commission

Gov. Hochul won support from state lawmakers to create a New York State waterfront commission aimed at combating mob corruption made famous in Marlon Brando's 1954 flick "On The Waterfront."

Rep. Ilhan Omar's daughter busted at Columbia anti-Israel protest

Earlier in the afternoon the Barnard College junior revealed that she was suspended over her involvement in the anti-Israel protests.

What Giants might do at cornerback in 2024 NFL Draft

A case can be made that finding a cornerback to start alongside Deonte Banks is one of the most important spots to fill on the Giants’ roster.

John Wayne Bobbitt reveals which was worse — having his penis cut off or his toes amputated

"I was 26 years old when I lost my penis. I didn't even want to live when that happened, until the doctor put it back on," he said.

Heartbreaking video shows cruise ship passenger swimming, fishing with friends week before fatal jump

Heartbreaking video shows 20-year-old Levion Parker happily swimming in the ocean and fishing with his pals just a week before he drunkenly jumped off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and...

'Polished' cornerback's difference-making speed, strength unlocked full 2024 NFL Draft potential

Former Toledo defensive back Quinyon Mitchell could be the first cornerback selected in the top half of the first round of the 2024 draft.

San Fran's DA cuts loose anti-Israel protesters who blocked Golden Gate Bridge

More than two dozen anti-Israel protesters who snarled traffic on San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge were freed from jail Tuesday -- because the city’s top prosecutor doesn't have enough...

Mom blasted for asking guests at kid's birthday to bring $5 — for yard renovations

"Bring us five bucks to help us redo our backyard. That's what we're asking," Rachel Gibbs explained.

WH's John Kirby flips reality on Iran, AG Merrick Garland goes blind to Biden's 'impairment' and more

White House National Security spokesman John Kirby claimed that Iran listened to President Biden's warning to "not escalate" after Israel killed Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi — despite the attack it...

Hockey stick-wielding maniac hits, threatens NY woman in latest random attack: 'I'm going to f--k you up!'

"He whipped me with a hockey stick on the back of my thigh," Nguyen told The Post Thursday.

Katie Couric's blatant liberal elitism: Letters to the Editor — April 19, 2024

NY Post readers discuss Katie Couric calling MAGA an “anti-intellectual” movement in an interview with Bill Maher.

I'm a doctor — here's what to know about rising cancer rates in young people

Researchers aren't totally sure why rates continue to rise in those under 50.

Deion Sanders shades former top recruit transferring from Colorado

Deion Sanders has taken something of a veiled shot at cornerback Cormani McClain.

One-and-done rule would 'kill' women's college basketball: Geno Auriemma

Geno Auriemma isn’t a fan of any potential one-and-done rule in women’s college basketball. The longtime UConn coach said that it would “ruin the game.” 

The puck line pick to make in Golden Knights-Ducks

Vegas needs two points against the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday to claim the Pacific Division’s third seed.

Mike Johnson backs off motion to vacate change after latest Republican blowup

Speaker Mike Johnson conceded that he doesn't have the votes needed to defang the motion to vacate — oust him — after tensions flared with GOP hardliners on the House floor...

NYC councilman looks to bring back some solitary confinement in Big Apple jails

The bills, though, could be DOA, council sources said.

How to bet on Thursday's Diamondbacks-Giants game

It’s always tough fading Logan Webb, but the Diamondbacks shouldn’t be this big of an underdog.

Columbia, Google's crackdown on pro-Hamas protesters: Is that common sense we finally smell?

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik called in the NYPD to clear out hundreds of protesters who had set up "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" on the South Lawn of Butler Library Wednesday...

Bo Dietl slams controversy over vulgar comments as 'political bullsh--t' after being dropped by Eric Adams defense fund

NYPD detective-turned-private investigator Bo Dietl — who vowed not to curse after being fired for it by Mayor Eric Adams’ legal defense trust —  told The Post Thursday the controversy...

Adams aide wanted a piece of lucrative migrants contracts, saying 'I have to get mine': lawsuit

“Do you know how these contracts work?" senior adviser Tim Pearson allegedly asked of some of the employees in October 2022. "People are doing very well on these contracts. I...

Why we love this NHL prop bet in a meaningless game

On the final night of the NHL regular season, we're targeting a prop bet for one of the league's biggest stars.

NPR chief funded Stacey Abrams' election denial — she has no business leading a news outlet

National Public Radio CEO Katherine Maher is a donor to Stacey Abrams’ election-denying political action committee, Fair Fight.

I'm a travel expert — here's how to score cheaper airfare, better amenities

Kyle Potter, who serves as executive editor of Thrifty Traveler, spilled his hot secret.

Columbia student kicked and told to 'kill himself' as his US flag is set on fire at NYC pro-Palestinian rally

Elisha "Lishi" Baker, 21, was nearly burned Monday while attending a pro-Palestine rally after a protester lit the American flag he was carrying on fire in NYC.

Jimmy Butler's knee injury zaps Heat chances at playoff run

Oddsmakers seemed to have already priced in an extended absence for the Heat’s best player.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman accuses Columbia of 'political reprisals' over suspension of 'Squad' Rep. Ilhan Omar's daughter

Bronx and Westchester Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman accused Columbia University Thursday of carrying out "political reprisals" after the daughter of fellow "Squad" Rep. Ilhan Omar was suspended for her involvement...

Mets get first crack at Yoshinobu Yamamoto in trip to face Dodgers

For the first time, the Mets will see the pitcher who turned down their $325 million this offseason when a series with the Dodgers opens Friday.

Tiny California home the size of a hotel room will sell for 'considerably' more than its $1.7M asking price

The studio apartment-sized residence on a cul-de-sac in Cupertino, California hit the market for an outsized price this month, and it will close for even more. 

Back on the market? Refresh your dating lingo with these 12 slang terms

Ashley Madison has released their annual list of need-to-know slang words, especially for those seeking a non-monogamous relationship. 

Accused murderer beat Rikers Island guard unconscious because he was 'irate' about locked cell: DA

Tymirh Bey-Foster, 21, allegedly attacked a Rikers corrections officer even after she doused him with pepper spray to defend herself

Trump, Biden descend on Pennsylvania in battle over key swing state where they're virtually tied

Both 2024 candidates view the state as critical to cinching 270 delegates in November, and as Biden only won Pennsylvania in 2020 by 1.17%, both are honing their strategies to...

Pro-Israel group hires mobile billboards demanding that Columbia President Minouche Shafik resign

The bright red signs also included the web address “ColumbiaHatesJews.com."

Here's what you need to know about the 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' tour

The popular animated series will be brought to life at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre on Oct. 8.

Zuckerberg's Meta releases early versions of Llama 3 AI model in bid to catch ChatGPT

The updated Meta AI assistant will be given more prominent billing within Meta's Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps as well as a new standalone website that positions it to compete more directly...

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Rep. Maxine Waters downplays 'fake' Iran attack on Israel as Rashida Tlaib storms out of House Dem meeting

During a House Democrat Conference meeting Thursday morning, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) expressed deep concerns about Israel retaliating against Iran, according to a source familiar.

Yankees take flier on former top prospect

Trammell, 26, is a left-handed bat who has flashed some pop and speed in the minors but has not been able to translate that consistently enough to the majors.

New CEO of Planet Fitness required 'unconscious bias training, hiring through DEI lens' at previous job

Colleen Keating, who has served as chief executive at rental service FirstKey Homes since 2020, will assume the CEO title officially on June 10.

Netflix crushes subscriber forecasts again with more than 9M new customers

The recent subscriber additions brought Netflix's total subscribers to 269.6 million at the end of March.

bet365 bonus code NYPNEWS: Claim your $1,000 insurance or $150 bonus on all games

As we approach the NBA and NHL playoffs, now is an exciting time in the sports betting calendar with a wide variety of options.

NHL team officially relocating to Utah in $1.2 billion sale

The deal includes a provision for Arizona to get an expansion team if a new arena is built within the next five years.

Where is Ringo Starr going on his fall 2024 tour?

The former Beatle will perform with "A Little Help From (His) Friends" at Radio City on Sept. 25.

A second creepy exchange emerges from Caitlin Clark press conference — and it involves her new coach

New video has surfaced of Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel referring to Caitlin Clark as "that" and "it."

Full pink moon in Scorpio will be extra intense thanks to planet of death

Buckle up, my babies, as the most trying month of 2K24 ain't over.

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Disneyland 'cast members' file petition to form labor union at California theme parks

More than two-thirds of roughly 1,700 eligible workers signed the petition to seek an election through the National Labor Relations Board, and a vote will likely be held in May...

Former Miami Dolphins star Andre Branch lists Ritz-Carlton condo for $5.49M

The former linebacker is looking to pass his handsome home, with views of Downtown Miami, to its next owner.

'Fanatics Fest NYC' may become the sporting equivalent of Comic Con

Fanatics Events CEO Lance Fensterman joins New York Post Sports anchor Brandon London in-studio to talk about the upcoming 'Fanatics Fest NYC' that will be held at the Javits Center...

LA mom and daughter sentenced over fatal, illegal butt lift that killed aspiring porn star hours after injection

Libby Adame, 53, and Alicia Galaz, 26, appeared at Los Angeles Superior Court where they were sentenced in connection with the death of Karissa Rajpaul, a 26-year-old South African actress.

Teen traumatized after ‘sugar waxing’ trend leaves her with burns, scarring

This spoonful of sugar didn't make the medicine go down.

Tom Brady has still got it '24 years later' in shirtless running video

Tom Brady running shirtless has the internet in a chokehold.

Hypochlorous acid: What to know about the trendy acne fighter being hyped on TikTok

Skincare-obsessed site users say it's the latest and greatest — but it actually isn't new at all.

Stranger pummels man, 37, during clash on NYC subway platform: cops

The victim was waiting for a northbound F train at the 169th Street station near Hillside Avenue in Jamaica Hills around 3:30 a.m. Friday when another straphanger started arguing with...

Why the Rangers aren’t the favorites to win the Stanley Cup

While odds will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, there is no mainstream bookmaker that has the Rangers as a clear favorite.

Lilly's weight-loss drug reduces sleep apnea severity in late-stage trials

Eli Lilly (LLY.N), opens new tab said on Wednesday its weight-loss drug helped reduce episodes of irregular breathing associated with a common sleep-related disorder in two late-stage trials, paving the way for...

Best-smelling cities revealed in new study — No. 1 is historic

This tourism capital scored an 8.3 out of 10 on the smell-o-meter.

Google Maps and Search updates find more economic ways to get around

When determining what's the best route to your destination, there are more factors to consider than directions.

Freedom Caucus deploys 'FART' group as Republican tensions simmer

Frustrated hardliners in the House Freedom Caucus have activated their Floor Action Response Team, also known as FART, to carefully monitor for any surprise resolutions aimed at sabotaging them, a...

Casino etiquette: A complete guide for new gamblers

If you're new to casino gambling, check out this comprehensive guide on casino etiquette.

NFL Draft No. 2 pick odds: Shake up has Jayden Daniels to Washington likely

Jayden Daniels now appears to be the apple of the Washington Commanders' eye.

Here's how much the cheapest tickets to see 'The Outsiders' on Broadway cost

This just might be the can't miss musical of the spring.

Gambler's Fallacy: What is it and how to avoid it

Check out this guide for everything there is to know about the phenomenon known as gambler's fallacy.

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Cases of disease caused by rat urine are rising — how to stay safe

Better watch out for this rat pack.

Fentanyl-laced drugs aren’t ‘someone else’s problem’ — they’re a scourge on America that’s killing our kids and tearing families apart

While some addicts are able to cope with small doses of fentanyl, even the tiniest amount — a speck on a single coin — is enough to kill anyone unused...

NBA star's estranged wife shades rapper after flirtatious photo, DUI arrest

The post came two months after the rapper expressed interest in the Bucks' star guard.

BlackRock, Wall Street firms reportedly steered billions to blacklisted Chinese companies

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party concluded that through investments in index funds, American financial institutions funneled $6.5 billion last year to some 63 Chinese companies flagged...

Airlines predict record summer travel -- with surging demand for first-class seats

Multiple airlines are reportedly anticipating carrying a record number of travelers this summer, including an increased demand in first class tickets.

NYPD cops in riot gear at Columbia University protests

NYPD cops in riot gear swarmed Columbia University on April 18 and began arresting dozens of anti-Israel protesters after the school’s president made the bombshell decision to clear the campus.

RFK Jr. makes Michigan ballot, where polls show independent voters favor him over Biden

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be on the ballot in Michigan this November, likely making it harder for President Biden to keep the state in the Democratic...

Jimmy Kimmel says he 'might' host 2025 Oscars after Trump remarks

Jimmy Kimmel “might” be hosting the 2025 Oscars after Donald Trump said he was “a fool” and the “worst host ever” at this year’s ceremony.

GOP state AGs sue to block Biden's crackdown on gas cars: 'Radical green agenda'

Republican state officials have said the rules amount to an attempt by the administration to transform the American passenger vehicle market improperly through strict rules that make it difficult for...

Volunteers scramble to rescue Torah scrolls buried in rubble after NY synagogue burns down

Volunteers rushed to rescue three sacred Torah scrolls buried beneath the rubble of the Chassidim of the Heights synagogue after it burned down.