I applied for 4 jobs — I was horrified by what I put on my resume by accident

She inadvertently went the extra “Miley.”

A California college student was reduced to tears after realizing that the four applications she sent to jobs had an unlikely attachment — a photo of pop icon Miley Cyrus on her resume.

“I was just in shock that I’d let that slip by,” Orange County native Claire Schmitt, 21, told Kennedy News of her “silly and stupid” gaffe.

The Chapman University student had reportedly been searching for post-graduate gigs ahead of completing of finishing her studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Education later this year.

California college student Claire Schmitt was reduced to tears after realizing that the four applications she sent to jobs had an unlikely attachment — a photo of pop icon Miley Cyrus. Kennedy News and Media
“There was no way to replace it or delete it,” lamented Schmitt. “I’d just submitted it into the abyss.” Kennedy News and Media
The meme in question. Kennedy News and Media

Schmitt was applying to four teaching preschool teaching positions when she decided to take a “little break” and browse X whereupon she came upon a photo of the “The Climb” singer in overalls with a horse.

“I opened up another window, went onto Twitter, and I saw this tweet,” the applicant described. “I was like ‘Oh that’s a funny picture of Miley Cyrus.'”

The scholar decided to file it away in her compendium of miscellaneous “reaction” pics so she could use it in a future text to a friend.

However, disaster struck when she tried dragging the image of the singer to her desktop, and inadvertently dropped it into the tab she was using for her resume without noticing. It specifically ended up on the second page of her CV where she listed her academic credentials.

“I’d just finished editing over my resume for the millionth time and really making it perfect,” Schmitt said while recounting the absent-minded moment. “I then downloaded my resume as a PDF.”

“It was more than one page, just by a little bit, so I wasn’t evening looking at the second page and I didn’t spot it,” added the Californian, who submitted her application to four jobs on Indeed.

Schmitt had submitted the photo with applications to four teaching positions. Kennedy News and Media

That’s when the realization hit Schmitt like a “wrecking ball.”

“I scrolled down a little bit before I was closing the tab and that’s when I saw it. I looked to check that it wasn’t the file I’d submitted and unfortunately, it was,” exclaimed the mortified pupil. “There was no way to replace it or delete it. I’d just submitted it into the abyss.”

The aspiring pedagogue was reduced to tears of shock over the incident, which she found infuriating as she isn’t even a big Miley Cyrus fan and just thought the picture was funny.

To make matters worse, Schmitt says she hasn’t “heard back from any jobs.”

“I was by myself at the time so every stage of recognition and grieving I went through for the jobs I’d never get I went through alone,” added the devastated applicant.

Schmitt’s CV with the accidental Miley Cyrus meme. Kennedy News and Media

She subsequently informed her family of the fiasco in the hopes of some commiseration, only to have them laugh at her plight.

Thankfully, Schmitt found some consolation after sharing a video, which currently boasts 1.2 million views, whereupon people claiming to be recruiters for companies like Microsoft to Tinder flocked to her page claiming they’d hire her for the mistake alone.

“All these people in my comments were saying ‘I’m a recruiter, I’ll hire you’ so for a second I had a glimmer of hope that I’d be a personality hire,” she said.

However, Schmitt said she quickly realized that they were just “people that comment on my TikTok” and that her accidental resume padding would go nowhere.

Schmitt is now using her flub as a cautionary tale on the perils of dragging and dropping memes without looking.

“If I could give any advice to others applying for jobs, I would say put a reaction meme from Twitter right in the margin,” she warned. “More seriously, I would tell them to double-check.”

She added, “Even if there’s a sliver of a chance that there’s something you don’t know about on there, just give it a quick scroll and make sure.”