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Hole lot of hype as escargot-lovers race to get limited Dominique Ansel bagel in NYC: ‘Match made in heaven’

It’s one shell of a take on a Big Apple staple.

Crowds swarmed Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City Saturday morning to get their hands on an escargot-schmeared bagel only on sale this weekend.

Bagel lovers crawled out of bed early and queued up on Spring Street in Soho as early as 6 a.m. for a parmesan gruyère bagel slathered in confit garlic escargot, a collaboration from cronut creator Ansel and PopUp Bagels.

“Yesterday it sold out within the hour so like by 9 o’clock no one could get it, so we got here early,” Paola Zuniga told The Post as she waited on line in the rain.

“I’d say waking up at 6 a.m. this morning was worth it!” said Columbia student Rachel Ling. “The bagel was so warm and cheesy, and it tasted even better when dipped into the garlic butter schmear.”

The shell-icacy sold out by 2 p.m., a staffer said — and encouraged people to come before noon on Sunday if they want their shot at trying it.

Columbia University student Rachel Ling snagged the limited-time “snagel” on Saturday morning. William Farrington
Dominique Ansel teamed up with Soho PopUp Bagels to offer one shell of a take on the classic bagel and cream cheese. William Farrington

“They did not skimp on the chopped escargot in the cream cheese. I had a good chunk of everything in each bite,” Ling added.

“I like the bakery and I like the bagels — match made in heaven,” said one woman, who came from Staten Island after learning about the breakfast bonanza on Instagram.

“It was a while to get here,” she admitted.

But the line, steadily 50 people long, wasn’t snail-paced as enthusiasts were churned in and out of the bustling bakery, which is also home of Ansel’s famed cronut.

Two Connecticut pals waited for the tried-and-true croissant-doughnut hybrid.

People lined up early Saturday morning in front of Dominique Ansel bakery hoping to get the special bagel paring before it sold out. William Farrington
The escargot bagel combo sold out in about an hour on Friday. People gathered early Saturday in the hopes of snagging it. William Farrington

“We love PopUp Bagels in general, and Dominique Ansel, so for a collab, we just had to come for it,” said Corinne Kwan, who was waiting for the parmesan-and-gruyère delicacy by 7:30 a.m. with her sister and fiancée.

“PopUp’s concept is to ‘rip it and dip it,’ which was a great way to get every bite smeared with the creamy escargot, which was delicious,” Kwan said. “It was a very unique flavor combination, and I would definitely buy that spread if they ever sold it in a tub!”

Selina Santos raved that it was “by far the best bagel pairing I have ever had. The schmear, I can’t even describe it. I felt transported to the south of France and served the most iconic escargot dish ever.”

Once Santos finished the bagel, she said she ate the rest of the spread like ice cream.

“Absolutely iconic,” she said.

Corinne Kwan, right, her fiancée Jimmy Moscoso, and her sister Kaitlyn Kwan lined up for the escargot bagel special on Saturday. William Farrington

Adam Goldberg, owner of PopUp Bagels, which has a location two blocks away on Thompson Street, hyped-up the crowd, handed out hats and thanked them for coming out on the dreary morning.

“Hot bagels are rolling out of the oven so you’ll have them very soon,” he assured customers.

Two years ago, PopUp and Dominique Ansel Bakery were included in a Post roundup of sought-after baked goods at the Big Apple’s best bakeries.

“So it’s fun that two years later, we get to cook together,” Goldberg told The Post. The French twist on the New York staple was the brainchild of his and Ansel’s, who hails from Paris.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the famed cronut, is offering the escargot bagel combo this weekend only. William Farrington

“We wanted to create something that’s a bit French and unexpected,” Ansel told The Post this week.

“My favorite part of escargot is how you can dip the bread into the warm garlic butter at the end, and we thought it could work really well with a warm, cheesy bagel.”

The unique schmear consists of sautéed escargot, brown butter, shallots, thyme, bay leaf, parsley and pink and black peppercorns. The mixture is folded into a combination of garlic confit, cream cheese and crème fraîche. The limited-time combo goes for $18.50.