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The bold new way to publicly announce your break up: ‘Like a press release’

Announcing a break up to friends, family, colleagues and casual acquaintances can almost be as stressful as the end of the relationship itself.

But one content creator has discovered an inventive and bold new way to share the heartbreaking news.

Diana Martinez, 28, went viral after creating a flier announcing her split from her partner of six years, which she sent to a group chat with her closest friends.

“Attention: We broke up,” reads the graphic, which was shared in a clip with 4.4 million views. “Yes, it was his fault. No, we are never ever ever getting back together…I require two to three weeks for any further questions. You don’t have to block him. I’m indifferent.”

Martinez told Newsweek that she knew it was time to tell pals, but wasn’t ready to do the “explaining.”

Screenshot of a phone displaying Diana Martinez's graphic on TikTok post with breakup details of a 6-year relationship
She provided a list of pertinent information in the graphic, including when the couple of 6 years broke up and why. TikTok/@DI.MART

“I thought it would be funny to make a graphic with the basic information to let everyone know it happened, almost like a press release,” she said.

“I did it because it was silly, but also to give me the chance to process without having to relive the heartbreak. It was truly the best thing I could’ve done for my mental health.”

She revealed the primary reason for the split was because her partner refused to travel outside of the US, which she called a “red flag.”

“So, now, he’s blocked on everything — including Spotify,” she said.

A woman wearing headphones, identified as Diana Martinez, showcasing a cheerful demeanor post breakup
She has since blocked her ex and is now “thriving.” TikTok/@DI.MART

Her flier also asked for privacy, but now she is “healing and thriving” months after the split in November.

“It was all truly for the best,” she said.

“I have to give my best friends a huge shoutout because they really took such good care of me during this time. I value my friendships so much. I’m so grateful I have them to remind me that I am loved and deserve a love that mirrors my capacity to love.”