Jon Stewart says Biden is ‘so f—ing old’ he ‘just shouldn’t be president’

Jon Stewart said President Biden is too old for the job.

“I know liberals say, ‘Don’t say Joe Biden is old’ — don’t say what people see with their own eyes! You can say it, he can’t hear us,” Stewart said during a comedy performance in Los Angeles that was streamed on Netflix.

“I know you know how f—ing old he is, and I know you don’t want to say it because [former President Donald] Trump is so scary, but he’s so f—ing old … when you watch him on television, you’re nervous, aren’t ya?” said the host of “The Daily Show.”

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” said President Biden’s age should preclude him from being commander-in-chief. The Daily Show

Stewart made the remarks at an appearance at the Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which debuted on the streaming service on Friday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m not saying that Biden can’t contribute to society, he just shouldn’t be president,” Stewart added.

The popular commentator also lamented the fact that voters this November will have to choose between Biden and Trump.

“Why are we allowing this? And now we’re going to have a president that’s the two oldest people that have ever run for the office of the presidency,” Stewart said.

The Post has sought comment from the White House and the Trump campaign.

Stewart, a frequent critic of Trump and Republicans, has angered Democrat supporters in recent months with his critiques of Biden.

When Stewart made his return to full-time host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in February, he questioned both Trump’s and Biden’s fitness for office.

“These two candidates … are both similarly challenged,” according to Stewart.

President Biden, 81, would be 86 years old by the time he leaves office if he were to win re-election this fall. Getty Images

“And it is not crazy to think that the oldest people in the history of the country to ever run for president might have some of these challenges.”

While Stewart denounced Trump over his criminal indictments as well as his other legal troubles, he said that doesn’t mean Biden should be “less subject to scrutiny.”

“It actually makes him more subject to scrutiny,” according to Stewart.

“If the barbarians are at the gate, you want Conan standing on the ramparts, not Chocolate Chip Cookie Guy.”

Stewart received a harsh backlash in response to the commentary. Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, who has been one of his more vocal critics in recent years, accused the host of helping foment “a potential disaster for democracy.”

A week later, Stewart made a joke out of the backlash while a screenshot of Mary’s post hung on the screen.

Former President Donald Trump, 77, outside a Manhattan courtroom on Monday. REUTERS

“I guess as the saying goes, ‘Democracy dies in discussion,’” he added, referencing the slogan of the left-leaning Washington Post, “Democracy dies in darkness,” and triggering a round of laughter from the studio audience.

Biden, 81, would be 82 years of age by Inauguration Day if he were to win re-election. Trump is 77.

If Biden were to win a second term, he would be 86 by the time he leaves the White House.

In recent years, Biden has made several verbal gaffes and appeared to have memory lapses when trying to recall the names of public figures.

Trump has also had his fair share of mix-ups. In late January, he confused then-GOP presidential rival Nikki Haley with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).