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Read a full transcript of Piers Morgan’s interview with Fiona Harvey — the real Baby Reindeer ‘Martha’

Piers Morgan sits down with the real Baby Reindeer “Martha” for her first TV interview as she slams writer Richard Gadd as “psychotic” and the “ultimate misogynist.”

The woman who inspired the TV phenomenon of the year broke her silence to blast the series, which claims to be a true story, as: “completely untrue. Very, very defamatory to me, very career-damaging. And I wanted to rebut that completely on this show. I’m not a stalker. I’ve not been to jail, I’ve not got injunctions. And this is just complete nonsense.” 

Speaking during a compelling “Uncensored” special Fiona Harvey sets the record straight after being unmasked by fans of the hit Netflix show — which tells the story of writer/comedian Richard Gadd and his stalker, Martha. At the start of each episode it states “This is a True Story.”

Piers Morgan sat down for an interview with Fiona Harvey. Piers Morgan/Instagram

But Fiona adds: “We’ve had no apologies from Netflix or him, nothing. I mean, for someone who says he feels sorry for me, I’ve had no apology. My character seems to have smashed up a bar, sexually assaulted him in a canal, been to prison. There are a number of other allegations, and… That’s not true.”

The 58-year-old said Gadd, who also stars in the drama series, was â€œmaking money out of untrue facts.” And has vowed to sue the show’s makers after being thrust into the spotlight and suffering online abuse.

During the interview, she denied ever being at his home, contacting his parents or sending thousands of texts and emails messages. During the much-anticipated hour-long show, she also admits owning four mobile phones and a string of different email addresses. The law graduate also claims to be in a five-year relationship with a lawyer.

For the full interview go to https://www.youtube.com/PiersMorganUncensored.

On being “outed” within hours as the “real-life Martha” online, she said: â€œOn the internet, sleuths tracked me down and hounded me and gave me death threats. So it wasn’t really a choice. I was forced into this situation.”

Asked if she had watched the drama, she replied: â€œNot at all. I’ve heard about the court scene, about the jail sentences and all this sort of stuff… I haven’t watched any of it.” 

“You’re not curious, too?” Piers added. 

“No, I think I’d be sick. It’s taken over enough of my life. I find it quite obscene. I find it horrifying, misogynistic. Some of the death threats have been really terrible online. People phoning me up. You know, it’s been absolutely horrendous. I wouldn’t give credence to something like that and it’s not really my kind of drama.”

Fiona is the inspiration for the character Martha in the hit Netflix show “Baby Reindeer.” Piers Morgan/Instagram

Saying that she had only met Gadd two or three times, she said she first heard about the Netflix show two weeks ago. She said the interest in her was: â€œAbsolutely horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. I couldn’t believe he’d done that. And so long after the first meeting, you know, we’re talking 10, 12 years ago, Really horrendous.”

Fiona added: “I just generally think he’s got extreme psychiatric problems… It’s a work of fiction. It’s a work of hyperbole, as I’ve always said. And there are two true facts in that. His name is Richard Gadd, and he works as a jobbing barman on benefits, in the Hawley Arms. And we met, two or three times…”

Piers asked if it was true Gadd had offered her a free cup of tea after she walked into the pub where he was working, she replied: â€œNo, that’s not correct. He didn’t offer me a cup of tea… I was in for a meal with, a drink of lemonade, and I was very, very hungry. I’m diabetic, so, very hungry. So that’s true.” 

Piers: â€œAnd did you talk to him?” 

Fiona: â€œAnd he interrupted a conversation… he said, ‘Oh, you’re Scottish’, and basically commandeered the conversation. You know, I was talking to somebody. It’s pretty rich. Interrupt. So he seemed to be obsessed with me from that moment onwards.”

On whether she said he looked like a ‘baby reindeer’ toy she had as a child, she added: â€œI had a toy reindeer and he’d shaved his head, that bit is true, and there were reindeers in the shops because it was Christmas time or something. It was a joke. So I have inadvertently penned the name of the show.”

She also confirmed she banter in the pub had been common, like talking about hanging curtains. â€œThis was a Hawley Arms joke about about curtains and a lot of sexual innuendo,” she said.

Fiona denied Gadd had ever been caught peeping in her window, adding: â€œFalse… I didn’t see him at my house. I think it would be impossible to look through a window… That categorically didn’t happen.”

Pressed on the 41,000 emails, 350 hours of voice messages, 744 tweets, 48 Facebook messages, and 106 letters she is alleged to have sent him, she retorted: â€œThat’s simply not true. If somebody was sending somebody 41,000 emails or something, they’d be doing how many a day? Lots.”

Piers replied: “Well, it’d be obsessive.” 

Fiona: â€œYeah. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. No. It’s…” 

Piers: â€œWhat did you send?” 

Fiona: â€œNow, none of that’s true. I don’t think I sent him anything… No, I think there may have been a couple of emails exchanging, but that was it. Just jokey banter emails.” 

Piers went on: â€œSo you’re denying sending anything to him?” 

Fiona: â€œThere may have been a couple of emails.” 

Piers: â€œText messages? No Facebook messages?” 

Fiona: â€œNope.” 

Piers: â€œDid you tweet him?” 

Fiona: â€œI may have done years and years ago… No, it wasn’t numerous. It’s about 18 tweets.”

On the subject of the emails, she also went on to say: â€œThere are not 41,000 emails. That’s over a year. 

Piers: â€œAccording to you there’s only a handful.” 

Fiona: â€œYeah. I mean how long would that take someone to type up?”

Piers: “How many do you think you sent him?” 

Fiona: “A handful, if that.” 

Piers: “Like, what does that mean? How many?”

Fiona: “Less than ten.” 

Piers: “Ten emails.”

Fiona: â€œNot 41,000.”

Piers: â€œThere’s a massive disparity between the two things.” 

Fiona: â€œI agree, I agree.” 

She went on to admit she had sent him one letter. Pressed on who had sent him all the correspondence, she said: â€œI have no idea. I think he’s probably made it up himself,” she said.”

She added she would be happy for someone to look at her computer. 

On whether she ever heckled Gadd at a comedy show, she said: â€œI think I went to one. It was a long, long time.” 

Piers: â€œAnd you never shouted out or anything.” 

Fiona:  â€œWhy would I do that? No, no, no…No, I don’t generally go to comedy shows. 

Piers: â€œAnd you never heckled him?” 

Fiona: â€œNo.”

On whether she ever attacked one of the comedian’s girlfriends during a jealous rage, she said: â€œNo, I don’t think he had a girlfriend. I think he’s, say, homosexual. But no, I have never been to his house or attacked any girlfriend or anything like that.”

Asked about the scenes showing Martha sitting for hours at a bus stop and whether she ever did that, she replied: â€œNo, I don’t know, I don’t know where he lived. No. Absolutely no… This is a fictional character. Hyperbole, exaggeration. This is a fiction. It’s based on his imagination.”

Fiona also denied ever contacting his parents. 

After watching a clip of the series, showing Martha pleading guilty to intimidating Richard’s character Donny and being sentenced to nine months prison time, Piers asked if she had ever been to prison or been charged, she replied “no” to both questions.

“That’s completely false. And I don’t think the actress sounds like me. I mean, people compare me to Lorraine Kelly, but I look nothing like Lorraine Kelly. We all happen to have dark hair and we’re Scottish, you know. I think the actress is from Glasgow, I think, but I’m not sure… I’m from the Central belt [of Scotland].,” she continued.

Asked again if the nine month prison sentence in the drama is based on reality, she said: â€œThat’s completely untrue. Very, very defamatory to me, very career damaging. And I wanted to rebut that completely on this show. I’m not a stalker. I’ve not been to jail, I’ve not got injunctions, interdicts. This is just complete nonsense.”

On whether Netflix had ever contacted her, she said: â€œNo. No one’s contacted me. Never.” 

Watching another clip of Gadd speaking recently on “Lorraine,” she added he was â€œmilking it for all it’s worth.”

Asked what she feels now about the comedian, she said: â€œI think he’s psychotic. And I think that anyone going along, being in that play and doing this to somebody, I find that I find the behaviour outrageous.”

On whether she believes the comedian “felt sorry for her”, she replied: â€œNo, I never got that impression at all. I got the impression that he was all out for himself. Wanted to, sort of control that bar. Very, very inarticulate, very full of himself. I should never have gone in that bar.”

Piers added: â€œRichard Gadd said he didn’t see you as a villain, but as somebody who is unwell and needs help.” 

Fiona responded: â€œYeah, well, he maybe he should look a bit closer to home, to himself as someone who needs help… Yes, I think he always was. Whether there was an alleged rape or whether that rape was real or conceived in his mind, I think that would make him more unwell…”

She added: â€œI mean, for someone who says he feels sorry for me, I’ve had no apology. And I have this Martha character seems to have smashed up a bar, sexually assaulted him in a canal, been to prison. There are a number of other allegations, and… That’s not true.”

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning in a scene from “Baby Reindeer.” Ed Miller/Netflix

Later she explained she had supported him online, urging people to watch his earlier comedy show, saying: â€œWe were trying to encourage him… I didn’t think he was a complete psychopath who was going to attack me in this way.”

On her childhood, she said she had a “standard Scottish” upbringing in the “Scottish countryside” and has a sister and her mother is still alive. Her parents divorced when she was nine and she hasn’t spoken to her mum about the drama. â€œThat may seem strange, but I don’t want to worry her,” she added.

Asked about previous “inappropriate behaviour” when working for a legal firm in Scotland, she said she had been head-hunted due to her employment law credentials. She said no order or hearing was made against her in the aftermath.

Speaking about her love-life, she said she was in a five-year relationship with a lawyer. She said: â€œI don’t want to drag him in. He thinks this is horrendous. All of my lawyer friends do. All of my professional friends do. Other people do. People are being really sympathetic. People I don’t know are saying things like, ‘Are you getting hounded in the street?’ You know, people are being really, really nice, anyone who does know about this.”

Pushed again on whether she had left voicemails or sent strings of messages, she said the only explanation for the voice messages must be that she had been taped in the pub while speaking.

Piers: â€If he has 350 voice messages and it’s you?”

Fiona: â€œIt doesn’t mean the drama is true.” 

Piers: â€œBut is it possible he’s got 350 voice messages?” 

Fiona: “I doubt that very much. I just don’t think so.” 

Piers: â€œ You doubt it?” 

Fiona: â€œYeah, I doubt it. I mean. Unless he was taping me… He could have been taping me in the Hawley Arms though. I’ve not contacted him.”

Piers: â€œBut if he’s got 350 voicemails.. these are on his phone” 

Fiona: â€œIt doesn’t matter whether they’re on a phone, tablet, whatever they’re on, I’ve not contacted him

Piers: “But I’m curious. Why would there even be a possibility of him having that number of voice messages from you?”

Fiona: “Because he’s crazy and wants to make this up. I mean, I’ve not phoned the guy. I don’t have his number. 

“The only explanation for having a voicemail from me would be [from] taping me in the Hawley Arms. That’s the only place we’ve ever met.”

She went on: â€œYeah. I mean, my point is, though, even if that were true, I didn’t lunge at him across the bar. I didn’t a sexual assault him in a canal. I didn’t go to jail.”

Piers later added: â€œNo, but if they say that you sent 41,000 emails, 350 voicemails.” 

Fiona: â€œWell they are completely wrong. They are wrong.”

Piers: â€744 tweets. So they are lying…” 

Fiona: â€œThey are lying. Yes. Okay. Yeah. In effect, he is lying and they are lying. And in order for a dramatisation to be true, it’s got to be. You know, the only defence is are Veritas. I’m telling the truth. Or, the whole drama needs to be true. They have billed it as a ‘true story’. So has he. And it’s not. It’s blatantly not. Even if the email thing was true, the rest is not.”

On what message she had for Richard Gadd if he was watching, she said: â€œLeave me alone, please. Get a life, get a proper job. I am horrified at what you’ve done. “

On whether she would be taking legal action following the series, she replied: â€œAbsolutely. Against both him and Netflix. 

Admitting she wrote him one letter. Fiona said: â€œYeah. I’m sorry I haven’t sent that guy 106 letters.” 

On whether she still had the same email address, she replied: â€œI had six at one point. 

Piers: â€œWhy?” 

Fiona: â€œBecause I like to keep people on different phones and different emails.” 

Piers: â€œSix different names.” 

Fiona: â€œMaybe four. I think it’s 4 to 6. Yeah, it’s just easier, it’s easier. So you have some for your utilities, some for close friends, whatever. Yeah.” 

Piers: â€œSix is a lot.” 

Fiona: â€œIs it?” 

Piers: â€œI don’t know anybody with six email addresses.” 

Fiona: â€œYou don’t know many people then, and I know, I know people with four or six email addresses.”

Piers: â€œWas it 4 or 6?”

Fiona: â€œI can’t remember. Probably six.” 

She revealed she also has four different phones, explaining: â€œYeah. Two broke. They were very, very old. One was brand new and broke. And it’s still to be returned to the shop. I like keeping people on separate phones as well. And maybe that makes me a maniac or a stalker or something. But if you’ve got somebody on about your electricity bill or somebody on about some work or something, it’s nice to keep it separate, you know? So, I didn’t do that in Scotland. Didn’t have to. But the volume of calls down here.” 

Grilled on whether the writer was ever her friend, she said: â€œNo. No. Staff asked me that as well. No, I don’t think so”, adding the pair had shared “Scottish banter” in the pub.

On whether she was ever in love with him, she responded: â€œPiers. Is that a serious question? No… I gave him the brush off. He asked me to sleep, with him with a big green spot in his face one day. I said no I’m sorry, I’m not interested. He asked me to sleep with him. He said, ‘would I like my curtains fixed’? And I laughed and he said, that’s a euphemism. You want me to come home with you? And I said, ‘I’ve got a boyfriend’. I gave him the brush off big time, I think, you know, subtly so. But the bottom line is.. No, I don’t fancy little boys without jobs. That sounds awful. That sounds really, really callous. But, you know.”

Fiona then asks Piers how much she thinks Gadd has made out of the hit Netflix show, he says it could be “several millions”. â€œI think he’s done bloody well out of defaming me… He’s making money out of untrue facts. He’s been the ultimate misogynist.”

With reports of a potential second series, Fiona added she might write her own book. Claiming to have a law degree and a photographic memory, she also said she would think about taking a lie-detector test to prove her words.

To watch the full interview, go to the Piers Morgan Uncensored channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/PiersMorganUncensored.