Bombas has a solution for sore feet — medical-grade compression socks

Tis’ the season of the socks, but not ordinary socks — compression socks. Bombas has set out to make the best ones on the market, and shoppers are saying they’ve done it.

Recovery has become all the rave, with many people turning to foam rollers, massage guns, saunas, and cold plunges to ease sore muscles, reduce aches and pain, and improve circulation. Unsurprisingly, some of these larger items come with a hefty price tag. But, there are still plenty of effective alternatives that don’t require as much space or money.

Compression socks are one of them. These socks work by applying gentle pressure to your legs and ankles and promoting blood flow from your legs to your heart, according to Healthline. While there are many compression socks available over the counter, stockings of 20 mmHg or higher generally require a prescription.

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Bombas is among the brands to respond to the demand for these wearable recovery tools. The philanthropic clothing company, which quickly rose to fame after appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, has innovated socks equipped with graduated compression fabric for a snugger hug at the ankle than ordinary socks.

These simple slip-ons feature soothing arch support to cradle the bottom of your foot, ultra-soft yarns to allow your skin to breathe, and stay-up technology that keeps your socks exactly where you want them. “Tight, but not too tight,” as Bombas says.

A group of colorful socks

To make compression more accessible, Bombas has curated a catalog of socks in a variety of styles and sizes for men and women, with ankle-height, calf-height, and knee-high options available. Bombas Classic Performance socks offer the highest support — ideal for anyone who travels, enjoys high-intensity workouts, or works long hours on their feet. They also help ease discomfort during pregnancy, which is arguably a 10-month marathon in itself.

Shoppers are beside themselves with how well these socks work. Hundreds have left raving reviews, pointing out that these socks “hold up wear after wear” and saying they’re “a must when on your feet all day.” Many have added that the Bombas Compression socks are more comfortable than previous compression socks they tried — which are notorious for being difficult to get on and off due to the tighter fabric.

“These are the best compression socks you can buy without a prescription,” one happy customer shared. “They’re comfortable to wear all day, well-made and Bombas made this new line thicker and stronger than last year’s.”

By purchasing a pair of Bombas, you’re not just doing good for yourself, but also for others. For every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair of socks to individuals facing homelessness.

Men’s Compressions Socks

Men’s Performance Compression Ankle Socks

A black sock with white text

The men’s compression ankle socks are a great choice for everyday wear — slip them on beneath your sneakers and nobody will even see they are there.

Men’s Targeted Compression Performance Calf Socks

A black sock with a multicolored pattern

For a mid-length sock, opt for the compression calf socks. The Y-Stitched Heel creates a natural cup around your heel made to fit your feet, and strategic cushioning provides support where you most need it.

Men’s Performance Compression Socks

A pair of grey socks

These knee-high compression socks deliver a high dose of compression — 20-30 Mmhg. The combination of fabrics, including elastane, cotton, and nylon, provides ample warmth without sacrificing breathability.

Men’s Performance Compression Sock 3-Pack

A group of socks on a white background

Let’s face it — socks get lost and dirty fast. You’re probably going to want to bundle up and get a few pairs. The 3-pack is a perfect place to start.

Women’s Compression Socks

Women’s Performance Compression Ankle Socks

A pair of white socks

Of course, Bombas also made ankle socks fit for smaller feet. Women’s sizing includes small, medium, and large. Reviewers say they “fit like a glove.”

Women’s Targeted Compression Performance Calf Socks

A black sock with a multicolored pattern

The women’s calf socks are carbon copies of the men’s version — just delivered in a slimmer body. These ones are also made with wool, which offers incredible temperature regulation in cold and warm weather.

Women’s Performance Compression Socks

A pair of pink and red socks

Enjoy medical-grade compression packaged in a perfectly, pretty sock. The women’s knee-highs are also offered in two bright styles fit for spring and summer — Ocean Fog and Pink Lotus.

Women’s Performance Compression Sock 3-Pack


Stock up with a set of three grippy, women’s knee-highs for support you never have to run out of. Each set comes in a different shade so you can pair them with outfits accordingly.

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