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Inmate briefly sprung from jail to help hotwire trashed RV he allegedly stole: ‘I know a guy’

He went from jumpsuit to jumpstart.

A Washington state inmate was briefly sprung from jail — to help hotwire an RV he is accused of stealing.

The inmate — still in his orange jumpsuit with “Aberdeen City Jail” on the back — was seen in a now-viral video bending down and reaching under the steering wheel to help owner Olive Teague, who uses it for her Seattle Mermaid School diving business.

The man that allegedly stole Olive Teague’s RV was briefly sprung from jail to help her jumpstart it. Gofundme

He was called up to help by a cop who was frustrated he could not get the engine started when he returned the recovered camper, which had since been trashed by squatters, Teague told FOX 13 Seattle.

“[The officer] said, “You know what? I don’t want us to do more damage to the ignition by messing with it. I know a guy back at the station who definitely knows how to do this,” Teague recalled.

“I was so sure he was going to go back to the station to get another officer.”

Instead, she was stunned to see the jumpsuit-wearing inmate who’s been charged with initially stealing the 1996 Ford F350 in December.

A viral TikTok video Teague posted Thursday shows the unidentified inmate sitting next to her friend at the wheel and instructing her how to jumpstart the RV with a screwdriver.

The inmate helped Teague’s friend jumpstart the ride. olivethealchemist/Tiktok

“Get it in that little slot,” he says in the video,  which had raked in more than 9 million views by Friday. “Just like a regular key.”

The engine then fires up and the friend turns back to Teague with a happy, relieved facial expression.

“I saw the actual inmate who stole my car with a screwdriver inches from my friend,” Teague said in the footage — adding the accused thief instructed her pal how to jumpstart the camper.

“And he was, like, a really good teacher,” she said.

The RV was recovered by cops in March, stripped and trashed with 1,300 new miles on it. Olive Teague/Facebook

Teague’s rolling home, a 1996 Ford F350, was swiped while parked on the street in December, she said.

Inside were slew of valuables, including her mermaid swimming gear, student paperwork and free-diving equipment.

When cops recovered the vehicle in March, it had been sold and stripped of an AC unit and solar panels — and was badly dented with fire damage.

Olive Teague’s home on wheels was swiped in December. Olive Teague/Facebook

Squatters living in it also left heaps of trash — including drug paraphernalia — strewn everywhere, and  drove it roughly 1,300 miles, the station reported.

Teague has since set up a GoFundMe to help pay for her  RV’s repairs.

“I can’t hotwire a car,” she said. “But I do know how to punch out an ignition if I need to. I hope I never need to.”

A rep for the jail didn’t immediately return a request for comment Friday. The inmate’s charges weren’t immediately clear.