For $159.99, you can get an iPad 6th Gen, case, stylus, charger, and screen protector

TL;DR: Get a reliable tablet for work or play when you get this near-mint refurbished iPad 6th Gen that comes with accessories — add it to your cart ASAP to get it for $159.99!

Brand new off the shelf isn’t always the best way to get an iPad. It’s definitely not the easiest on the wallet. If you need a high-powered device to run demanding apps, a newer one may be your answer. If you want a reliable device that’s super portable and great for browsing or streaming, refurbished may suit your budget better. 

This iPad 6th Gen is refurbished, but it might be hard to tell, considering it’s in near-mint condition. However, the price is still dropped, even with all the accessories that come with it, including a stylus, case, and more. If you’re excited to get an iPad that comes with all the fixings, then skip straight to checkout and get this iPad 6th Gen and accessories for $159.99!

Shopping refurbished doesn’t mean settling for less, and it definitely doesn’t mean getting a device that looks used. This refurbished iPad 6th Gen has a Grade “A” refurbished rating, meaning the only signs it’s not brand new may be some light wear on the body and a battery that doesn’t last quite as long as it used to. 

Refurbished Apple iPad 6th Gen 9.7” (2018) 32GB

Apple iPad 6th Gen 9.7” (2018) 32GB
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This 6th Gen iPad has 32GB storage capacity and 2GB RAM. It may not seamlessly run graphically intense apps for art or design, but you could still stream, browse, and save a variety of apps. 

Plus, the 8MP rear-facing camera can still capture some stunning photos or video, and the 1.2MO FaceTime camera is great for virtual meetings or classes.

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Fully charged, this iPad’s battery could last up to 10 hours. When it’s time to power up, just use the included cable and adapter.

However, that’s not the only thing included with this iPad. You also get a stylus, case, and screen protector. Just keep in mind that the color of the case and stylus may vary!

Score a real refurbished gem when you get an iPad 6th Gen that arrives in near-mint condition. And it comes with bonus accessories. 

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