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‘Anxious’ gambler, 72, says Atlantic City Bally’s won’t pay out $2.5M slot machine win: ‘What’s the use in playing then?’

This gamble isn’t paying off.

A New Jersey woman said she won more than $2 million on an Atlantic City slot machine — but the casino isn’t coughing up the dough, leaving the septuagenarian “very anxious” about being unable to help her homeless son.

Roney Beal, 72, claims she hit it big on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Bally’s Casino in February, but when she went to collect her winnings, the casino claimed the jackpot was due to a technical glitch and therefore didn’t count, she told The Post Saturday.

Roney Beal says she hit the jackpot at Bally’s and the casino isn’t shelling out the money. Tomasz Zajda –

“I just feel it’s not right that they don’t pay out,” Beal said.

“What’s the use in playing then?”

After losing $1,000 on various machines that day, Beal revisited the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

When she gave it another six or seven spins, she said she hit the jackpot.

She said she eventually got the words “wild,” “wild x2” and spin on a diagonal on the slot area of the machine. This entitled her to a free spin on the Wheel of Fortune wheel on the top of the machine.

After spinning, the wheel ended up on the word “Jackpot” with a dollar sign — and she said she heard the words “You’ve won.”

Bally’s allegedly said Roney Beal’s winnings were invalid due to a technical glitch. Ronny Beal

Then, 3-D gold coins came out and a blue light went off, she said. 

“And then the people behind me got up and they’re like, ‘oh my god, oh my god.’ This guy says, ‘lady you’re a millionaire. A millionaire,'” she said.

But when she used a call button to summon help, a tilt message popped up, indicating the machine was unplayable due to an error or malfunction.

A Bally’s employee told her she didn’t win before telling her to leave the casino.

Roney Beal hopes Bally’s will honor her $1.28 million multiplier win. Ronny Beal

Beal’s attorney, Mike Di Croce, said he is preparing a legal complaint against Bally’s and its gaming company, International Game Technology (IGT), for $2.56 million because she hit a $1.28 million jackpot with a multiplier.

In addition, he plans to file a $1 million-plus emotional distress claim.

Beal said she is still “very anxious.”

“I’m upset because I want the money, and I will help people with it,” she said.

Bally’s said it bears no responsibility in Roney Beal’s case because they don’t handle the payouts. JHVEPhoto –

Those people include her homeless son, for whom she wants to buy a trailer.

Bally’s Casino foisted responsibility onto IGT.

“Bally’s has no comment on this incident as we’re only the casino who houses the machine,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“IGT handles the payouts and would be best to get a comment from at this time.”

An IGT spokesperson told The Post Saturday night it “is cooperating with the casino operator’s investigation of this matter.”

The State of New Jersey Casino Control Commission, the independent licensing authority of New Jersey’s casinos, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Bally’s says, ‘Come to our casino, play our machines,'” Di Croce said.

“There’s no information that there’s a third-party contract. Ultimately Bally’s should be responsible as well.

“Bally’s can’t hide behind this other company.”

Beal, who had a heart attack a year ago, she said she’s “hoping and praying” she gets the money, particularly before she dies.