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Alex Mitchell

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Alex Mitchell is a features reporter and you’ve likely already bumped into him throughout the Big Apple as he seeks out the thoughts of New Yorkers on timely – and often fun – topics like: $5 becoming the “benchmark” for a slice of NYC pizza, hostility toward the thumbs up emoji, and whether or not “guilt tipping” on pay tablets has gone too far. Alex is also known for his gripping reporting on the 2022 Little League World Series, covering the boys from Massapequa Coast as they embarked on their first ever Williamsport journey. A proud product of Long Island, Alex began writing for The Bronx Times after attending Hofstra University. He also hosted “The BX Express” TV show before stepping up to the plate as a New York Yankees beat reporter for amNewYork Metro during the 2020 and early 2021 seasons. When Alex is off the beat and relaxing, it’s usually with either pizza or a cheesesteak in hand while watching “The Sopranos.”

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