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Ben Cost is a features reporter covering everything from shark attacks to TikTokkers with Michael Jackson phobias and a man who sued Apple for a billion dollars over an iPhone malfunction. His exclusives have included a multi-course cicada tasting menu to celebrate their return to NYC after 17 years and going fishing for 450-pound sharks amid attacks in the Big Apple. Prior to working for The Post, Ben lived in Shanghai where he served as food editor, and then eventually senior editor at Shanghaiist, one of China's largest English language blogs. Ben ran a monthly column about exotic foods, testing donkey sandwiches, live drunken shrimp and cobra hotpot. After leaving Shanghaiist, he worked as a community editor for City Weekend, a Chinese lifestyle magazine owned by Swiss media giant Ringier. Following that, he served as managing editor of Shanghai Expat, a city guide and forum for foreigners living in Shanghai. Ben's hobbies include fishing, biking, making moderately amusing puns, binging "Sopranos" and plumbing the depths of NYC's boroughs for undiscovered culinary gems.

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Furry 'mitten crabs' are invading and 'out-competing' other marine life: experts

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Scientists discover real-life Star Wars 'Death Star' black holes that spin around, shoot planet-killing beams

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