Charles Gasparino

Charles Gasparino

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Charles Gasparino, a Bronx native, is a senior correspondent for FOX Business Network.

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'Go Woke, go broke' is the true slogan of The Washington Post

The Washington Post, despite its long-held reputation as a fearless defender of truth, has caught the woke mind virus — putting what’s left of its stature and bottom line at...

Donald Trump's conviction isn't scaring off voters — it's spurring high-roller donors to flock to his cause

It was once thought that experienced people would run from Trump if he ran again because of the volatile nature of his presidency and his erratic behavior. And yes, Jan....

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s retirement is getting closer – and the succession plan is anyone's guess

So what does Jamie Dimon do next? That depends on whom you speak to.

Fight against antisemitism may have deep-pocketed ally as Israel-Hamas war fuels hate on campuses

The fight against antisemitism may soon get a powerful and deep-pocketed ally: Blackstone chief and Yale graduate Steve Schwarzman.

Nobody knows what Paramount chair Shari Redstone wants to do with hard-to-sell conglomerate

Byron Allen, who wanted to buy Paramount from Shari Redstone for $30 billion is nowhere to be found in merger talks as no one seems to think he has the...

Higher education’s descent into chaos with anti-Israel protests leads to the question — who is behind this mass indoctrination?

For every billionaire Ivy League grads thoroughly disgusted with what their contributions to Columbia, Penn and Harvard have financed — too many others continue to throw their money at these...

Goldman Sachs riding wave of success in red state Utah as CEO David Solomon fights woke woe

To hear it from his handlers at Goldman Sachs, CEO David Solomon is having quite a moment these days.

Ivy League grads face risk of losing prized jobs after schools allow antisemitic protests to fester: Wall Street titan

“We’ve always looked beyond the target schools but we’re doing it even more so now given recent events,” activist investor Dan Loeb told the Post.

NPR just keeps on sliding more and more to the left as it unfolds into a complete crap show

NPR is doubling down on all things woke with new CEO Katherine Maher, who will carry on with the network’s turn further to the far left.

The ‘short’ story behind Donald Trump's Truth Social platform

Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group — the former and possibly future president’s eponymous social-media company — have lost around half their value since going public last month.

Keep an eye out on these big-money donors with the 2024 election approaching

Donald Trump’s relationship to the GOP donor class has always been fraught, but lately it’s getting less so thanks to Sleepy Joe Biden’s endless idiocy on a range of policy...

Start stocking up your savings now – and avoid a retirement crisis

Larry Fink's 2024 letter released last week provides evidence that the country is on the verge of a retirement crisis unless the average American makes some much-needed changes to their...

Donald Trump's financials ‘worth’ a long look as $454M fraud bond deadline looms

It wasn’t that long ago, just before the 2016 presidential election to be exact, that Donald Trump made the following claim: His net worth was in “excess of TEN BILLION...

Radical lefty elites in corporate America love hating on Israel

ESG investing is looking to gain traction with lefty elites in corporate America by pushing for divestiture from Israel, a country fighting for its very survival, the Post has learned.

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser will have to pull off the restructuring of the century to bring banking empire back to its former glory

It seems almost unfathomable that there was time — and not that long ago — that Citigroup was the model financial services firm.

Zucker and Shell in talks with Paramount as ousted execs eye network TV return

Both Jeff Shell and Jeff Zucker find themselves at private equity firm RedBird Capital following their departure from NBCUniversal and CNN, respectively.

The theory as to why Paramount ‘laid off’ journalist Catherine Herridge – a known thorn of Biden administration

Catherine Herridge, one of 800 people who was laid off from Paramount Global, specifically at CBS News, could have been fired due to her connection with the Biden's as new...

Trump's historic civil fraud trial ruling could spur an NY business exodus

The ruling of Donald Trump's civil trial could impact New York businesses after the ex-president has to pay a $355 million fine and is banned from doing business in the...

How Trump could dump his NY empire to pay $355M civil fraud ruling -- with the ex-prez's iconic NYC tower even on chopping block

Donald Trump's New York real estate empire could be sold off as he faces down a 30-day deadline to pay a $355 million civil fraud ruling from a Manhattan judge.

The Fed plans to cut interest rates despite persistent inflation — and the American people could lose big

If Jerome Powell cares about his legacy, he will withstand political pressure and focus on his job.