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Cindy Adams

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Trump is not the only real estate mogul engaging in funny business, NYC

The Post's Cindy Adams is sure that former President Donald Trump is not alone in fudging the numbers for his real estate properties.

Priscilla Presley all shook up after Elvis' alleged love child shows up to book signing

The Post's Cindy Adams heard that the alleged love child of Elvis Presley attended a book signing for the late singer's wife Priscilla Presley.

Biden's only strategy is to 'give away more stuff': veteran political strategist

Former GOP political strategist Ed Rollins told The Post's Cindy Adams that President Biden represents the "old guard."

Heaven better install a metal detector in case OJ Simpson tries to get in

We just lost OJ Simpson — a case I reported on daily. Thus my note to St. Peter: At those pearly gates be sure to shove his bones through a...

Steve Martin shares how he found happiness after being 'anxiety riddled in my 30s'

Comedian Steve Martin shares his life story in the new documentary "Steve! (Martin): A Documentary in 2 Pieces."

Want to know why kids don't know anything? Blame it on dumb TV

The Post's Cindy Adam is getting to the bottom of what's wrong with the television industry.

Bruce Vilanch on writing for the Oscars — and how stars prepare to present

Bruce Vilanch, king of the Oscars writers, shared some of his best moments writing jokes for and about Hollywood's biggest stars.

Marrying into royalty isn't easy — just ask Grace Kelly

Her Serene Highness Princess Grace Kelly — long before Kate Middleton — once gave me a lesson in the life of a commoner-turned-princess.

Recalling an unfortunate Kennedy run-in at the '96 Democratic convention

There always seems to be some Kennedy running or hustling for some office someplace.

Ex-CNN anchor Don Lemon will marry his longtime partner this weekend in NYC

Don Lemon and longtime partner Tim Malone will officially tie the knot this weekend in New York City.

Trump reveals his top priority if he takes back White House: 'It’s No. 1 on my mind'

Former President Donald Trump told The Post's Cindy Adams what the very first thing he would do if he wins the election.

A clean, big bill of health after I survived an 8-day hospital ordeal

Suddenly, my whole body quivered. Shivered. Icy chills, unstoppable quaking, high fever, face ashen.

Bill Murray turned to a PI to help him track down a lost cell phone when he left it in an Uber

Comedian Bill Murray hired private investigator Herman Weisberg of Sage Intelligence to track down his cell phone when he left it inside an Uber in Manhattan.

Colin Farrell reveals the good luck charm he uses for every movie he makes

Colin Farrell actually said he actually “wears the same pair of underpants on every film he makes.” His repeated quote: “Brings good luck to the movie set.”

Don't be surprised if Prince Harry tries to wiggle his way back into the royal family

Prince Harry wants to return to the royal family in some capacity, according to royal expert Lady Colin Campbell.

The Oscars have gone astray thanks to Academy pushing diversity over talent

For a future statuette you’ll only need a passport. Shove ability. We’re talking ethnicity, background and religious affiliation.

Cindy Adams looks back on her horrifying brush with terrorism during the Iranian revolution

The Post's Cindy Adams was in Iran during a terror attack and uprising in August 1978 — leading to an exclusive interview with Shah Reza Pahlavi.

Plot to kick Donald Trump off the ballot by 'twit' Maine Secretary of State foiled

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows — labeled “a biased Dem hack unworthy of high office” — tried kicking Donald Trump off the state’s Republican primary.

Jack Black calls 'Kung Fu Panda 4' character his 'favorite part to play'

Besides staring at your dwindling groceries, this week you can again focus on Hollywood repeating itself. Soon we’ll get “Gone With the Wind 3.”

Mark Wahlberg had to 'bribe' his canine co-star in new film 'Arthur the King'

Big star Mark Wahlberg’s career has gone to the dogs.