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Joel Sherman

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Joel Sherman has worked at the New York Post since 1989 -- for seven years as the New York Yankees beat writer and since 1996 as the Baseball Columnist. He has also worked at MLB Network as an on-air Insider for nearly a decade. Joel grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended NYU. Beginning late in his junior year, he started as a summer intern in the United Press International Sports department and was able to turn that into a full-time job until joining The Post in 1989.

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Astros could face excruciating trade deadline questions if brutal start continues

Now, before wondering if Verlander could be traded back to the Mets this year or the Dodgers or the Cubs, forgive a detour to explain why it is still much...

Mets playing like team worth fans' money despite sparse Citi Field crowds

Let’s see how they do on the West Coast. Because when they return, the Mets might be a show worth seeing in person.

Why your team's next effective starter may be hiding in the bullpen

So many teams are hurting to cover innings, in part because so many pitchers are hurting.

Mets' pitching staff will need defense to be better than this

David Stearns had invested in trying to bulk up the Mets’ depth and defense. But the depth-tested defense has not played well early in the season.

Astros are already starting to spiral down concerning path

It would be foolhardy to not have a level of concern, mainly based on the area in which the Astros are struggling.

Velocity? Pitch clock? The stakes in figuring out what's breaking MLB pitchers have never been higher

If pitchers keep trying to maximize stuff while throwing more frequency, well, that can’t be a great combination for short-term health.

This was the Yankees' much-needed blueprint on how to survive without Gerrit Cole

A key to the success of this season is whether the Yankees can survive and advance until their ace returns.

Anthony Volpe's development far ahead of schedule in key Yankees boon

He has gone from talented but unrefined rookie to something that quickly — for want of a better term — is veteran in Year 2. 

Yankees' slugger among MLB's most expensive disappointments — and it's making things uncomfortable

The Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton struck out in 13 of his first 25 plate appearances. He waved futilely at righty sliders breaking away from his swing.

Yankees offense looking a bit like last year's despite quick start

Even within a 6-2 opening record and the additions of Soto and Alex Verdugo is that the Yankees’ offense of 2024 has had overtones to 2023.

Time will tell if this is a bad Mets start or something worse

You are a Mets fan, so optimism on your scale is the lowest level of pessimism. 

What's so encouraging about the Yankees’ evolution in their blistering start to the season

As introductory statements go, this one hardly could have gone better for the Yankees.

Mets couldn't have looked much worse in gloomy start to season

The David Stearns/Carlos Mendoza Mets began their administration by putting their worst foot forward — and then tripping on it.

Pitching injuries have become an MLB crisis with alarming number already in 2024

There is an epidemic in baseball. Everyone involved in the game knows it exists.

Brewers offer glimpse into possibilities for Mets under David Stearns

The team that David Stearns was most responsible for on Opening Day at Citi Field won. Unfortunately for the 42,137 in attendance, it was the Brewers.

Why Yankees' trade for 'smart' security blanket is a success

At this time, with DJ LeMahieu on the IL, he can either be the third baseman or be the right-hand portion of a platoon with switch-hitter Oswaldo Cabrera.

One thing that needs to come out of MLB's Shohei Ohtani gambling probe

At best, this was a first step. Taking hard questions would be a second. But really, this is about more than Ohtani. About more than baseball.

Why Mets, Yankees aren't sweating their injured aces

Other than that, how was the spring Misters Boone and Mendoza? You know besides both of you losing your ace?

What the Shohei Ohtani Dodgers can learn from sports' great super teams

There is no hiding. Not when you are this good. Not when you make this kind of splash in finances. Not when you add a megastar to a galaxy already...

These two pitchers earn Yankees' final bullpen spots — for now

The duo won the competition in camp for the final two spots in the Yankees bullpen and will travel with the team to Houston.