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Michael Starr

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TV Editor Michael Starr has covered television as a reporter, columnist, critic and editor since 1995. He’s written nine biographies of show business personalities including Don Rickles, Art Carney, Raymond Burr, Redd Foxx, William Shatner and Ringo (“no relation”) Starr.

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Even Zendaya is unsure if 'Euphoria' will return for Season 3: 'It's beyond me'

"If it's right for the characters and everything turns out the way it should, of course … But it's beyond me." — Zendaya on whether "Euphoria" will return for a...

Travis Kelce to host ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?': Excited to follow in 'footsteps of so many TV icons'

“I grew up loving game shows, and I’m excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons." -- Travis Kelce on hosting his Prime Video game show...

Harrison Ford reveals he got his famous ear piercing after a boozy lunch with Jimmy Buffett

"I remember one day that a long — some might say boozy — lunch with Jimmy and Ed Bradley ... I saw both of them had earrings. So right after lunch, I got my ear...

Is 'Bluey' ending? Parents are freaking out over 'The Sign' episode

"It is the question on everybody's lips. No, it is not the end for for 'Bluey.' I'm sure we have many more surprises in store for you." -- "Bluey" producer Sam...

Conan O'Brien praises late Norm Macdonald for O.J. Simpson jokes that got him fired from 'SNL'

“One of my best guests of all time and one of the great comedians of all time. He did the most brilliant comedy of anybody during that period.” -- Conan...

Clint Eastwood, 93, spotted in rare appearance with Jane Goodall at event in California

The bright-eyed icon sat front-and-center at the event, "Reasons for Hope," and also joined Goodall backstage at the reception along with other VIPs about an hour before the event.

'Golden Bachelor' star Theresa Nist addresses Gerry Turner's rocky dating history after shocking divorce news

"Gerry [Turner] had already discussed [his dating past] with me. He had explained it to me before the report was ever released so we were good with that." -- Theresa...

He's Big Ben: Michael Douglas delivers as 'Franklin' in new series about trip that changed US history

Douglas is excellent as Ben Franklin in his first role in a period piece and even looks the part (which helps). He just seems to get better with age (he's 80).

On the menu: Meghan Markle to star in Netflix cooking show (and Harry will cameo in polo series)

The cooking show will feature Meghan Markle celebrating "the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship."

Aziz Ansari reveals why Keanu Reeves was hobbling on crutches while filming 'Good Fortune'

"I was like, 'Hey, just go chill in your dressing room for 15 minutes.' And he tripped on a rug." -- Aziz Ansari on why Keanu Reeves was hobbling around...

O.J. Simpson's promising Hollywood career before sensational double murder trial

O.J. Simpson had a varied career in Hollywood as an actor and a pitchman before his trial for double murder in the 1994 deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and...

'The View' hosts flee studio after grease fire at 'Tamron Hall Show' next door: 'We do not know who started it'

"We do not know who started it, we do not know what started it." -- Whoopi Goldberg on the blaze that started in "The Tamron Hall Show" kitchen in the...

Kevin Costner on what it would take to return to 'Yellowstone' after drama

"I'd like to be able to do it but we haven't been able to ... If it does and I feel really comfortable with [it], I'd love to do it."...

Eric Church's Nashville bar references Morgan Wallen's arrest with marquee

"OUR PIGS FLY OUR CHAIRS DON'T," the Chief's on Broadway marquee read as of Tuesday, two days after Morgan Wallen was arrested there.

Sylvester Stallone accused of mocking 'ugly' actors on 'Tulsa King' set: 'Tub of lard' and 'fat guy with cane'

Among the allegations on the Facebook page were that Stallone, 77, and one of the show's unnamed directors called some of the extras "ugly," "tub of lard" and "fat guy...

'Hapless,' new series on Peacock, has 'Curb' appeal: review

"Hapless" is extremely similar in tone and context to "Curb Your Enthusiasm," with a few exceptions -- and is even described as a "cringe comedy" a la Larry David's masterpiece.

Tom Hiddleston has no clue if 'Loki' is returning for another season

"There have been other times when I thought it was the end and I've been mistaken, but if this is the end, I'm so proud of where we ended up."...

Gypsy Rose Blanchard files for divorce from Ryan Anderson after prison release

Gypsy Rose Blanchard filed for divorce on Monday, April 8, three months after being released from prison.

'Deplorable racial abuse' aimed at Tom Holland's co-star in 'Romeo & Juliet' London production

"We are working with a remarkable group of artists. We insist that they are free to create work without facing online harassment." -- The Jamie Lloyd Company

Anna Paquin on her 'A Bit of Light' indie film character: 'A level of rock bottom she didn't know existed yet'

"Throughout the film we see her slightly coming out of her shell little by little ... but she does a lot of things within her power to sabotage her own...