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Israel deserves praise, not blame, for its righteous rescue of Hamas hostages

Israel pulled off a hostage rescue that deserves to go down in the annals of successful military operations.

Desperate Democrats push conspiracy theory of GOP war on contraceptives

The Democratic charge that Republicans are somehow working to cut off access to contraception is so ludicrously unfounded that it amounts to an outlandish conspiracy theory.

EV fail exposes Pete Buttigieg as the little cabinet secretary who couldn’t

On the CBS Show “Face the Nation,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had to defend the Biden administration’s woeful record of building new electric-vehicle charging stations.

Lefty DA Bragg did his evil job in bid to 'rig' 2024 presidential election

“Rigged” is a favorite word of Donald Trump and his allies.

Minority voters' bolt from Biden could mean Dem disaster

The progressive journalist Thomas Frank wrote a much-discussed book in 2004 titled, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” Right now some other like-minded journalist might be thinking of writing a book...

Yes, the US must 'weaponize' space — or find itself at Russia and China's mercy when they do

“The stars will never be won by little minds,” observed the great science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein. If we aren’t careful, though, they just might be won be the scheming minds...

Joe Biden's cowardly fumbling on the Israel-Hamas war will alienate EVERYONE

Joe Biden is trying to chase young votes with his anti-Israel moves while also trying to keep hold of the more centrist element of his party. It won't work.

No surprise: Biden is caving to the left on Israel — because that's what he does

In a disgracefully craven move, Biden has paused weapons shipments to Israel to try to prevent a full-scale offensive against the remaining Hamas military stronghold in Rafah. 

Joe Biden's biggest problem is that his presidency is an utter failure

President Biden has suffered a collapse in his standing generally, but, fundamentally, it’s because so few people think he’s doing a good job that he’s in such a perilous state. 

Columbia's Hamas kids think the Middle East revolves around their school

Literally no-one involved in the actual conflict cares at all about Columbia. The protests there are thuggish disorder, pure and simple.

If Trump's guilty of 'election interference' — then so is Bill Clinton

The Alvin Bragg case has gotten grander at trial, but also more ridiculous.

Columbia University left-wing radicalism was dangerous in 1968 — and is now

More than 50 years after anti-Vietnam War demonstrators roiled the Columbia campus in 1968, anti-Israel agitators are disrupting the school’s operations.

How Alvin Bragg made (preposterous) history with Donald Trump's case

Alvin Bragg is to be commended for getting to trial on the Trump hush-payments case. 

Why do critics hold Israel to a higher standard — and ignore these other conflicts?

The Jewish State's critics make demands of it they'd never dream of making on another nation.

Dexter Reed is not a social-justice martyr: He shot at cops first

The Dexter Reed case shows how it’s possible to get an anti-police narrative going in almost any circumstance.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's lunatic case to oust Speaker Mike Johnson

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can't quit bonkers arguments against members of the sensible caucus of her own party, like Speaker Mike Johnson.

Yes, Donald Trump & Co. SHOULD fight unfair anti-white racism

An Axios report on the Trump team’s intention to use civil-rights laws to target DEI policies discriminating against whites has occasioned sneering and denunciations.

Don't knock Trump's Bible marketing — the King James Version is a very American book

Of all the objectionable things Donald Trump has ever done, selling a Bible would seem to rank pretty far down the list. 

The left's attacks on the basic core American ideal of colorblindness

Once upon a time, colorblindness was an uncontroversial idea. It was considered a core American ideal and worth aspiring to, even if we were failing to live up to it.

Biden loves HIS gas-guzzler — why doesn't he get that Americans love THEIRS?

The president pushes EVs on the country, but look at his beloved 1967 Corvette Stingray. Why does he want to deprive everyone else of what he has and loves?