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CEO of world's biggest advertising agency falls victim to elaborate deepfake scam

The CEO of WPP fell victim to an elaborate deepfake scam that involved voice cloning the boss to solicit money and personal details from the company's workforce.

How Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip allows paralyzed people to control devices with their mind

Neuralink wrote a blog item on its web site indicating that the brain implant worn by Noland Arbaugh experienced a problem and began to malfunction.

McDonald's to launch $5 meal deal in desperate bid to lure back customers

McDonald's is reportedly preparing to launch a $5 meal deal in a bid to lure back lower-income customers who were priced out of the Golden Arches as its menu prices...

Top exec at Chinese search giant tells workers 'I'm not your mom' — then loses her job

A VP at Baidu was seen shouting at a colleague struggling with a recent breakup: "I’m not your mother-in-law. I’m not your mom. I only care about your results."

SBF's new form of currency behind bars is far from crypto — and pairs well with beans

Sam Bankman-Fried has swapped crypto for a new kind of currency behind bars: bags of rice.

Calif. restaurants to hike menu prices further over junk-fee ban taking effect July 1

California restaurants are poised to further hike prices after a junk-fee ban in the state mandated that restaurants and bars fold mandatory fees into listed menu prices.

Why Jack Dorsey quit Bluesky board: It was 'literally repeating all the mistakes' Twitter made

The 47-year-old tech mogul had envisioned that Twitter could be an open-source software that wasn't controlled by any single person or entity.

OpenAI mulls letting users create AI-generated pornography — with a ban on deepfakes

OpenAI said it is "exploring whether we can responsibly provide the ability to generate NSFW (not-safe-for-work) content in age-appropriate contexts."

Tesla has slashed 3,400 job postings across North America --down to just 3

Tesla on Wednesday yanked thousands of open positions in North America from its official careers page, bringing the total number of open roles at the electric vehicle giant down to...

FDIC chair faces calls to resign after reports of rampant sexual harassment at bank regulator

Martin Gruenberg, the chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, is facing an influx of calls to resign after a blistering, 234-page report released Tuesday revealed widespread sexual harassment and...

US jobless claims jump to highest level since August in sign of weakening labor market

Initial filings for unemployment benefits in the US climbed to their highest level since August 2023 -- a sign that the robust American labor market is cooling. Initial jobless claims...

Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip suffers unexpected setback in first in-human brain implant

Neuralink's brain-computer interface, known as a BCI, was implanted into 29-year-old patient Noland Arbaugh's brain back in January.

Royal Caribbean recruiting up to 10K workers in 2024 to meet record cruise demand

The number of people taking cruises hit an all-time high in 2023, and with the surge in demand and larger vessels, labor needs are growing.

Failed crypto giant FTX has recovered billions more than it needs to pay back bankruptcy victims

Fallen cryptocurrency exchange FTX has raked in billions of dollars more than it needs to fully pay back customers who lost funds in its November 2022 collapse. In a rare...

Gen Z has an average of $2,834 in credit card debt, over 25% more than millennials before them

Inflation-battered Gen Zers face a debt load that is significantly higher than millennials carried when they were their age, according to a troubling new report. The average credit-card balance for...

Uber shares hit pothole on surprise earnings loss as Lyft zooms with female drivers

Lyft's initiative to get more women in the drivers seat helped boost its number of females customers.

Swiss Army Knife set to release a new pocket tool — without a knife — citing 'violence in the world'

The manufacturer of the iconic Swiss Army Knife said that's releasing a new multi-tool that comes without a knife. The pocket tool-maker Victorinox's CEO Carl Elsener said in an interview...

Reddit shares jump 14% after revenue pops in first-ever earnings report

Reddit shares soared as much as 14% on Wednesday after the social media firm posted unexpectedly strong revenue growth and improving profitability in the first earnings report since its market...

Goldman Sachs names ex-Dallas Fed chief as vice chairman

Goldman Sachs appointed the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Robert Kaplan, as its vice chairman on Tuesday. Kaplan's new role at the David Solomon-led Wall Street...

NYC has most millionaires in the world despite COVID exodus — one in 24 worth seven figures

The Big Apple is home to the most millionaires in the world -- despite the recent exodus of wealth spurred on by the pandemic.