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Man shot with pellet gun during Midtown rush -- one of three similar incidents in NYC within hours

A pedestrian was shot in the wrist with a Gel Blaster pellet gun in Manhattan on Monday --  telling The Post he believes it was random and lamenting, “You never...

Judge orders ‘Bling Bishop’ Lamor Whitehead to jail ahead of sentencing because he was found guilty of 'crime of violence'

“Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead was sent to federal lockup Monday after a judge ruled one of his crimes — attempted extortion — required he be jailed before his sentencing, according...

Cruise ship captain detained after Danube crash kills 2, leaves 5 missing

A Czech national, the captain was on the Swiss-based cruise ship Saturday night when it struck a motorboat that was carrying eight people late Saturday.  

Long Island teacher accused of tying autistic, nonverbal teen to a chair -- and school waited to tell parents

The student was allegedly bound to his seat in New Hyde Park Memorial High School by a special education teacher named William Buith on April 4, according to a police...

CNN commentator Alice Stewart's shocking death sparks tributes from both sides of the aisle

“Alice was like a sister to me,” fellow CNN commentator Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist, said of her Republican colleague.

Straphanger slashed on Manhattan subway station — with attacker still at large

A 36-year-old woman is in stable condition after being slashed by a blade-wielding madman in a Lower East Side subway station early Sunday morning, the NYPD said.

NYPD could access shops' surveillance cameras — in real time — under new plan to combat theft

The program would let the NYPD tap into store surveillance cameras in real-time, which officials say will help fight rising retail crime.

Hundreds of hungry sheep sent into Nevada foothills to eat fire-prone grass ahead of wildfire season: report

The ravenous flocks — released by the US Department of Agriculture — hopped out of their metal trailers and raced toward the foothills to munch on grasses.

Ukraine says it has no reserves as Putin amasses half-million troops for summer offensive: report

The Ukrainian military is struggling to fight back against a fierce Russian assault along the nation’s northeast border.

NJ police chief pleads guilty to lying about affair with subordinate, leading to courtroom confrontation with PBA: report

Andrew Kudrick, the 50-year-old former chief of the Howell Police Department, pleaded guilty to obstruction — leading the department's PBA head to mock him as a "felon" in court.

Puerto Rico 'most wanted' fugitives on run since shootout with cops caught hiding in NYC: sources

The US Marshals fugitive task force collared the slippery pair on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, sources said.

Contractor convicted of criminally negligent homicide after wall collapse killed NYC child, 5, in 2019: DA

Contractor Nadeem Anwar committed a number of code violations when he built the wall at 444 Harman St. in Bushwick, which killed Alysson Pinto-Chaumana, 5, when it collapsed in 2019,...

Mega Millions winner sued by family for breaking promise to share $1.35B jackpot: report

A Mega Millions winner who took home $500 million after taxes has been accused of deceiving his family about his intentions to share the money with them, according to reports.

Queens squatter who tried to prove address with Shake Shack receipt is indicted for burglary, identity theft: DA

One of the squatters who tried to use a Shake Shack receipt as proof-of-residence at a Queens address was indicted for burglary and other crimes.

'Bling Bishop' Lamor Whitehead could land in jail for 'threatening' scam victim with Bible verse

The feds want to throw convicted fraudster “Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead in jail ahead of his July sentencing after he allegedly flashed confidential case documents and made veiled threats against...

Who is Zellnor Myrie, the Democratic state senator who wants to run the Big Apple?

New York State Sen. Zellnor Myrie wants to run the city. But defeating an incumbent — even one as politically vulnerable as Mayor Eric Adams — is a big lift.

Family-owned NYC Midtown florist blossoms on Mother's Day in scene from bygone era

For the holiday, workers are fluttering around before the big event and helping whoever happens to walk in — while taking The Post on a time-traveling trip through the now-vanished...

Trump blasts Biden as 'total moron' before historic crowd of 100K at NJ rally

“You could take the 10 worst presidents in the history of our country, and add them up .. and they haven’t done the damage to our country that this total...

Boeing 737 makes emergency landing after 'irregularity' with wing: report

The Boeing 737, which was carrying 50 passengers on United Airlines, had just left an airport in Southern Japan when the wing irregularities surfaced, reports said.

Shocking video shows masked crooks use sledgehammers in brazen smash-and-grab at ritzy Connecticut jewelry store

The devious duo — which officers said hit a Lux, Bond, and Green in Westport, Connecticut — sent terrified employees to the back of the store as they did their...