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I'm a career coach — here's five ways women can get a pay raise

"By giving women this information they are totally empowered, they know what to do and they will get it done," the coach said.

My ex turned into my stalker when we broke up -- and even used Alexa to spy on me

Mum-of-four, Shelby, says she found "Baby Reindeer" to be "shocking" and "unrealistic" after being subject to a campaign of harassment by Hassan Mehmet, 35.

I used to work for the Queen — now I live in a bug-infested home that reeks of urine

Ex Royal clerk Hazel Speed, 73, has been reduced to washing from a bucket after a leak from a botched toilet repair left her London home “uninhabitable”.  

Survey reveals knowledge gap in fertility issues among women

A recent survey of 2,000 American women aged 18 to 40 showed that 70% of respondents who have not faced fertility issues before, said they have never had a conversation...

Survey reveals the difference between a trip and a vacation

While a “trip” is travel for a purpose, such as an event (32%) or simply getting out of their hometown (30%).

Pregnancy stress can lower IQ of boys before they're even born, new study warns

Stress during the later stages of pregnancy can lower the intelligence of boys before they're even born, warns a new study.

New design to replace Baltimore's collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge unveiled

The first proposal for a replacement bridge sees a wider span and improved clearance height to minimise chance of collision.

I'm a naked butler — women tell me their secrets and say I'm stunning

"But with this, coming into work and being told, ‘you are absolutely stunning’ and every woman reacting to you being there half-naked, it does boost your confidence," he said.

New stealth submarine with James Bond-like features could help Ukraine defeat Russia

A fearsome attack submarine is being built that could help fight Russian forces.

Most Americans agree you stop being ‘cool’ at this age

A new survey from Talker Research examined how confident Americans feel when it comes to keeping up with popular culture and found 49 percent feel they are out of touch overall.

Being hydrated makes you a better person, new survey reveals

According to a recent poll of 2,000 Americans, people who are hydrated on a regular basis are more receptive to constructive criticism compared to those who are dehydrated (33% vs....

What Americans would give up to be pain-free

Three in 10 Americans have had zero days completely pain-free in the last month and 28% feel some kind of pain every single day, according to new research.

Do kids have better taste in books than their parents?

Over half of parents admit their child is more well-read than them, according to a recent study.

Do Americans know how to eat healthy?

Thirty percent of Americans admit to buying healthy foods just because they’re trendy, according to new research.

Reason Venus is so dry 'finally discovered'

The reason Venus is so dry has been discovered by scientists. 

I married my terminally ill fiancé in the hospital and it was the best day of my life — but he died the next day

A UK woman married her fiancé in hospital after learning he was seriously ill -- and he died just 34 hours later.  Rosie Dack, 25, married late husband Ryan, 25,...

Couple misses flight departure time after waiting 4 hours to get through airport security chaos

"I would say there was hundreds if not thousands of people - it was mad," she said.

Insane video shows animal owner performing CPR on pig in the middle of heavy traffic

The incident in Jingmen, Hubei Province, China, left onlookers stunned as the owner tried to revive the unconscious pig amid heavy traffic.

Over one third of working Americans more uninspired than ever, new study reveals

Four in 10 suburban survey-takers are also experiencing this productivity slump (41%).

My period once lasted 4 months -- I'm only 21, but extreme menstrual cycles have ruined my life

A woman who once had a period that lasted four months has told how her menstrual cycles are ruining her life.