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Denim on denim on denim: Levi's jeans take center stage following Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' album

Oh, to be Levi's Jeans right now (thank you, Queen Bey)

Louis Vuitton unveils an NYC 'Dream' manse, filled with trunks, gowns, jewels and $1M bags

Welcome to Louis Vuitton’s dream house, an Upper East Side mansion filled with the house’s fabulous flights of fancy. For a limited time, VIP guests are invited to visit the...

I'm an ex-Mormon — here's why members of my former church look alike

Alyssa Grenfell pointed out that Ryan Gosling, 43, was born Mormon, noting in her video caption that "he has Mormon face."

Gigi Hadid loves this street style photographer who finds NYC's most outrageous fashionistas

“Fashion can be bought, but style you need to be born with," says shutterbug Joseph Cirillo.

6 Mother's Day gifts to shop from style queen Elyse Walker

Looking for a stylish Mother’s Day gift? Luxury fashion retailer Elyse Walker has the chic you need. The Hollywood tastemaker owns six eponymous multi-brand stores in California — where Sofia...

Famed Italian designer dead at 83: 'A beacon of inspiration for others'

“You may not be physically here with us anymore but I know I will feel your spirit with me always,” Fausto Puglisi, creative director at Roberto Cavalli, wrote in a...

These shoes have a cult following — but they're nearly impossible to get

The smash hit of the Alaïa ballerina flat is a pivotal moment in fashion, an industry in which "there are not so many hits" anymore.

You're likely to have bad hair days, acne if you live in these states— see where NY ranks

There’s no watering down these hard facts. 

Sniff a $5K perfume set, explore Muji's new flagship and other NYC events this week

Our curated guide to the very best things to see, shop, taste and experience around the city. 

I'm a dermatologist — here are 3 things I would never do to my skin or hair

She's just scratching the surface.

In with the old: Plan your shopping spree at Manhattan Vintage's spring sale

This weekend, New York City's largest and most iconic secondhand sale, Manhattan Vintage, will bring together over 90 vendors from April 12 to 14 in Chelsea.

I'm not pregnant or dating — I'm not even sure I want kids — but I'm buying a bunch of baby clothes

"I can always gift [the saved clothes] at baby showers if I don’t give them to my own kids, which is a bit of a sad thought," sighed Katie Wood,...

Law student pays $1.7K to cover X-rated tattoo inked by drunken friend — it looked like a 'hairy penis'

"Straight away after I woke up that morning I thought, 'This isn’t how I pictured it,' because I was drunk when I had them done — then the reality kicked...

This coat is made out of barf bags — and it's high fashion at a bargain price

Dramamine, the brand for motion sickness relief, has decided to fill barf bags with a new purpose, creating the first-ever barf bag puffer jacket.

Serena Williams serves up her new makeup line named (what else?) Wyn Beauty

While it would be next to impossible to find a female tennis player who whacks the ball harder than Serena Williams, the 37-time Grand Slam champ (yes, you read that...

Kate Moss' controversial see-through dress draws jeers as replica is auctioned: 'This is awful'

"You mean the dress that launched a million eating disorders? I’d like to purchase this dress just so I can give it a ceremonial burning," someone wrote on Instagram.

Gen Z thinks eyeshadow is a 'Gen X and millennial thing' — or is it?

Gen Z is once again throwing shade on their elders.

‘Shōgun’ star Anna Sawai on the fashion, food and jewels that help her slay

Anna Sawai, who plays Toda Mariko on FX’s new Shōgun series and starred in "F9" from the "Fast & Furious" franchise, shares the fashion, makeup, food, and jewels that keep...

I'm a natural skincare enthusiast — I use these oils to help my skin age gracefully and glow

A TikTok user who posts anti-aging skincare tips has revealed the four oils she uses to stave off wrinkles and look younger.