When is the next total solar eclipse?

As we all move through the wake/emotional wreckage and ‘from the fray’ opportunities of today’s total solar eclipse we’re looking ahead to the next time the moon blots out the sun, the stars shine at midday and crickets cry.

Many reports incorrectly state that the next North American total solar eclipse won’t happen for twenty years, until August 23, 2044.

Not so, folks. The next one will fall across our fair continent on March 30, 2033, nine years from now.

The fault of fake news might fall on NASA who reported on their website that the next eclipse visible from the contiguous US won’t be until August 23, 2044.

The hitch in the giddy-up is that contiguous bit as it refers to the 48 states that border one another plus that weird politics-ravaged outlier with the high-to-the-sky phallic symbol, ladies and gentlemen D.C.

What is the next total solar eclipse in the United States?

The eclipse happening on March 30, 2033 will be visible from Alaska just after sunrise and coincides with the peak season for the aurora borealis. The path of totality also includes Siberia.

The 2033 eclipse will be visible from Alaska and coincides with the peak viewing season for the Northern lights. Elizabeth –
When will we see the next total solar eclipse? Read on to find out. REUTERS

The August 23, 2044 eclipse will be visible in Montana and North Dakota. The path of totality for this eclipse includes Greenland and parts of Canada.

Yet, the next time we’ll experience a total solar eclipse equivalent in length and mass visibility to the April 8, 2024 eclipse will be August 12, 2045.

In 2K45 the path of totality will include Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Florida.

Next total solar eclipse

The next time the world will experience a total solar eclipse will be 2026. AP

We’re a self-centric country but the heavens don’t discriminate, folks.

Total solar eclipses actually happen every 18 months or so. The next time the WORLD will witness this phenomenon will be on August 12, 2026. The path of totality will fall over Greenland, Iceland, Spain, and a few scant feet of Portugal.

Wishing you clarity and courage in the face of change, today and always.

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