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Microsoft to face antitrust charges in Europe over Teams software dominance: report

The charges could be announced within the next few weeks, according to the report.

Google blasted as 'negligent' over evidence destruction as landmark DOJ antitrust case wraps up

A federal judge blasted Friday Google over a “negligent” policy that resulted in the deletion of employee chat records as closing arguments wrapped up in a landmark antitrust case that...

Google grilled in closing arguments of landmark DOJ antitrust case: 'You really think that DuckDuckGo is a competitor?'

Judge Amit Mehta is expected to rule later this year on whether Google has maintained an illegal monopoly.

Google paid Apple $20B in 2022 alone for default status: docs

The massive sum appeared in unsealed testimony by a top Apple executive in the trial’s early days last fall and marked the first public confirmation of the figure.

Congressional panels that slashed DOJ antitrust funds have cozy ties to Big Tech: watchdogs

Last month, Congressional appropriators faced sharp criticism from antitrust hawks after a spending package included $45 million cut to the DOJ's antitrust wing.

Jon Stewart says Apple asked him not to interview FTC's chair during antitrust scrutiny: 'Why are they so afraid?'

“I wanted to have you on a podcast and Apple asked us not to do it,” Stewart said.

US senator accused of cozy ties to Apple after leading charge against congressional stock trading

“Having to deal with a senator who regularly repeated Apple talking points – as if it wasn’t obvious they were Apple talking points – was bad enough,” the source said,...

Apple slammed with lawsuits from iPhone customers after landmark DOJ antitrust suit

At least three proposed class actions have been filed since Friday in California and New Jersey federal courts by iPhone owners who claim Apple inflated the cost of its products through anticompetitive conduct.

Apple, Google, Meta face EU probe for potential violations of sweeping Digital Markets Act

If the Big Tech firms are found to have violated the Digital Markets Act, EU regulators can impose fines of up to 10% of their global revenue.

Apple's 'green bubble' Android texts fuel 'social stigma,' DOJ claims in landmark suit

“Many non-iPhone users also experience social stigma, exclusion, and blame for ‘breaking’ chats where other participants own iPhones,” the lawsuit said.

Apple uses illegal monopoly to ensure iPhone's dominance, landmark DOJ lawsuit claims

The landmark lawsuit is arguably the most significant enforcement action taken against Apple to date by the DOJ.

Apple expected to be sued by feds over antitrust violations in Biden admin's latest big tech fight: report

The case marks the third time that the Justice Department has sued Apple for antitrust violations in the past 14 years, but is the first case accusing the iPhone maker of illegally maintaining...

Apple in talks to use Google Gemini AI on iPhones despite 'woke' images, antitrust concerns: report

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company wants to license Google Gemini for some of the new AI features set for release on its iOS operating system later this year.

Apple will allow third-party app downloads for EU iPhone users in latest concession to antitrust cops

The Cupertino, Calif. company said “authorized developers” can offer direct downloads beginning this spring.

Apple execs and lobbyists — including CEO Tim Cook — visited WH 87 times since Biden took office as antitrust crackdown looms

Critics fear Apple will lean on its cozy ties with the Biden administration to dodge a looming crackdown.

Potential TikTok sale has Wall Street buzzing as incendiary House bill gains support

Despite its myriad issues, TikTok’s massive US audience of some 170 million American users is an enticing proposition for the handful of Big Tech firms with the resources to buy...

Apple reinstates Epic Games' app store account in Europe after regulator scrutiny

Epic Games -- which has engaged in a years-long legal battle with Apple -- said it would move forward with its plans to offer Fortnite and its Epic Games Store.

Apple faces heat from EU antitrust cops for blocking 'Fortnite' maker's app store plans in Europe

The European Commission, the EU’s competition agency, has “requested further explanations on this from Apple under the [Digital Markets Act].”

Apple blocks 'Fortnite' maker Epic Games's app store plans in Europe as public war escalates

Epic Games described Apple’s move as a “serious violation of the DMA” that “shows Apple has no intention of allowing true competition on iOS devices.”

EU slaps Apple with $2B antitrust fine after App Store complaint from Spotify

The European Commission said the fine, which was larger than most experts expected, was determined to be “proportionate to Apple's global revenues and is necessary to achieve deterrence.”