Wild video shows man arrested on Virgin Airlines flight for 'aggressive behavior'

Someone in the background can be heard saying: “Everyone’s had enough”.

'I'm OK being the bad guy': I refuse to let my wife's family feed my child

When it comes to your kids, your family is always the one who loves to push your boundaries and limits, especially around food.

I confronted a mother after hearing what she said to her daughter

A woman has proudly shared how she confronted a mother who was fat-shaming her own daughter.

‘I saved thousands into my kids’ bank accounts and anyone can do it’

It might seem impossible to save for your kids, but a mom posting as @CyanSocial on TikTok has shared how she’s saved thousands for her children.

Lotto winner reveals her brutally honest purchases after striking it rich

Australian mom-of-two Rachel De Oliveira reveals how she and her family used her lottery winning on social media.

New twist revealed in doomed Titan submersible investigation unveils truth about frightening account logs

There was widespread suspicion when the log documents were released last year, with many questioning whether the transcript between the two vessels was actually legitimate.

‘All-in-the-Family’ Biden biz, Gaza’s phony ‘facts’ and other commentary

President Biden “has repeatedly distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, saying that he has never so much as discussed them with his relatives or with anyone else,” notes Politico’s...

I went into labor at a Taylor Swift concert — and danced through the pain

"I thought 'I'm not going anywhere. If this baby comes she coming out now," the new mom said.

Botched boob job patients to receive monster $16 million settlement: 'Just a mess'

A mammoth $25 million settlement is being offered to more than a thousand women who say their lives were “ruined” by a clinic that offered “boob jobs for the cost...

Fiji prime minister, 75, takes bronze in shot put competition, hopes to 'inspire' youth

Fiji’s 75-year-old prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, won a bronze medal in shot put at an international championship this week.

Some of the most popular athletes in the world — who you probably never heard of — are competing in a massive tournament in New York

The event includes some of the most famous athletes in the world — even if you haven't heard of them — and the 34,000-seat temporary stadium in Eisenhower Park is expected...

Successful applicant for $100-an-hour Domino’s Pizza hand model role revealed

The man chosen for a unique $100 ($66 USD) an hour Domino’s Pizza job which went viral has been revealed.

Bianca Censori dresses, acts like a different person when 'off the clock' from Kanye: sources

“It was very obvious to us that she was acting like she was off the clock from a job,” a Bianca Censori friend said of seeing her dressed like her old...

I discovered an man's 'toxic' revenge plot against his ex-wife —what happened next was girl code at its finest

A feminist activist and mommy blogger has been praised over her efforts to warn a woman after discovering her ex-husband’s horrifying plans.

Desperate effort launched to rescue woman trapped in rubble after massive gas explosion

Jasmin Mhey, 30, never made it to work on Saturday -- and was later found to be buried in a mountain of rubble following a massive explosion at an Australian...

Tourists keep trying to go to an Australian town that doesn't exist — here's why

Tourists are on the hunt for a place in Australia that doesn’t exist.

I was earning six-figures and at the peak of my career — here's why I quit

Chloe Taylor was at the peak of her career and earning six-figures when she decided to walk away.

You're grounded: Trump's conviction could keep him from visiting certain countries

Now that he's a convicted felon, former President Donald Trump might find it difficult to travel internationally.

Terri Irwin reveals if she's dating again after losing Steve: 'I totally got my happily ever after'

Terri Irwin, 59, the widow of the late “The Crocodile Hunter” star Steve Irwin, has opened up about her dating life. 

Family scammed out of $106K for fake dream vacation: 'Just didn't exist'

Ms Vris and 35 members of her family were gearing up to travel to Greece, and meet up with friends and family — until they found out that not a...