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'Unfortunate sex mishap' on first date leaves porn star in the hospital for 2 days

A popular porn star shared the "unfortunate sex mishap" that happened on a first date she was on, which landed her in the hospital.

Do you have ‘relationship OCD’? How to see the signs and how to treat it

In a world where you can filter future flings based on a set of characteristics, is it any wonder that we get profoundly preoccupied with finding the perfect partner? Learn...

Apple's new iOS 18 feature for apps has users worried it will allow people to easily 'cheat': 'Relationships are dead'

Apple announced the new features for the upcoming iOS 18, and some are worried that it will allow their partners to cheat easily.

Men are just 'bad texters' — and NYC women have had enough of their excuses

Most women have been victims of the self-proclaimed "bad texter" — a boyfriend, lover or husband who barely replies to messages, and, if he does, the conversation is plagued with dry...

‘Comforting, not awkward’: Relationship expert busts major dating myth

Relationship expert Chanel Contos has busted one of the most common online dating myths she says is plaguing modern relationships, after three years of championing its importance. “We need to...

My date secretly recorded me and posted video online — here's what I did next

“Why are all my Bumble matches always so weird?” her date curtly captioned the clip. “This was so embarrassing.”

This city is creating a dating app to promote marriage and childbirth amid population drop

This app is designed to bring two people together to stem decline.

New Yorkers declare it the 'summer of the threesome' after seeing 'Challengers': 'My ultimate fantasy'

Good things come in threes — at least according to these naughty New Yorkers.

Six tips for finding crazy love and connection while Jupiter is in Gemini

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Looking for love? Here are the three things women really want you to do on a date — and they're not hard

In a new study of relationships, practically everyone — 91% of men and 94% of women — agreed that dating has become more difficult in recent years.

Dating expert reveals 5 red flags that you’re texting with a stalker on an app

"Any behavior that seeks to limit your autonomy or isolate you from friends and family is a major red flag," the privacy expert alerted.

I lost my life savings to a Tinder swindler in $22K crypto scam -- and 'feel ridiculous'

“It was my whole life savings which I inherited off my grandad - it’s left me totally distraught," she said.

Looking to get married? Avoid these 'singles' states like the plague

New Yorkers are the least likely to say “I do” out of all Americans, a not-so-romantic new study found.

Sailors, firemen and cops, oh my! It's prime time for NYC women looking to date a man in uniform

The respect that women have for first responders is why single FDNY Lt. Chris "Foxy" Fox, 39, frequents Rescue Me events, singles mixers for men in uniform to meet women.

George Santos reveals he met his husband, Matt, on Grindr

“So [it] was a system glitch, in a sense, and I’m like, ‘Oh, was it meant to be? Or is it just my, you know,’” the ex-congressman tells Page Six...

I dated the 'Tinder Swindler' of Hinge — I can't believe I did something so dangerous

"I thought, 'This could be happening to anyone,'" the victim said. "You actually don't know who you're talking to."

Gen Z is ditching dating apps for old-fashioned matchmaking

"Matchmaking in this country, has never been more popular," Adam Cohen-Aslatei, director of Tawkify matchmaking service, told The Post.

Dear Abby: Why are women on dating apps obsessed with their dogs?

Dear Abby weighs in on young women's obsessions with their dogs, a woman grieving the loss of her husband and the use of disposable towels in the powder room.

Many women are prone to throwing up, passing out from high stress of dating: new study

A staggering 68% of women say dating is their leading source of stress, per a new study via matchmaking app Flirtini.