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NY high school students will no longer need to pass Regents exams to graduate under new plan

Under a new plan unveiled by the state Education Department on Monday, New York teenagers will no longer need to pass Regents exams to receive their high school diplomas.

NYC doesn’t have safety agents at more than half its pre-K centers

Pre-Ks run community-based organizations, or CBOs, serve roughly 63,000 three- and four-year-olds — about 60% of all preschoolers in the DOE system.

NYC seventh-grader leading charge in demanding DOE boss to drop bizarre schedule

A 12-year-old Brooklyn student is leading the charge in demanding the city Department of Education drop a bizarre scheduling plan that requires students to show up for a one-day school...

Antisemitic hate thrives at NYC's most prestigious public high schools

At Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant and Bronx Science, students have been tormented by peers giving Nazi salutes and accusing them of being part of a “genocide" of Palestinians, while school administrators...

NYC set to send parents info on how to safely store guns after 14-year-old was accidentally killed by cousin

Jasai Guy was killed with an illegal, sawed-off shotgun that the two boys found at their grandfather's apartment.

Mayor Eric Adams backs off millions in cuts for popular summer education program as budget standoff continues

Mayor Eric Adams has backed off cutting millions from a popular summer program that serves more than 100,000 Big Apple students amid ongoing budget negotiations.

NYC teacher’s groups push anti-Israel walkout by hundreds of public school students

A group of about teens holding signs and wearing face masks marched from their campus in the East Village to the Department of Education headquarters.

DOE head condemns pro-Palestine walkout planned for NYC schools Friday

Department of Education Chancellor David Banks condemned a citywide pro-Palestinian student walkout planned for Friday.

NYC schools could use gyms, other spaces to comply with class-size mandate as critics blast 'disaster in the making'

The city's education department have released a set of 12 suggestions for principals to stay in compliance with the state’s class size mandate and bring up their share of the...

Parents rip NYC DOE after schools urge kids to sign in — on their day off — to test remote learning after disaster

Big Apple families are being guilt-tripped by the city into joining a remote-learning simulation on their kids' day off to better prepare for an emergency after a technical meltdown during...

Special needs teacher caught sexually abusing student on camera — but the school didn't monitor the video: suit

Classroom cameras at a costly taxpayer-funded boarding school for autistic, mentally ill and emotionally disturbed students captured a biology teacher sexually abusing a boy – but no one monitored the...

Charter schools want NYC to share its 'Do-Not Hire' list of pervy teachers

A charter-school advocate wants to close a loophole that allows predatory teachers fired by the city Department of Education to land classroom jobs in charter and private schools.

NYC families on 3-K waitlist fuming at lack of clarity as parents now face lengthy commutes

Thousands of Big Apple families have been waitlisted for the city's free 3-K program -- and many are fuming at what they say is a lack of clarity about the...

House lawmakers flunk ‘so-called’ university presidents over spike in campus antisemitism

A House education panel gave “so-called” university presidents failing grades on Thursday for allowing antisemitic encampments to spread on their campuses this spring — part of demonstrations which in some...

New York City school spending has gone insane

New York City is spending billions more on its public schools despite falling enrollment, notes a new Citizens Budget Commission report, headed to a jaw-dropping $39,304 per-pupil in Fiscal Year...

NYC yet to launch promised school safety tip line as weapons seizures, attacks soar

The Adams administration has yet to publicly launch a school safety tip line promised at the start of the academic year, The Post has learned. 

Mother and son DOE employees scammed NYC school for kids with disabilities: probe

A mother and son duo employed by the city Department of Education scammed a Manhattan public school for kids with disabilities out of nearly $8,500, investigators found.

Defiant French teacher who was fired over sex allegations after texting NYC student 28K times loses teaching job — again

An audacious French teacher who was fired by the Department of Education for sexually-charged accusations is finally gone from the charter school where she has been working, The Post has...

NYC spends billions more on shrinking school system: analysis

New York City is pouring billions of dollars more into its public school system despite enrollment cratering by nearly 100,000 students since 2020, an analysis released Wednesday reveals.

DOE never investigated 'Kill the Jews' chants at Brooklyn HS, despite Banks claims to the contrary: lawyer

City schools Chancellor David Banks denied reports of heinous "Death to Israel" and "Kill the Jews" chants at a Brooklyn high school during a congressional hearing this week -- but...