Ex-McKinsey partner claims he was made opioids 'scapegoat' in suit against firm

A former McKinsey & Co partner sued the global consulting firm for defaming him and making him a "scapegoat" to distract attention from its work advising OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma.

Feds bust three migrants after raiding NYC home of gun-toting, drug dealing squatters — just a day after Post report on Bronx chaos

The raid by Homeland Security came a day after The Post reported on the chaos the squatters brought since they took over the multifamily dwelling and before eight migrants were...

Six of NYC migrant squatter crew set loose without bail after gun and drug bust as neighbors detail chaos on Bronx block

The NYPD collared the squatters — who set up shop inside a two-family house on Hull Avenue — after one of them pointed a 9 mm CZ pistol at someone...

Group of gun-toting migrant squatters busted in Bronx basement apartment on weapons, drug charges

Police collared the seven suspects after they were called to the Hull Avenue apartment at about 10 p.m. last Wednesday on a report of a man with a gun, police...

Singer Duffy breaks silence 4 years after revealing she was kidnapped

UK musician Duffy made a return to social media Tuesday after revealing in 2020 that she had spent the past decade recovering from being kidnapped and raped.

How China is flooding America with fentanyl on purpose to undermine our society

China already is waging war with the US, but not with guns — with poison.

Eli Lilly launches website, home delivery option for Wegovy alternative Zepbound

Lilly said its direct-to-consumer service will also be available for patients with diabetes and migraine, with the website's pharmacy page listing migraine drug Emgality, insulin and similar products for home delivery.

FDA seizes 'thousands of units' of fake Ozempic as demand soars

The US Food and Drug Administration warned patients of fake Ozempic that has been circulating through wholesalers, retail pharmacies and health care practitioners as Novo Nordisk's drug remains in high...

McDonald's closes after customer says crack pipe found in breakfast order

An Ohio McDonald's was forced to temporarily shut its doors after a customer reported finding a crack pipe with the breakfast they ordered at the drive-thru.

Mike Sorrentino says Whoopi Goldberg and Robert Downey Jr. confronted him about his addiction 

“When my lawyers and accountants later audited my finances, they estimated I had spent a staggering $500,000 on drugs, mostly cocaine and oxycodone, during those years." —Mike Sorrentino

CVS to overhaul drug-pricing model to boost transparency amid scrutiny of high cost for meds

Pharmacy giant CVS Health on Tuesday announced an overhaul of its drug-pricing model to boost transparency amid scrutiny of the soaring cost for medications. The new system, called CVS CostVantage,...

Drug startup aims to cure blindness by developing medications in space

Drug startup LambdaVision is shooting for the stars with an ambitious plan to develop the world's first cure for genetic blindness -- from space. LambdaVision was founded in 2009 with...

French senator spiked fellow lawmaker's drink with ecstasy to sexually assault her: prosecutors

Joel Guerriau has been preliminarily charged with spiking fellow lawmaker Sandrine Josso's champagne at his home in an attempt to sexually assault her.

What liqueur are you based on your zodiac sign?

Pour one out for National Liqueur Day, here is the boozy spirit that aligns with your zodiac sign.

Many arthritis and pain meds are tainted with harmful drugs, FDA warns

"Some hidden ingredients can be very dangerous — especially for someone that is allergic to the hidden ingredient," said one health expert.

Disturbing warning over 'tiny marks' on toilet paper in public restrooms

“If you look closely you will see a bunch of tiny red blood splotches — that is not from someone's bloody nose or little accident.”

Elon Musk's 'escalated' ketamine use could be causing erratic behavior: mag

Musk “associates” have reportedly “connected his erratic behavior to efforts to self-medicate.”

Man caught red-handed trying to access storage unit of missing woman who was possibly 'roofied': family

Hours before she vanished, a work crew found her confused at their jobsite in Blue River, about 150 miles south of Portland, her sister, Bevin Stepp.

NCAA committee recommends dropping marijuana from banned drug list for athletes

Instead of focusing on penalties for cannabis use, the panel suggested stressing policies that focus on the potential threats from marijuana use.