Matthew Perry's death, where he obtained ketamine still being investigated by feds: report

The "Friends" alum passed away in October 2023, with an autopsy revealing two months later that the actor died from the "acute effects of ketamine."

Teen claims he's tripped on ayahuasca 4 times — with his parents' blessing: 'I transcended into a final portal'

"I was in the infinite cosmos, and it was like, wow, this is my home. My soul is home," the 15-year-old revealed.

Ozempic dupe costs just $5 at your local gas station — and Gen Zers are 'addicted'

Users are claiming considerable weight loss success using over-the-counter nicotine pouches.

Leftist prosecutor destroyed Portland and the left is willing to re-elect him

Mike Schmidt, the leftist prosecutor in Portland, Ore., is asking voters to give him the opportunity to serve four more years as head of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

Marijuana reclassified as a less dangerous drug in historic shift by Justice Department

A proposed rule sent to the federal register recognizes the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledges it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs.

Olympic swimmer's descent into drug world started with failed marriage to TV star

Olympic swimmer Scott Miller has revealed how his marriage to Charlotte Dawson exposed him to a life of drug abuse.

Medication for deadly cat virus soon to be available in US: 'Huge triumph'

Many cat owners are rejoicing at the news that a drug used to treat an otherwise fatal illness for cats will be available in the United States as of June...

Massive stash of coke, fentanyl uncovered in NYC apartment when US Marshals close in on fugitive

Members of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force were looking to arrest 43-year-old Aracely Ortiz, suspected of fraud in the Garden State, when they arrived at the sixth-floor apartment...

Amy Winehouse's friends reveal what her time in NYC was really like

They say the new biopic, "Back to Black," gets it wrong.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs files to dismiss Jane Doe's sexual misconduct lawsuit

Doe filed her suit in December 2023, alleging that the rapper sex trafficked, drugged and gang raped her in 2003 when she was 17.

Pfizer agrees to settle over 10K lawsuits linking Zantac to cancer

The lawsuits were filed in state courts nationwide, but the agreements don't completely resolve Pfizer's exposure to claims linking Zantac and cancer.

Fourth body discovered in well where US, Australian surfers were reportedly found dead in Mexico

All three of the suspects arrested in connection with the surfers' disappearance had meth and other drugs on them, authorities said.

Creepy dad who allegedly drugged 12-year-old girls’ smoothies has left them 'off the charts' traumatized: family member

"These girls might have to face him in court someday, which is terrifying," the relative, said. "The level of trauma is off the charts."

Alec Baldwin discusses nearly 40 years of sobriety, admits he does 'miss drinking'

The actor previously reflected on his sobriety journey in his 2017 memoir, “Nevertheless,” admitting at the time that he was secretly “overdosing on drugs” in his 20s.

Beloved high school football coach who couldn't get chemo drug due to national shortage dead at 60

“I just keep wondering, ‘What if we had gotten the cisplatin? Could it have slowed his cancer down?”

DOJ ready to reclassify pot but critics decry Biden election-year move: 'It will not stop arrests'

Pot is set to be moved from Schedule I to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act, easing research into its medicinal qualities and opening the door to lawful prescriptions...

Ex-McKinsey partner claims he was made opioids 'scapegoat' in suit against firm

A former McKinsey & Co partner sued the global consulting firm for defaming him and making him a "scapegoat" to distract attention from its work advising OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma.

Mike Tyson is shockingly giving up these two things in training for Jake Paul fight

Tyson has been married to Lakiha Spicer, his third wife, since 2009.

Paramedic who injected Elijah McClain with ketamine before his death learns fate

A former paramedic who injected Elijah McClain with a powerful sedative avoided prison and was sentenced to probation Friday.

Masked suspect claims he was paid to abduct Florida woman later found dead in burned vehicle: report

Jordanish Torres-Garcia admitted he pointed a semiautomatic rifle at Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas's SUV in broad daylight in an Orlando suburb on April 11.