New breakthrough Alzheimer's drug gets unanimous backing from FDA advisers

The vote clears the way for a final FDA decision on the treatment, which initially had been expected earlier this year before the agency called for the meeting so its...

FDA issues warning on contaminated shellfish from these US states that may cause paralytic poisoning

The US Food and Drug Administration says consumers should avoid eating shellfish from Oregon and Washington state as they may be contaminated with toxins that cause paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Microdosing chocolate bars leads to seizures, heart issues, vomiting and hospitalizations, FDA warns

"Consumers should not eat, sell, or serve any flavor" of the flagged product, the agency said.

I lost 45 pounds in 3 months — thanks to a 'game changer' new technique

"I've been able to do fantastic improvements in my quality of life, and so I'm very, very happy and fulfilled, and feel like I've turned back the time," said Kenneth...

Soda company recalls multiple drinks sold in restaurants across US that contain dye linked to cancer: FDA

Charles Boggini Company has voluntarily recalled its "Pink Lemonade," "Cola Flavoring Base," "Yellow Lemonade" and "Yellow Lemonade X."

Infant formula recalled for not complying with FDA regulations

Crecelac and Farmalac-branded infant formula is being recalled after being placed on shelves without proper evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Possible link between tattoos and lymphoma revealed in new study

"The picture is thus more complex than we initially thought," said the lead study researcher.

NYC flooded with illegal flavored vapes from China despite ban to protect kids: study

The Big Apple is being flooded with illegal flavored e-vapes made in China after banning the smokes’ sale in 2020 to prevent youths from getting hooked on their addictive nicotine, a new...

Pedigree dog food recalled because it may contain metal pieces: FDA

The governmental agency noted that there have been no reports of injury or illness to any pets thus far.

Neuralink suffered brain-chip issues for years before problem with human implant: report

The company knew from animal testing it had conducted ahead of its US approval last year that the wires might retract, and Neuralink deemed the risk low enough for a redesign not...

Eating yogurt could help prevent this serious disease: FDA

Nutritionist shares how eating yogurt regularly helps promote a ‘healthy gut.'

Beloved high school football coach who couldn't get chemo drug due to national shortage dead at 60

“I just keep wondering, ‘What if we had gotten the cisplatin? Could it have slowed his cancer down?”

Apple juice sold at Target, Whole Foods recalled over high arsenic levels

Martinelli's recalled one lot of its beloved apple juice being sold at major retailers across the US including Target, Whole Foods and Publix over high levels of inorganic arsenic.

My strength training 'drastically' improved with a pre-workout supplement — then the side effects kicked in

It was the lift she needed — or so she thought.

Fake sweetener used in kids lip balm might be damaging your gut: study

There's nothing sweet about this news.

Remnants of bird flu virus found in pasteurized milk: FDA

The agency stressed that the virus was inactivated and does not pose a threat to consumers.

Diet Coke or Coke Zero? Dietitian reveals which one is healthier

The results are soda-pressing for Coke fans.

Hand sanitizer, aloe gel recalled over potentially deadly ingredient: FDA

Lot numbers and expiration dates of affected products can be found on the FDA website.