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Jon Stewart calls out Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden and Bob Menendez in 'How Dumb Is You?' segment

Comedian Jon Stewart called out former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and Hunter Biden during a segment on Monday focused on corruption titled, "How Dumb Is You?"

TV talking heads need to take a look in the mirror before judging Donald Trump

TV talking heads — reading word for word off their prompters — are dissecting, excoriating Donald: liar, narcissist, etc., etc., blah, blah.

Jon Stewart says Biden is 'so f---ing old' he 'just shouldn't be president'

Stewart made the remarks at an appearance at the Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which debuted on the streaming service on Friday.

Hasan Minhaj: I got 'f--ked out of' hosting 'The Daily Show' — so they brought back Jon Stewart

Hasan Minhaj said he got "f--ed out of" hosting "The Daily Show" and took a jab at Jon Stewart: "Have you ever failed so bad, you bring back Jon Stewart?"

A middle finger, memes and a 'seething' Ben Stiller: 76ers star wrecked Knicks' celebs

Sixers guard Tyrese Maxey angered celebrity row at The Garden in Game 5 of the Knicks-Sixers first-round playoff series Tuesday night.

Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel bash Trump for appearing to snooze at hush money trial

“He’s snoring. He’s doing the honk shoo. He’s doing the ‘mi-mi-mi-mi-mi,'" Jon Stewart said on Monday's "Daily Show" episode.

Jon Stewart mocks MSNBC's refusal to show 'disturbing' hogtied Biden decal

Stewart asked in his mockery of the network's refusal to show the "disturbing" image, “Aren’t you the same networks that show re-runs of 9/11 every year?"

Jon Stewart says Apple asked him not to interview FTC's chair during antitrust scrutiny: 'Why are they so afraid?'

“I wanted to have you on a podcast and Apple asked us not to do it,” Stewart said.

Jon Stewart benefited by 829% 'overvalue' of his NYC home even as he labels Trump's civil case 'not victimless'

Jon Stewart is facing online backlash after saying Donald Trump's case overvaluing his properties was "not victimless," and sleuths found his own records.

The spectacle of the MSNBC trio yukking it up at voters' immigration concerns shows just how out of touch they are

It shouldn't be a laughing matter that these Real Housewives of the Acela Corridor are disconnected from reality.

Jon Stewart's anti-Adams screed reveals the out-of-touch arrogance of elitist Democrats

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart criticized Mayor Adams' changing position on the migrant crisis, playing a clip of Adams lauding the pro-immigrant message on the Statue of Liberty almost...

Where is Jon Stewart going on his 2024 tour?

"The Daily Show" host has 5 shows in NY and NJ this spring.

Jon Stewart blasts critics of his 'Daily Show' return: 'It was one f–king show'

"It was one f--king show!" Stewart responded to haters' criticism of his late-night return.

Jon Stewart drags Mary Trump on 'The Daily Show' after calling host 'danger to democracy'

Stewart ridiculed the former president's niece after she called the TV host a "danger to democracy" following his return to the late-night talk show.

Jon Stewart gets 'multiple standing ovations' in the studio as he returns to 'The Daily Show'

A source at Stewart's first taping since he exited in 2015 tells us there was "incredible energy in the room."

Jon Stewart 'totally pissed off' left-leaning viewers in 'Daily Show' return for questioning Biden's mental fitness

Jon Stewart's return to "The Daily Show" sparked outrage from viewers for questioning the mental fitness of the 2024 presidential frontrunners, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Jon Stewart slams 'objectively old' Biden over inability to remember 'very basic things' in 'Daily Show' return

Jon Stewart returned to "The Daily Show" Monday night and wasted no time decimating both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump in a scathing monologue that centered on their old...

Jon Stewart reveals the real reason his Apple TV+ show got axed

"I wanted a place to unload thoughts as we get into the election season." — Jon Stewart

Meghan McCain 'horrified' at 'creature' Jon Stewart has become as she slams his 'Daily Show' return

The comedian exited "The Daily Show" in 2015 and it was announced on Wednesday that he will be returning to host the program just on Mondays starting Feb. 12.