Long Island teacher accused of tying autistic, nonverbal teen to a chair -- and school waited to tell parents

The student was allegedly bound to his seat in New Hyde Park Memorial High School by a special education teacher named William Buith on April 4, according to a police...

14-year-old dies following medical emergency on American Airlines flight as devastated mom claims defibrillator was faulty

Melissa Arzu, of the Bronx, alleges that the defibrillator that the aircrew used to try to save the teen was faulty -- and it's now gone missing, according to a...

Florida mother killed when fake airbags 'detonated like a grenade,' lawsuit alleges

The filing pointedly said that photographs depicted the "horrifying event," including one of the “shredded and blood-soaked front driver-side airbag.”

McDonald's franchisee claims company is trying to boot him from his 37 locations

McDonald's "is wrongfully scheming" to oust George Michell, and "to steal the value of his businesses from him," he said in a lawsuit.

Country star sues estranged model wife over Instagram post, wants restraining order: report

The “Colder Weather” artist is seeking emergency injunctive relief in the shape of a temporary restraining order that will force her to remove the post.

Trio of NY groups make last-ditch bid to block congestion pricing from taking effect next month

New Yorkers are making a last-ditch effort to stop congestion pricing from taking effect next month, arguing traffic won't go away but will just be shuffled around.

NY man turns his garage into raging nightclub, fights city to keep it open in 'high crime' neighborhood

A Rochester man turned his garage into a bumping nightclub complete with DJs and security -- but now he’s fighting to keep the party going after the city pulled the...

Maine $1.35B Mega Millions winner called dad 'dictator' and 'a--hole'— then cut him off: court docs

“I told him … ‘You are not the son I knew,’” his dad wrote in the bombshell court filing.

Stop letting the skeevy legal lending industry make bank off New Yorkers

A coalition of business, labor and government groups demands to know if state pension funds may be supporting sleazy litigation-finance outfits. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

TikTok creators sue to block law forcing divestment or ban: 'Part of American life'

Last week, TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance filed a similar lawsuit, arguing that the law violates the US Constitution on a number of grounds.

Mega Millions winner sued by family for breaking promise to share $1.35B jackpot: report

A Mega Millions winner who took home $500 million after taxes has been accused of deceiving his family about his intentions to share the money with them, according to reports.

Vince McMahon accuser texted him 'asking for rough sex, fantasized about being held down': lawsuit

Janel Grant allegedly sent the wrestling mogul text messages in which she said she "fantasized about being held down" and "wanted rough sex" from him.

Protesters, colleges are about to find out that, yes, the law DOES apply to them, too

The campus protests may be winding down, but don’t worry — now the really expensive and destructive phase begins: the litigation.

Tesla settles ex-worker's lawsuit alleging she was fired after being sexually harassed 100 times

Tyonna Turner worked at Tesla's flagship Fremont, Calif., assembly plant, where the company is accused in a number of lawsuits of failing to address rampant harassment of black and female...

Major airlines sue Biden administration over 'junk fees' crackdown

Airlines for America, along with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines, filed suit.

Texas mom claims police cuffed her on pile of fire ants as pests bit her all over her face: lawsuit

Taylor Rogers, a Texas mother, is suing police after they allegedly used excessive force when arresting her and holding her down on a pile of fire ants that bit her...

Woman attacked in NYC Whole Foods sues store for not keeping shoppers safe

A woman who was bashed in the head with a glass bottle while grocery shopping says Whole Foods failed to adequately hire security and keep its customers safe, according to...

DOE never investigated 'Kill the Jews' chants at Brooklyn HS, despite Banks claims to the contrary: lawyer

City schools Chancellor David Banks denied reports of heinous "Death to Israel" and "Kill the Jews" chants at a Brooklyn high school during a congressional hearing this week -- but...

Queens residents claim summer concerts in Forest Hills are making their walls crack

'Tis the season for Queens residents bracing for another series of house-rattling concerts and parades of drunk revelers vomiting and relieving themselves on their lawns.

Judge blocks rule capping credit card late fees at $8 in junk fee setback for Biden

A CFPB spokesperson said the regulator would keep defending the rule, a key part of the Biden administration's crackdown on "junk fees."