Lina Khan

Jon Stewart says Apple asked him not to interview FTC's chair during antitrust scrutiny: 'Why are they so afraid?'

“I wanted to have you on a podcast and Apple asked us not to do it,” Stewart said.

FTC chair reacts to NY Mag financial columnist who lost $50K in 'vishing' hoax

Khan posted the note on X just hours after Charlotte Cowles published her story on The Cut about getting duped into handing over $50,000 in cash.

FTC launches antitrust investigation into $9.6B Subway merger: source

The FTC, headed by 34-year-old Biden appointee Lina Khan, is still gathering information as it reviews the Aug. 24 merger agreement, and has no near-term deadlines.

FTC proposes ban on 'bogus' fees, says hidden charges push prices: 'Honesty rather than deception'

The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday proposed a rule to ban any hidden and bogus junk fees, which can mask the total cost of concert tickets, hotel rooms and utility...

Lina Khan’s mission to destroy Amazon will harm millions of consumers

In pursuit of Khan’s white whale, the FTC is bringing a case it cannot win, potentially resulting in great harm to consumers.

FTC to file antitrust lawsuit against Amazon within days: report

The long-awaited legal action by FTC Chair Lina Khan is expected to take aim at what its critics charge are Amazon's monopolistic behavior.

Twitter asks federal judge to terminate $150M FTC settlement over user privacy

FTC Chair Lina Khan appeared before Congress on Thursday when she was grilled about the FTC’s probe of Twitter.

GOP cries foul as FTC's budget under Biden soars 30%

In the latest year, the FTC’s budget swelled by $54 million to $430 million compared to the budget in 2022.

House Republicans interrogate FTC's Lina Khan over Big Tech regulation

The chair of the FTC argues that more regulation is necessary as the companies have grown and that tech conglomeration could hurt the economy and consumers.

Lina Khan faces grilling on Capitol Hill after judge's rebuff on Microsoft-Activision crackdown

In the wake of her botched attempt to block the Activision-Microsoft deal, some members are also preparing to question her on whether she wrongfully coordinated with foreign regulators or Democratic...

FTC plans major antitrust lawsuit against Amazon: report

The FTC is reportedly set to accuse Amazon of improperly wielding its dominance to reward online merchants that use its logistics services, while penalizing those who do not.

New Republican FTC nominee emerges, could be announced this week: sources

If Melissa Holyoak's nomination makes it through Congress, it will mean at least one Republican atop the agency that’s been led only by Democrats since Commissioner Christine Wilson left.

House panel subpoenas FTC for Twitter probe documents

The House committee said in a March report that the FTC was harassing Twitter since it was acquired by Musk.

Inside the GOP frontrunners hoping to fill FTC vacancies

Some DC insiders fret that Sen. McConnell – who is responsible for submitting nominees to the White House – appears to have shied away from candidates who can go head-to-head...

The Biden FTC muscles Musk for revealing Twitter's abuses

The FTC shouldn't be waging war on companies that simply happen to annoy its chairwoman — let alone demanding to know what reporters anyone talks to. 

FTC asks Twitter for Elon Musk's internal communications: report

The FTC is also looking to get Musk to testify in connection with the probe.

FTC's Lina Khan may face congressional hearings over legal controversies

House Oversight Committee Members Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Nancy Mace (R-SC) have committed to schedule hearings in the coming months to investigate whether FTC Chair Lina Khan has been following...

Playing a dangerous 'Khan' game: FTC chair is a 'threat' to free markets

Over a year ago, I wrote that the Biden administration was pushing the “most progressive regulatory triumvirate in recent memory.”

FTC's only Republican member Christine Wilson to resign, blames Lina Kahn

Christine Wilson, the sole Republican on the Federal Trade Commission, said Tuesday she will resign soon, blaming the move on the agency's top official, Lina Khan. "Much ink has been...