meteor showers

How to watch shooting stars when the Arietid meteor shower peaks this week

Coming in hot on the heels of the new moon in Gemini, the Arietid meteor shower is at its prime this week. These showers return every year and run from...

Spectacular fireball lights up sky bright blue for millions over parts of Europe

The celestial object was seen streaking across the atmosphere, illuminating the clouds with a bright neon blue color for about 7 seconds.

New $200 vodka features an out-of-this-world ingredient

Shooting Star Vodka is giving a whole new meaning to "on the rocks" — which is also how the makers suggest you drink it.

Lyrid meteor shower 2024: Peak viewing time and how to watch

This cosmic phenomenon is named for the nearby constellation Lyra.

Out of this world! More cosmic action coming after solar eclipse via Lyrid meteor shower

The Lyrid meteor shower will light up the sky with peak views in rural areas across the US starting Sunday night, according to experts.

Mystery 'meteor' over Arizona stumps onlookers: 'That's aliens'

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... aliens? When a huge fireball emerged in the sky over Elroy, Arizona — before splitting into several streams of light — people...

The first meteor shower of 2024 is tonight — here's how to get the best view

Shower in the new year early Thursday morning by watching the first wave of space rocks astonishingly pass the Earth for 2024.

Dazzling fireball meteor lights up sky over Europe

A video recorded at 2:07 a.m. in Birmingham, England, showed a flash of blue light as a bright meteor screamed across the night sky. 

Here are the astronomical events to watch out for in 2024

Here is your guide to 2024 celestial events. The year will feature 12 full Moons, plenty of meteor showers, five eclipses and four Supermoons.

Where to see tonight's meteor shower: Orionids to light sky with 25 shooting stars an hour

This chance of showers won't ruin your weekend.

'World's best' meteor shower set to light up the sky this weekend

One of the solar system's most breathtaking spectacles will be highly visible throughout the U.S. and the rest of the northern hemisphere this weekend.

3,000-year-old meteorite found by lake was used as 'alien' weapon: scientists

Not what Sci-fi writers had in mind when dreaming up extra-terrestrial projectiles. Researchers found that a 3,000-year-old arrowhead found in Switzerland was actually comprised of meteorite, proving that alien armament...

Green fireball caught on Ring camera sparks UFO panic

Apparently Ring cameras catch both potential home and alien invaders in the act.

'Incredible' meteoroid fireball blazes across night sky

The meteoroid fireball, which gave off a neon green hue as it hurtled through the atmosphere, lit up the sky upon impact, startling citizens.

New Jersey home struck by possible meteorite

The incident took place in Hopewell Township on Monday.

Geminid meteor shower: How and when to see the spectacular show

The strongest meteor shower of the year is set to light up the sky this week as it peaks across New York City Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

When is the Leonid meteor shower 2022? How to see it in November

The astrological wonder started on Nov. 3, 2022, and is expected to last all the way through the end of the month. But a peak viewing time is on the...

Meteor suspected after man's home burst into flames, burns to ground

A Northern California man says a meteor dropped from the sky and set his house ablaze Friday night after several witnesses reported seeing a bright ball of light set off...

Fireball hits atmosphere, explodes during Orionid meteor shower

A photographer caught an incredible sight early Friday while filming the Orionid meteor shower.

Perseid meteor shower peak: The best places and times to see it

The show of the summer has arrived, but it's not at your local movie theater. The Perseid meteor shower returns every year between July and August, offering sky-gazers a chance...