Mother-of-the-bride dress sparks heated debate: 'Trying to upstage her daughter'

One mother of the bride is causing a commotion on the internet because of the dress she wore to her daughter's wedding — and no, it wasn't white.

Nicki Minaj sparks concern with bizarre video and possible divorce announcement: 'I honestly hope she's OK'

The "Anaconda" rapper, 41, seemed to be recalling when she gave birth to her and husband Kenneth Petty's son, Papa Bear, in September 2020.

'Entitled' people are 'claiming' baby names before they're even expecting — and parents-to-be are pissed: 'It's really weird'

"These women are not pregnant, they may never have a son, and yet they're telling us what we can and can't name our child," an unnamed future dad complained.

Woman uses post-mortem sperm retrieval to have baby 15 months after Olympian husband died in tragic accident

"I saw him that morning — he's the happiest, fittest person — and he just never came home that day," model Ellidy Pullin said.

'What's in my (hospital) bag'—the full checklist, according to a new mom who packed right

Like 'What's in my bag?', but for delivering a baby.

Sex has unique health benefits for chronically stressed moms, study finds

Stressed-out moms are getting new orders from the love doctor.

Supermom holds broken carnival ride door shut for 15 minutes while riding with terrified 2-year-old son

In a terrifying incident at a theme park, a mom claims the door on a Ferris wheel carriage swung open while she was riding with her two-year-old son. 

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton opens up about motherhood and fertility struggle

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton just celebrated her second Mother’s Day with her son Ever James and spoke exclusively to Astra about how motherhood has changed her. Adrienne also opened up about her...

Bikini model reveals the detail about her marriage that made 'the blood drain out' of a woman's face

“I just told a woman that I’m not having children and I kid you not, I saw the blood drain out of her face,” the 33-year-old began.

Fluoride in pregnancy may harm child's brain development: study

The research team suggests pregnant women drink filtered tap water — "even some tabletop pitcher filters do a pretty good job of filtering fluoride."

Ilana Glazer shocked at how 'horny' she was while pregnant, 'spontaneous, animalistic, pregnancy is nuts!'

The "Broad City" star wanted her latest film, "Babes," to be up front about pregnancy and childbirth in ways most movies won't, she said.

Dear Abby: I'm stuck taking care of my negligent, self-centered mother

Dear Abby weighs in on a woman struggling with taking care of her sick mother and a family grappling with the relationship of their father's lovechild from a one-night stand.

Stop trying to cancel KC kicker Harrison Butker — it's more American to just disagree with him

Disagreeing with Harrison Butker's views isn't enough for some Americans, who want payback simply because they find his personal values offensive.

I was addicted to vaping — until docs said it was 'frying my lungs like hot chicken'

"The doctor came in and showed me my X-ray and said, 'Do you vape?' And he said, 'That's why you have pneumonia,'" Tennessee mom Hannah Roth recalled.

Mother-in-law's 'unforgivable' wedding act stuns internet: 'Makes me vomit'

In a shocking display of disregard for wedding etiquette, a mother-of-the-groom has sparked outrage by wearing a dress that some argue was "more bridal than the bride's" at her son's nuptials. 

'Greedy' mom loses 126 pounds in 13 months with controversial diet

"I’ll never go back to the way I was," pledged Verity Bambury, 49.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard reflects on 'the good times' with late mom in emotional Mother's Day video

Gypsy Rose served over seven years behind bars for the murder of her mother, who was killed in 2015 by the social media star's ex-boyfriend.

Mom of 23-year-old held hostage by Hamas shares emotional Mother's Day message

Rachel Goldberg-Polin, the mother of 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin, posted a heart-wrenching Mother’s Day video, reading a letter she wrote on the eve of Hersh's third birthday.

Miraculous new cancer treatment gives New Jersey mom a chance for second baby

Kelly Spill was just 28 when she received her stage 3 diagnosis: ‘I knew deep down it was cancer’

'Selfish' moms slammed for refusing to celebrate grandmas on Mother's Day: 'Your time has passed'

Some outspoken moms say they're not so keen on sharing their special day.