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New York City school spending has gone insane

New York City is spending billions more on its public schools despite falling enrollment, notes a new Citizens Budget Commission report, headed to a jaw-dropping $39,304 per-pupil in Fiscal Year...

Trump prosecution wind-down proves it was always a witch hunt

If the judge doesn't toss the case as soon as the prosecution rests, we hope even the deep-blue NYC jury will see that — because a victory here means you...

Adams' bright idea of migrant lifeguards: Letters to the Editor — May 20, 2024

NY Post readers discuss Mayor Adams' suggestion at a City Hall briefing to hire migrants as New York City lifeguards.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledges to keep bussing migrants to NYC, takes shot at Mayor Eric Adams in NRA speech

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot vowed to continue bussing migrants to New York City and took a shot at Mayor Eric Adams during a speech on Saturday.

Here's why New Kids on the Block singer's 'staunch Catholic' mom called their record company

The pop star and his fellow bandmates released their eighth album "Still Kids" on Friday, their first in 11 years, and will embark on a 40-city concert tour this summer.

NYC's last superhero: On patrol with real-life crimefighter — the Brooklyn Devil

Taking a cue from Spider-Man, the Brooklyn Devil doesn't share his real name.

Iconic NYC steakhouse displays an 'A' rating -- when it actually earned a 'C'

The pricey Theater District steakhouse Gallaghers has been displaying an “A” health rating on its storefront while online city records show it actually earned a “C.”

Here's how much more chocolate lovers in NYC are paying for the treat than the rest of the country

A New Yorker's love for chocolate can be bittersweet.

Which iconic classic rocker is playing 5 shows at MSG this year?

The Pink Floyd singer/guitarist now has 5 concerts at MSG this year.

Highly pathogenic avian flu found in NYC birds: study

The research may ruffle some feathers.

A Brooklyn writer hid 12 keys across the US decades ago — now this treasure hunter plans to dig for legendary 'The Secret' prize in NYC

“Some place in the city of New York, there is a ceramic casque, about the size of a volleyball. It has a ceramic key inside it," says David Hager.

Inside the private NYC Italian club that comes complete with its own basement shooting range

Secreted away behind the brick facades of three brownstones in Greenwich Village is the oldest Italian heritage club in the country, Tiro a Segno. The name translates to "fire at...

DA Bragg lets NYC crime run rampant as he pursues empty case against Trump

Headline-chasing Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg's vanity project of a trial against former president Donald Trump comes at a high cost for New Yorkers.

Want to book a summer vacation? This is the cheapest week to travel, experts say

It's something that only 4% of travelers are actually taking advantage of, according to the site.

Beyoncé's 'Dangerously in Love' was recorded in this NYC building -- where a glam penthouse now asks $3.99M

The Hit Factory was a famed recording studio where legends crafted their still-famous tunes -- and now, a buyer can grab a penthouse inside.

NYC spends billions more on shrinking school system: analysis

New York City is pouring billions of dollars more into its public school system despite enrollment cratering by nearly 100,000 students since 2020, an analysis released Wednesday reveals.

City Council's latest power grab is a fight Mayor Adams must win

In an outrageous bid to grab more power — but not an ounce of added accountability — City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and her lefty allies are seeking a council...

Banksy Museum opens in NYC to bring elusive work to fans: 'If people can't see it, is it even art?'

"Most of this transient art could only be viewed on tiny smartphone screens, which is no way to experience the scale or emotion of Banksy’s work," museum founder Hazis Vardar...

OnlyFans model who flashed her 'homegrown potatoes' has made $30K in two days from NY-Dublin portal scandal

The OnlyFans model who flashed the New York-to-Dublin portal said she’s earned a pretty penny off the scandal.