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Influencers are giving their babies bizarre names to 'stand out' on Instagram: Heart, Afternoon and Stone are hot monikers

Once reserved for A-list newborns — like Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple — the eccentric, and occasionally absurd, monikers are no longer only assigned to nepobabies.

Mom rails against school's reaction to her daughter's nose piercing: 'That's a tad too far'

Influencer Tink is known for allowing her daughter and niece to express themselves through vibrant hair colors and facial piercings, which she shares in videos online.

I'm a doctor and mom — this is why you should never pierce a baby's ears

Parents — you might want to be all ears for this. 

I dreaded being around my children due to burnout — these 7 habits turned my life around

Another day of dirty diapers, screaming tantrums and sour milk spit-up — you gotta be kidding!

Jessica Biel on her favorite swimsuit, beach sneaks and new period book for kids

Jessica Biel is intent on making sure her summer isn’t all work and no play. The actor-producer, known in recent years for critically-acclaimed TV dramas “Candy” and “Sinner,” will be...

These are the most popular US baby names — as one joins the top 10 for the first time

Liam and Olivia have for a fifth year together topped the list of baby names for brand new boys and girls born in the U.S. in 2023. And Mateo joins the top...

Gen Alpha kids express shock over gay people 'coming out' in viral video: ‘What the heck!?’

The post racked up 2.1 million views — and nearly 8,000 comments.

The ultimate baby registry checklist, according to a new mom — all the items I'd buy if I had to start from scratch

Full disclosure: I may not have survived without this list.

How parental burnout can harm children — and 8 ways to build a better bond

57% of parents reported burnout in an online survey of 722 caregivers that Ohio State University conducted last summer.

I'm a mom who breastfed my husband — now we want a fourth child so he can do it again

A woman and her husband have been "grieving" their nontraditional bonding method since their youngest son stopped breastfeeding and she stopped producing breastmilk.

A first-time mom's guide to diapers: has Coterie ousted Pampers and Huggies?

Pick wisely. You'll go through 3,000 of these a year.

Here's when kids eat the most sugar — and it's not after dinner

It's not the late-night snacking you have to worry about with kids, experts say.

How a tired mom turned an everyday accident into a $1.3M business idea

Australian mom Lou Rice invented the "Strapsicle" to make it easier to hold onto an e-reader.

Mom's parenting hack to get baby to sit in airplane seat gets trolled — is it real?

This lesson really stuck. Minnesota mother Lisa Flom was ripped online after seemingly demonstrating how to get her toddler to sit still on an airplane with Velcro -- but all...

I caught my dad watching my OnlyFans and that's not even the worst part: 'Crossing the line'

When Aussie model and mom, Elly Mae Baker, started posting to OnlyFans, she had no idea that a close family member was one of her subscribers. 

I'm a super strict mom — my rules are extreme but I'm preparing my kids for real life

"My daughter tied a knot on her rucksack that was really hard to untie, so I made her untie it standing outside in the rain so she wouldn't do it...

Thursday is the luckiest day of the week — and astrology explains why

Just as every zodiac sign has a ruling planet, so, too, does every day of the week.

Julia Fox on parenting, ghosts and taking her wild style to ‘OMG Fashun’

‘I’ll be damned if I’ll be caught in an outfit someone else has,” says Julia Fox. “That’s where I draw the line.” Fox’s latest hair color, a buttery Velveeta-branded gold,...

My husband said he wants to divorce because I breastfed my son: 'Now they've been in another man's mouth'

A husband has texted his wife that he wants to end their marriage - and it's for the most extraordinary reason.

I'm a psychologist — this is what it means if you mix up your kids' names

Is there any shame if you misname?