Abortion won't be Biden's saving grace against Trump in Florida and Arizona: poll

Abortion is expected to be on the ballot in Arizona and Florida in November, but the issue is not shaping up to be the boost President Biden needs to win...

Biden's big working class woes, the new-gov’t dilemma and other commentary

The Biden camp “would rather think about this election” as “the democracy election” or “abortion rights election,” but that won’t “resonate” where “it counts the most: with the working class.”

Joe Biden faces potentially nightmarish June swoon with his re-election hopes fading

The month of June is shaping up to be a potential nightmare for President Biden with his re-election, his legacy and Hunter Biden’s freedom all on the line over the...

Tim Scott hits Biden 'pandering' as black voters back Trump

Sen. Tim Scott slammed President Joe Biden Saturday for "pandering" to black voters in his two-day campaign swing through Atlanta and Detroit this weekend.

Trump holds slim lead over Biden in both head-to-head and five-way race: poll 

The Fox News survey, released Wednesday, shows the ex-commander in chief leading the incumbent 49% to 48% in a head-to-head rematch of the 2020 election. 

The 2024 race to the White House is now Donald Trump's to lose

When RealClear allocates the toss-up states to one candidate or the other, it finds that Donald Trump is on a path to win 312 electoral votes to Joe Biden’s 226.

Kari Lake again suggests election tampering as she trails Ruben Gallego in polls for Arizona senate seat

"We have got many lawsuits running, one of them in Arizona, fighting to make sure illegals aren't voting,'' Lake said.

Most Americans agree you stop being ‘cool’ at this age

A new survey from Talker Research examined how confident Americans feel when it comes to keeping up with popular culture and found 49 percent feel they are out of touch overall.

Being hydrated makes you a better person, new survey reveals

According to a recent poll of 2,000 Americans, people who are hydrated on a regular basis are more receptive to constructive criticism compared to those who are dehydrated (33% vs....

Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin, but race narrows with RFK Jr. on ballot: poll

President Biden has a clear lead over former President Donald Trump in the battleground state of Wisconsin, but the Democrat's head-to-head cushion disappears when minor candidates are included, a new...

What Americans would give up to be pain-free

Three in 10 Americans have had zero days completely pain-free in the last month and 28% feel some kind of pain every single day, according to new research.

Do kids have better taste in books than their parents?

Over half of parents admit their child is more well-read than them, according to a recent study.

Trump edges out Biden in Pennsylvania poll from AARP after losing swing state in 2020

Former President Donald Trump, 77, nudged past President Biden in Pennsylvania 49% to 45% just six months out from the duo's rematch, a new poll found.

Do Americans know how to eat healthy?

Thirty percent of Americans admit to buying healthy foods just because they’re trendy, according to new research.

Most college students reject pro-terror protest antics: poll

Just 8% of students say they have taken part in pro or anti-Israel demonstrations that began at Columbia University April 17 and spread across America -- and 81% want universities...

Faith in Biden's handling of economy below Trump, Obama during their terms: poll

Public confidence in President Biden's stewardship of the economy has sunk to a near-two-decade low as faith in top political leaders on the economy has slipped across the board, according...

Over one third of working Americans more uninspired than ever, new study reveals

Four in 10 suburban survey-takers are also experiencing this productivity slump (41%).

Joe Biden's biggest problem is that his presidency is an utter failure

President Biden has suffered a collapse in his standing generally, but, fundamentally, it’s because so few people think he’s doing a good job that he’s in such a perilous state. 

Almost half of Americans want anti-Israel protests banned from college campuses: poll

Large portions of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum support entirely barring the protests from campus, a Morning Consult survey suggests.

Top reasons Americans avoid taking their car in revealed

A new survey of 2,000 American car owners revealed that one in five (20%) even admit to ignoring the "check engine" light between six and 18 months.