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The Nic Claxton question that will test the Nets' vision of the future

Re-signing Nic Claxton is arguably Brooklyn’s top offseason priority, but it won’t be their only one.

The Mets' 'big win' in patiently turning Dedniel Núñez into a bullpen keeper

Dedniel Núñez has become not only a dependable Mets reliever, he’s bringing the kind of electricity that largely has been lacking from the bullpen.

How Alex Verdugo changed his stripes and found a sweet spot with the Yankees after Red Sox exile

Two and a half months into the season, Alex Verdugo has been just about everything the Yankees hoped for.

Why the Celtics are about to capture the NBA title but not our reverence

It shouldn’t be long before the Celtics are crowned champions for the first time since 2008.

Which Islanders are in the mix for the NHL's return to the international stage?

In 2021, any time Mat Barzal was asked about the risks of participating in the Beijing Olympics that coming winter, he said it was worth it to represent Team Canada....

What Leon Rose's track record with first-round picks says about the Knicks' NBA Draft plan

They’re prudent under Leon Rose, a known hoarder of draft picks, but they’re currently operating with a reality incongruous to the reputation.

Aaron Rodgers isn't even the most troubling Jets absence

If there should be concern over a player missing these two Jets workouts, it’s not the superstar quarterback.

Why the Jets may face an internal blocker to the success of the offensive line

Any discussion of the 2024 Jets usually begins with, “If Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy.”

Is the Giants roster as doomed as some around the NFL predict?

Is it fair to list the Giants as having the second-worst roster in the entire league?

Marcus Stroman has been the 'difference-maker' the Yankees needed — now comes the hard part

The ceiling was obvious — his All-Star Game appearances weren’t flukes. The floor was clear, too.

Why these Rangers won't go down with the franchise's most feel-good close calls

A season worthy of celebration somehow turned into something else upon the conference final defeat to Florida.

Where do the Jets and Giants stack up in our early grouping of the NFL's best and worst teams?

Optimism will run high for the possibilities ahead. It’s like the “turn injuries off” function in the Madden video game.

Jason Kidd tried to divide the Celtics. Their unified response should have the Mavericks asking tough questions

The Celtics didn't need either Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown to be their best player to take Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

What playing international games means to Francisco Lindor and the Mets

Lindor’s point was sometimes you have to actually be there to fully appreciate the beauty and nuance of the game.

Which Yankees will join Aaron Judge at the All-Star Game?

Whether or not Gil gets the honor of starting the game, the Yankees certainly are on track to have at least a few other representatives in Texas.

My confusing, surprising, blissful day as a total cricket newbie at the World Cup

I never imagined I would join tens of thousands of others to watch a cricket match at a venue 20 minutes from my house.

How the Knicks' fingerprints are all over these NBA Finals

There are lines through the Knicks to the 2024 NBA Finals. Some are straightforward, others zigzag.

Why the Islanders can't just trade away their draft picks this year

This draft, which commences at the end of the month, must be about replenishing an alarmingly thin farm system.

The numbers behind the Yankees' absurd dominance over the Twins

The Yankees’ stretch of dominance over the Twins is old enough to legally drink alcohol.

What we're learning about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets from OTAs

I’ve watched a lot of football practices while covering the Jets and seen a lot of bad or average to slightly-above-average quarterbacks. Rodgers is in a different class.