Big Daddy Joe Biden couldn't save Hunter this time around

In the end, Hunter Biden and his army of pricey lawyers got tripped up by their own arrogance and overconfidence.

Coast Guard, Navy track Russian ships on long-distance missions' sailing near Florida en route to Cuba

A flotilla of Russian warships appeared to be sailing near Florida's eastern coastline Tuesday morning, with the US Navy and Coast Guard following close behind, according to open-source maritime and...

Russia begins second stage of tactical nuclear weapon drills with Belarus

Putin said on Friday Russia had no need to use nuclear weapons to secure victory in Ukraine, the Kremlin's strongest signal to date that Europe's deadliest conflict since World War Two...

Ukraine says it struck one of Russia’s most advanced warplanes -- for the first time in war

Ukraine on Sunday said its forces hit an ultra-modern Russian warplane stationed on an air base nearly 370 miles from the front lines.

Joe Biden's D-Day speech was a bitter mockery of Ronald Reagan

Joe Biden’s trip to France proved two big things: He’s no Ronald Reagan, and he forgot to pack his patriotism.

Kremlin claims Ukranian shelling killed 25 people as US says Russian advances have 'stalled out'

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said long-delayed U.S. weapons are now helping Ukrainian forces change the trajectory of the ongoing fighting around Kharkiv.

Putin's daughters come out of hiding as Russian president is 'considering his mortality:' report

“Remember it's Putin world and we just live in it."

NATO preparing for potential ground war with Russia — including plans for US troop involvement

NATO is mapping out "land corridors" to enable US troops and other allied forces to reach the front lines quicker in the event of a broader European ground war with...

Russian warships, including nuclear-powered submarine, will arrive in Cuba next week -- with officials citing 'friendly relations'

Four Russian ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, will arrive in Havana next week, Cuban officials said Thursday.

Moment WWII veteran tells Ukraine's Zelensky he's a 'savior' — as last surviving D-Day heroes rally for 80th anniversary

Zelensky was clearly moved by the gesture from wheelchair-bound Melvin Hurwitz, and knelt down, responding “No, no, no, you. You saved Europe."

Duolingo removes LGBTQ references in Russia after government warns of 'extremism'

Duolingo was warned by Russian government officials that publishing LGBT content was considered an act of "extremism."

Biden claims he's 'known' Russia's Vladimir Putin 'for over 40 years' — even when he was undercover KGB agent

President Biden claimed Thursday that he has "known" Vladimir Putin "for over 40 years" — despite Russia's president having served as an undercover KGB intelligence officer through the entire 1980s....

Putin issues doomsday warning to West as Ukraine tensions rise: We will 'use all means at our disposal'

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned that Russia could provide long-range weapons to other countries to use on Western targets as Russian warships head to the Caribbean in a show...

Russian migrant terrorist case clearly shows the danger of open borders

Murat Kurashev pleaded guilty to sending money to the Syrian terror organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham after illegally crossing the US border in 2018.

Ukraine just used US rockets to strike targets inside Russia for the first time

Ukraine has used U.S weapons to strike inside Russia in recent days, according to a Western official familiar with the matter.

FBI director warns of jihadist attack in US, similar to Russian concert hall: 'Heightened terrorist threat'

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday that there is an increasing concern of a potential coordinated attack in the US.

Hunter Biden's 'Laptop from Hell' serving as evidence in his trial is pure poetic justice

Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” is government exhibit 16 at the first son’s gun trial in Delaware.

Hunter Biden hoping for jury nullification, protesters target the arts and other commentary

“A possible strategy” for Hunter Biden’s defense team in his gun trial is “jury nullification,” argues Jonathan Turley at The Hill.

Russia lost 1,270 troops in deadliest 24 hours of more than 2 years of war, according to Ukraine

Russia lost a staggering 1,270 troops from Sunday into Monday, according to Ukraine, in what would be the deadliest day in more than two years of war.

What's with Joe Biden's love of Tehran — and why isn't it prompting an IranGate fury?

With all the news about Team Biden’s inexplicable support for Iran, you’d expect media outlets to be screaming “Iran, Iran, Iran” — just as they harped on “Russia, Russia, Russia”...