New research reveals bodily changes space tourists may experience compared to seasoned astronauts 

Space tourists experience some of the same body changes as astronauts who spend months in orbit, according to new studies published Tuesday.

Drug-resistant superbug that mutated in orbit thrives inside International Space Station

A scientific study identified a drug-resistant superbug living with astronauts inside the International Space Station, according to a recently published report.

NASA astronauts give tour of Boeing Starliner after arriving at International Space Station

NASA astronauts Suni Williams and Butch Wilmore took the public on a live tour of the Boeing Starliner on Saturday, two days after docking their spacecraft at the International Space Station. 

Virgin Galactic launches VSS Unity to edge of space before retiring vessel

Virgin Galactic's seventh commercial research mission took off out of New Mexico on Saturday, its last before the company retires its VSS Unity spaceplane.

Hourly radio signal from space has scientists stumped: 'We can’t quite explain what’s going on here'

There's no *69 option for this long-distance call.

Last-minute computer issues halt Boeing rocket launch moments before takeoff in yet another failure

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Last-minute computer trouble nixed Saturday’s launch attempt for Boeing’s first astronaut flight, the latest in a string of delays over the years.

Chinese spacecraft lands on moon’s far side in growing space rivalry with US

The emerging global power aims to put a person on the moon before 2030, which would make it the second nation after the United States to do so.

Boeing's first astronaut flight halted at the last minute

A last-minute problem halted Saturday’s launch countdown for Boeing’s first astronaut flight.

Scientists discover real-life Star Wars 'Death Star' black holes that spin around, shoot planet-killing beams

A Death Star is born. “These Death Star black holes are swiveling around and pointing at new targets, like the fictional space station in Star Wars,” said study leader Francesco Ubertosi...

North Korean spy satellite explodes mid-air after launch

North Korea's attempt to blast a second spy satellite into orbit went up in flames not long after takeoff on Monday, the hermit nation's state news agency confirmed.

Newly discovered comet brightens, grows tail as it heads toward Earth: report

The comet — Tsuchinshan-ATLAS — may be as bright as Venus when it finally passes the Earth later this year.

Groundskeeper discovers mysterious space object along hiking trail: 'It's not from up here'

“It’s a one in a million chance that it lands, especially if it landed somewhere off the trail in the woods you’d have never found it but it just happened...

Russia launched an anti-satellite space weapon, US claims

The Soyuz rocket was launched from Plesetsk on May 16 with a low-Earth orbit on at least nine satellites, official said.

Yes, the US must 'weaponize' space — or find itself at Russia and China's mercy when they do

“The stars will never be won by little minds,” observed the great science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein. If we aren’t careful, though, they just might be won be the scheming minds...

Out-of-this-world NYC skyscraper aims to hang from an asteroid

Clouds Architecture Office has drafted up an otherworldly plan for a skyscraper that, once more, has resurfaced online.

America’s first black astronaut candidate, 90, finally goes to space 60 years later

Ed Dwight, America’s first Black astronaut candidate, finally rocketed into space 60 years later, flying with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company on Sunday.

Spectacular fireball lights up sky bright blue for millions over parts of Europe

The celestial object was seen streaking across the atmosphere, illuminating the clouds with a bright neon blue color for about 7 seconds.

Murder in space 'inevitable,' CSI expert says — here's why he's studying sky-high crime already

"Where humanity goes, so too will human behavior," said Roswell, Georgia, Detective Zack Kowalske, 

You have one more chance to see the Northern Lights: These are the best places in the US for skywatching

Did you miss the FOMO-inducing aurora borealis over the weekend? No need to wish upon a star.